Does anyone know if you can use a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air with the display closed, when connected to a HDTV via HDMI or Thunderbolt?


Here is how to do it:

Requirements for closed display mode:

Power adapter
External keyboard, mouse, or trackpad
External display
Use these steps to enable closed clamshell (display closed) mode:

If you are using a wired keyboard and mouse:

Make sure the computer is plugged in to an outlet using the AC power adapter.
Connect a USB keyboard and mouse to your computer.
With the computer turned on connect the Apple portable (using the appropriate Apple adapter if necessary) to the appropriate port on the external display or projector and turn the display or projector on.
Once your computer's Desktop appears on the external display, close the computer's lid.
Once the lid is closed, wake the computer up by either clicking your mouse button or by pressing a key on your external keyboard.

Thanks for all the help! :)

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