Someone made an extended comparison set between Fabrice Bellard new BPG and JPEG (Mozjpeg), JP2K-Kakadu, WebP and Original images.

The images are very well chosen and their variety give a pretty great idea of the image codecs performance in practice.
Spoiler: BPG entirely hammers everything else available today, including WebP.

One thing tho:
WebP, if I understand correctly is still based on VP8 and its keyframe image encoding is not that impressive as you can see on Daala comparison here:

Thing is, this second comparison tend to show that VP9 keyframes image codec performs admirably, and looks to me at least as good or better than x265.

Consequently, VP9 surpasses by very far current WebP/VP8.

Now I think that now I want a new WebP based on VP9. It'll be best in class in terms of image quality and not patent-encumbered patents.
Sounds good, right?
Can someone at Google please upgrade WebP? :)

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