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The +Sony Smartwatch 3 will get some competition!
This sport model of the Moto 360 has a built-in GPS and LCD that's described as similar to transflective.

The 300 mAh battery, instead of 420 mAh will probably give less hours of GPS recording however.

Really liking how it looks:
Motorola's latest spin on its 360 smartwatch offers workout-friendly features.
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I do not know if Sony will present Smartwatch 4 at IFA, but in all cases, with recent information about a new LG G Watch Sport, competition between these models will be interesting
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Trying to watch +ASUS  #IFA2015  press conference.
Does it work for anyone? (buffering)
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Webpage not available... now it's working... buffering... lot of buffering....... :D Reminds me of the Sillicon Valley series
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+Twitter, you became a fantastic and integral part of a multitude of modern democracies.
And now this action is going directly against it.
Diplotwoops has been "extensively used and cited by journalists around the world."
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Money talks
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A few weeks ago I missed some valuable messages that were sent to me on +Skype​​.
When I don't use it I usually disconnect from the service: it's often unreliable on mobile so I avoid it as much as I can.
I thought all my devices were disconnected and that I would appear offline so people would talk to me on networks I actually read.

Turns out, many devices were still connected for some reason.
I learned that with the /showplaces commands.

Then I disconnected everything via the /remotelogout command.
Useful stuff unless you keep +Skype​​ running all the time everywhere.
If you’re a frequent reader of this blog then you probably know that I’m a huge of fan of chat commands and roles. I used them to explain how to manage your chats and they often pop up in tips on various subjects. So it probably won’t come as a surprise that I was excited…
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+Charles Mashal +Luís Dias​ commands to type into a random chat window: who could have guessed! 
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Oh, that "war on drugs" again, this time as one cause for US police militarization.
Which also reminds how strange it is in the first place to consider any kind of war as a solution altogether - instead of a problem to solve in order to reach peace.

Another cause listed was a robbery where the police forces were said to not be armed enough.
In many other countries, wouldn't the army might be called as reinforcement if required (with everything that it implies) instead of militarising the police itself permanently? 
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Eric S
MRAP is something from my distopian future.

Unnecessary for "Police" but you may see in a parking lot. Think Bad Guys in District 9.
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Latest Android Wear 5.1.1 / Wear 1.3.0 doesn't fix the battery-emptying bug crippling the +Sony Smartwatch 3 at all.

It means your watch can empty itself fully in a matter of 3-4 hours unless you notice it heats up and reboot manually.
The problem has been introduced in the previous 5.1.1 OTA, in may and reported immediately on XDA forums.
The issue even made +xda-developers headlines as a +Sony rep came to ask for help:

Yet, August 20, both companies have been incapable of solving the issue, despite ample evidence, reports and debugging information provided.
Seriously.. both Google and Sony have to be kidding every customer here; fuck that!

Detailed logcat showing the actual Google services crashing:

So now.. who to contact or what to do to get it fixed.
I certainly don't want to keep worrying about the battery of this piece of shit watch, come on now.

I've requested the capture of a full bug report via the Android app but the system is so overloaded that it fails to grab the necessary data. Instead it's all crashes in logcat, losing the BT connection with the phone and getting really hot.

+Sony Xperia +Android +Android Developers 
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Brian Z
+Libor Foltýnek none.

Wait and see what the next gen ( really same gen) has to offer 
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I lost hope but +NETGEAR eventually released an update for my R6300 router, to fix the nasty NetUSB vulnerability.

'Been waiting since posting about it May 21 2014
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Guess Netgear are just bad at software support 
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Now you don't have to sell your Android Wear watch if you switch from an Android smartphones to an iPhone : great!

Some of the cheaper devices like the Moto 360 could also be a valuable alternative to the Apple Watch for stylish wrist notifications and a little more.

Hi from Stockholm BTW!
I just spent one more week there 🙋
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Ah, that makes sense! 
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A window into the minds of various people exposed in the +Ashley Madison​ leak, who ended up contacting the author because they really needed someone to talk to.

From the author of a searchable database that delivers information only to verified emails, written with  reasonable, analytical and empathetic approach.

I also read in a Hacker News comment that seeing anything inside the site was asking to enter an email address, which was automatically creating a full-blown account.
And that anyone was then asked $80 to delete it. (edit: I read $20 elsewhere)
It gets immediately easier to imagine the amount of people made angry... just by that.
(If my interpretation of the law is correct, this kind of business is straight up illegal in France:
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1 atom thick graphene microphone or speaker membranes?
That sounds great! - no pun intended: I have to look that up in more details ☺
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Hi +Wayne Piekarski and all!

I'm here to get in touch with the people capable of doing something about the +Sony Smartwatch 3, highly unreliable and barely usable since the deployment of the first Android 5.1.1 build due to a battery emptying bug.

I describe, with debugging logs the issue in this post today:
Latest OTA has been useless on that part.

I'm a system dev so; maybe I can build a fix myself if the originating cause is inside open source code, but based on the logs it might not.
As a customer I really should not to have to do that anyway, and would prefer to assist someone at Google or Sony.

I'm even wondering how +Google Store and others dare advertising and selling such defective piece of equipment at the moment, it has to be fixed.

Thanks in advance.
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+Benjamin Pavel Yeah, I'm a developer, and resetting happens to me quite often. Didn't notice any relationship to the battery bug.
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+Craig Jarratt's Ghostracer appear to function pretty well on the +Sony Smartwatch 3 updated yesterday to Android 5.1.1 + Wear 1.3.0 :)

Battery usage was as expected during GPS recording:

Also, running in the woods is a lot of fun :D
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