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A leaked Xbox 720 document that is now removed, says that Microsoft will release the next generation entertainment console next year. The document reveals quite much interesting information and facts.

Is it this that Microsoft will unveil tomorrow on the secret event?

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+Stefan Svartling subbed you YouTube channel. Great post. Can you follow my +Plenzes™ page so I can share this post there? It is my Google Glasses virtual reality page :]
Think about Google StreetView +Skoti Brendel That is Virtual Reality. All we need is a device like +Google Glass to bring it into our full field of vision.
Oh, and I saw the Microsoft patent on this filed 5 years ago when I was researching my facts for +Plenzes™ along with a ton of others +Stefan Svartling 
Google's Glass patent was filed in 2009. Race to market it is guys.
Well, these Glasses both Microsoft's and Google's will need to connect thru your phone while mobile. SO, that is what SIRI is for, just a different piece of the pie showing up now since we will have to talk to our phones thru our glasses.

I predict that Facebook buys a big Augmented Reality startup soon too. There is going to be 4 players in this and that only makes sense with the rumors of a Facebook phone.

Seems the pieces all fall together. Great timing to have written my first fiction book about all this too...
I can't wait. I have already made my XBOX 360 the center of my entertainment system. A Blu-ray player is a plus, but I already stream HD content to my TV. Hope the price is correct though.
I am talking Augmented Reality above. That is what the Glasses will reveal while mobile. In the home with big connectivity and lack of battery life problems is a whole different world. 
Is that not how evolution is supposed to work? The stupid kill themselves off? To bad they will take some good peeps with them. I see these fools talking on their phones now and wonder what can be so important to risk life and limb. (or my kids riding their bikes)
Future of computing, with 4G now we have good bandwidth while mobile. The only hitch is the batter life in the Glasses. Only about and hour currently, maybe two.
+Chris Lang It would be cool if the glass in the glasses could use solar cells for charging the batteries.
What if Microsoft has Apple envy and they start making their own line of Windows' PCs?  As of right now their retail front is a failure.  In general even their software business is on the attack where people just don't need office anymore when there is alternatives that are free or very low in costs.  For me I use either Google Docs or Apple's iWork.  Then there is their failing Phone and Tablet platforms.  Maybe they buy RIM and Nokia?  Who knows.  The only promising platform Microsoft does have is XBOX, but even that is long in the tooth.  7 years old and maybe 8 or 9 years before we see a new platform?  Microsoft makes their money only by default because of a commodity called Windows.  It is designed to make money, not necessarily be the best.  Apple has always taken a different approach under Jobs' leadership where user experience matter the most and profits were secondary.  It is a big difference in direction.  

The problem for Microsoft is that they want to be both, but in reality they can't because of how they are setup, they will never be like Apple and Apple will never be like Microsoft.  But if Microsoft continues to chase Apple and try to be like them, they will continue to falter.  Microsoft is more like what IBM used to be, even if Microsoft didn't plan it that way, they have now become the new IBM.  Microsoft solutions such as Exchange work well for business, they should continue that drive.  

The way I see the future of networking is that Microsoft will handle the backend, server side solutions while on the client side people will be using Apple Macintosh's, iPhones and iPads.  If Microsoft realizes that, it could be a powerful alliance, powerful enough to knockout Google.  If they don't they will be overpowered by Google, Linux and Apple.  
Hopefully we won't have to worry about the RRoD anymore. I'm terrified just to turn on my 360. lol
They will announce the Zune XL to compete with the iPad. :)
I like the idea (if it's true of course) of them going to blu-ray finaly. I love how my old dvd's look on a blu-ray player and I find the media itself is extremely rental friendly meaning unlike dvd's if people rent a blu-ray they can be careless with it without it becoming damaged or unplayble. 
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