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Love to my fellow countrymen, women, families in France and aboard
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How you doing my friend?
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Just uploaded an apk in the Play Store in alpha testing!

I wonder how much an app stays in "pending update" stage before becoming accessible to everyone nowadays :)
Hopefully not too long, so I can share with you before bedtime...

It makes me happy to make again stuff people will actually use.
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I started to develop an app to control easily by voice +Philips Hue  lights!

The first prototype, turning ON and OFF all the lights or a specific room works since yesterday.
It was quite satisfying to say "OK Google turn off the lights in the bedroom" while comfortably tucked in bed.

Google doesn't offer a proper always-on voice command API for apps at the moment so the technical solution is a little hacky but hey, it's not my first time ^_^
I was still surprised no such app exists already, aside from a combination of multiple paid apps which require complex manual configuration.
And just as surprised by how long and non-intuitive Apple Homekit voice commands setup is for the same lights on iOS.

Fortunately, it's possible to do a lot more simple and efficient.

How many of you are using these +Philips smart lights?

I plan to release an APK on a Play Store test channel.
It'll be a free app
- quite basic in the beginning but fun to write, and I hope to learn about machine learning and natural language processing when trying to implement advanced voice command processing later.

BTW, good job +Philips Hue Dev your docs and APIs are pretty great so far.
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I got some
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Edit: he tested a miswired cable, so it's more of a QC failure and not particularly USB-C related.

This cable: demonstrated the validly of +Benson Leung​​​​​ warnings.

I look forward to read the complete investigation. You might expect each device to be designed with a defensive approach, so neither a bad charger and certainly not a cable can damage an expensive laptop.
But apparently it's not the case.

In the mean time, his review is up:
Hi everyone. The cable reviews are going to slow down a little bit due to an incident that happened with one cable...

A cable managed to destroy my test equipment, including my $1499 Pixel 2. I've done an analysis of the failure, and it's a really bad mistake they made.

Needless to say, I am very unhappy, and this is going to affect how quickly I get through cables and other accessories in the short term since my computer is dead.

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Was the item taken down already? I can't actually find it on Amazon anymore.
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Just watched this after reading +Russell Holly's piece on +Android Central

Just unbelievable...

Yet I'm not surprised.

Hi from Sweden BTW :)
I'm currently using a prepaid with 6GB LTE, unlimited Voice/SMS/MMS that costs $29 for 30 days (Comviq).
Once I'll have the necessary official documents, I'll likely switch to Tele2, 20GB LTE, no pre-paid voice (I barely ever call in normal situations), $17.59/month.

I think that's about average for Europe nowadays.
In France, we noticed this year a dramatic decrease of prices at the same time as the buckets were been multiplied by 2-5x.
It surpassed Sweden now I think.
Networks become ever faster, data cheaper in the old continent.
Most country have strong regulations, and competition seem to produce results.
Central/East Europe has been ahead for several years on all that.

Despite the US had a head-start with 4G LTE, customers are now stuck with carriers who appear to have agreed on the idea to keep data buckets small and progressively find ways to charge more for about the same thing - or at least not following the actual changes in needs.

I think however that video streaming services or even mobile OSs should, system-wide offer a setting to define a preference with data usage/quality over mobile networks.
I love high quality stuff, I would stream everything to max (video and audio bitrates) unless I'm close to my quota limit.
People who prefer saving data would adjust this unique setting to a more conservative setting.
Apps could limit themselves to lower bitrages, browsers could inform in HTTP requests to servers to offer more compressed versions of images.
A system-wide capability would be quite efficient rapidly.

In a way, the leading content providers are responsible of the current situation. I personally never understood how the resolution setting works in YouTube Android app. Is it reset every time you leave the app, or for each new video? The behavior might have changed a few times with updates.. not sure. Maybe you know?

Content providers push for higher quality and anything that will encourage you to watch more content, which is expected (and desirable if you are a content producer as well, like a YouTuber)
A typical example of benefit with higher bitrates introduced recently is the popular 720p60 and 1080p60 options now available on the mobile apps as well.
It looks awesome on phones and tablets, the smoothness provides a superior experience even when your eyes are tired after a long day of work, this count as an innovation. Well, sort of, it's just only catching-up with TV standards ;)

Deep packet inspection to spy on your communication and selectively apply throttling is not however. It's a regression.
Or maybe +T-Mobile would praise China's great firewall as an innovation equally?
China has been known to not block many international services but slow them down enough or make them unreliable so that they're not competitive with alternatives.
Not all that different..

So don't be naive.
Everyone who thinks "but it's fine you can just disable it" is IMHO so credulous it is embarrassing.
Disabling Binge-On means you can't use unlimited data for partner video services you already pay as part of your contract.
Not disabling Binge-One means your network connection is analyzed and crippled.
Basically, in every case you are ripped-off.

If you don't believe me, pick a random country in the world, see how much is charged for the equivalent of your current mobile contract.

Those are my notes for carriers in Sweden (they might become obsolete quickly)

Technical side note (since I've not seen anyone mention it)
Throttling as T-Mobile does it is a battery-life killer.
Instead of downloading bursts of content as quickly as it can and allow the radio to enter sleep or IDLE states, your phone's modem will continuously download those slow-down packets in order to try to give you a decent quality video, wasting huge amounts of energy in the process.
Yep, innovation!
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+François Simond I wish you good luck then, hopefully everything will go smoothly. Cheers!
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Fascinating... once analyzed that way by +Nerdwriter1!
Language nerds will like :)
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Luminist, a voice control app for your +Philips Hue lights now online

You can become an alpha-tester for the proof of concept release.
It's limited to English and in functionality, a lot of things are not implemented yet but switching on and off works :)
- unless it doesn't because you know, it's only the first alpha
Also it's simple, and free.

Hoping you'll have fun with that!
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Amazing. This is exactly what I was just looking for +François Simond​. It wokrs great so far. I was saddened and annoyed that I couldn't control my new lights with the Google app, but I could with Amazon Echo. Now I'm happy. Thanks!
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Yesterday in Stockholm was a rainy Sunday, apparently an unfortunate tradition during midsummer celebration here ☔

However it was also ideal to stay home and work on code until late!
As a result, a proof of concept for the app to control your lights by OK Google commands is almost ready now.

See you this evening for a release on the Play Store alpha channel! 
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+Trần Vũ Mạnh I've been working with a local company. Job done however so I don't know yet how much longer I will stay.
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Anechoic chambers are awesome!

And also highly useful to measure stuff :)
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+Rick Swartz yes it is so strange
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Does your Nexus 9 also exhibit an increasing amount of lags and reloads after a couple weeks on?

It ended with a high memory pressure before I rebooted it (last picture).
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I find that with proper tuning even my old N7 2012 runs fine on MM. This includes tuning the OOM settings, KSM, Virtual memory and CPU and I/O governors. I wouldn't claim that my N7 is a beast, but is vastly improved over the OTA Kitkat it had before! As an aside, with similar care, my 2011 GS2 is also running just fine on MM. (both are 1gb devices)

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Happy new year to all of you 🙋
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Happy new year 
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Google Play Music Family Play and Google for Work

Oops, I tried to give some Play Music love to my family a few minutes ago but got stuck right here.

I wonder if I can set up that from another account then re-add myself - on a Google for Work account with custom domain - to this family group without losing all my playlists & recommendations.
Well, shoot.. will try another time!
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I tried adding my wife's Singapore account to the family plan, didn't work.
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