A few small errors in comparisons methods, like:
- Comparing still images at 100% zoom for different sensor resolutions instead of normalized resolutions.
- Comparing still images taken at a different focal length / field of view.

But still an interesting video from +SuperSaf TV!
The +Sony Xperia Z5 does a good job at stabilization, especially in 1080p video.
It's a shame that 4K video recording doesn't benefit from the same stabilization quality, although there's still some.
As it's digital stabilization only however, you'll often see some artifacts coming from the motion blur due to movement in frames.

The Z5 also does a good job at stabilizing the front facing camera although it's at the expense of some artifacts and crop, is there no such capability on the Galaxy S6?

Galaxy S6 front and back lens are very good at dealing with flare, which is not the case with the Z5.

The Z5 color profile and automatic white balance is colder, as usual with +Sony products.

Galaxy S6 appears to be more reliable and consistent overall than the Z5, which can sometimes get the automatic white balance all wrong like at 4:57 (it gets a nuance of green as white reference, hence the whole scene turning into almost greyscale)

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