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Impressive. The top three best selling smartphones 2011 were all iPhones. The three year old iPhone 3GS took the third place.
comScore reveals that Apple took 2011 by storm, with the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, and the nearly three-year-old iPhone 3GS ranking as the three top-selling smartphones of 2011.
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I am amazed that RIM still managed to outsell Android. Incredible.
And....this is why Apple stock continues to hit new records every single friggin quarter. Thanks +Stefan Svartling for the share.
Doesn't surprise me, but I thought there would be more than one android in the top 5.
+Anders Ryden the 4S was launched so late of the year, so that's why it "only" is third. Manage to be that in only three months though :)
+Scott Davies checking the article you'll find that iPhones took top 2 in five European countries too, with the 4S as no 5.
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