Compelling story, until you read the actual warrant

+Boing Boing​​​​​​'s article tells this story where Apple protects the user's data by providing a solution that prevents anyone including themselves to decrypt it.
The author even frames it as a malicious attack against software that's licensed instead of sold, which would make a terrible precedent if Apple lost.

But then if you read the warrant itself, you realize Apple indeed has the ability to bypass the locking mechanism because it's running iOS 7, which they did it multiple times previously - although increasingly reluctantly.
This time however they argue that helping the DoJ would be bad PR for their brand, changed their mind, now refuse and somehow we get a press article depicting them as a hero protector.


Apple describing how they can extract data from passcode-locked pre-iOS 8 iPhones:

Did I interpret the whole thing wrong or missed something here?

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