Online accounts creation safety

A few things to keep in mind for mandatory online accounts:

- never create an account if not required in the first place, avoid "surveys" and member cards as much as possible
- use temporary email addresses redirection if it's a one time thing, like from
- if you have a VPN, enable it before the creation to avoid being geo-localized (you may choose an IP from the same country however)
- unless absolutely required like for shipping address, enter the least information possible.
- unless required to be valid like for warranty or shipping, never hesitate to enter fake name, fake address, fake age, fake everything. Against Terms Of Services? Don't care.
- if you have the ability to pay things with an unique and temporary credit-card, do that.

During your lifetime, you will have no control over the personal information you gave away on yourself.
Hopefully you'll live a fruitful and long life.
Who knows how many websites and services owning data on you will be breached during this lifetime.
That's why the only defense is least info & random fake info.

The VTech breach explained by +Troy Hunt​​​​​​​​​​​ is an excellent example of why you may apply similar rules to yourself (whatever works), your family and teach them as well to your kids since their whole life will be online.

This one is particularly bad because the unique identifier in this very verbose database allows to contact individually every kid on their capable connected toy, by sending messages, pictures.
VTech didn't inform anyone yet. Yes: That bad.

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