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My AirPort Extreme is the best router I ever had. And I have had a lot of different routers. When I got 100/100 Mbit Lan I needed the best router on the market to get as fast wireless connection as possible. I tried the best Netgear and Dlink, none of them manage to get over 50 MBit/s Wirelessly, When I bought the AIrport Extreme I've got 75 Mbit/s. And it just works, no problem at all. I even have connected three external hard drives to it and it just works. They feel as if they where internal hard drives. That is how good they work. Thank god for Apples AirPort Extreme.
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Noze P.
Got to agree with this, the extreme kicks serious butts
We have 5 iPhones, three ipads, 3 MacBooks, three windows machines almost always connected to the AirPort extreme. It supports up to 50 devices at the same time! Not many routers can do that. Amazing.
I've been very happy with mine as well. Like you, I've been through multiple routers before getting the Extreme. It has been so much easier to setup and maintain.
I feel sorry for the Extreme. You forget how good it is because you never have to touch it once it's setup. It's the ultimate Apple product in terms of "It Just Works".
Sure sounds like a versatile product. I'm quite happy with my fairly similar D-Link DIR-825, but if I'm ever in the market for a new router, I'll have a look at the AP Extreme.
+Antony Spiteri the newest Express should be great. Haven't tried it though. I don't use a mouse. OS X Lion is made for TouchPad so I use Apples Magic Touchpad.
+Stefan Svartling what model disks do you use with the Airport? I've tried a couple and ran into issues with power saving features ...
I have two maxtors and one Western Digital. Two of them have power saving features, the other one a on/off button. No problem for me, when they are in sleep mode it only takes around 10 seconds to wake them up.
Sometimes the disks can be forced to not use power-saving. But you probably need to hook them up to a computer for that. Pehaps the change is permanent, though.
Nick B.
+Stefan Svartling AirPort Extreme is supposed to be ipv6 friendly. Do you have this configured on yours?
+Nick B. Well I think I saw something about that in the settings, but I don't know if I have configured it like that though.
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