No video stabilization on Nexus 5X

"DB> Yea, same sensor (IMX377) and F/2.0 optics. But 6P has more CPU/GPU horsepower so has a few additional features like 240fps slomo (vs 120fps on 5X), Smartburst, and EIS."

If I'm interpreting this correctly, it means the LG +Nexus​​​ 5X will have no stabilization in video whatsoever.
It will need some confirmation in testing of course, but that's a huge letdown for at least two reasons:
- the Snapdragon 808 should be capable of software video stabilization. Heck, LG claims to combine optical and electronic image stabilization for better results.
- it's a regression compared to the 2 years old Nexus 5, which featured an optically stabilized camera module that's doing a very good job in video mode.

Edit 2:
Moto X Pure, has a very good electronic image stabilization in video for 1080p30, but not 1080p60 nor 4K it seems.
Example: Google's engineers answers is misguided then.

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