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It's quite incredible that Apple can fit so much components in such small package as the iPhone 4S. Amazing. Now If they ditch the traditional connector too, then they can fit even more. I think the rumor is true that they will use wireless charging, and everything else will connect via AirPlay. Even fewer connectors and expansion slots. I like that. Such things is for Windows pcs and Android phones.
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The actual size of the iPhone 4S right now fits almost everybody's hand perfectly. I think this will be possible very soon. I don't see them increasing the size of the iPhone anytime soon.
good to see that even Apple can see the downsides of a non-standardized proprietarian connector that is only compatible with itself ;)

(ok now I troll hehe, feel free to ban be)
+Chino Yray The iPhone 4S has a size that fits some hands but far from everyones hand perfectly. I think it would be nice to be able to choose a different size.
Wireless charging is still unlikely, IMO. You can't fit a wireless charger in your pocket yet.
+Lars Fosdal I don't have the normal charger in my pocket so why should I have the wireless one? I have a charger home, in the car and at work.
+Lars Fosdal Yeah but Apple always revolutionize everything. So it will of course not look as anything else.
On iPad - AirPlay vs hdmi - how does the quality compare? 
+vinay moharil well I connect my MBA to my HDTV via HDMi and get full HD resolution, Apple TV can only handle 720p at the moment, even if my iPhone 4S can stream in full HD.
I was thinking if the power connector is gone then for iPad where the power connector also works as hdmi (adaptor) connector, will my video quality suffer?
+vinay moharil not with the iPad 2. Maybe with the coming iPad 3. But I think the both AirPlay and Apple TV will be upgraded to support higher resolutions. Probably same resolution as the iPad 3 will have.
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