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Hi from Stockholm, Sweden!
I'm here for a week and a half, if you're around and would like to meet I will be pleased to 🙌
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+François Simond oh, and let's not forget about the all-important "Ska vi grilla!?"
(Shall we Barbeque?)
Even Mr.Biscuit knows that one.
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Still a fantastic device.. Love the compact family. 
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I loved this new post exploring what makes current machine learning for image recognition efficient, which is also what makes it guess completely wrong sometimes.

Would someone try if Google Photo is fooled the same? 😀
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And now with great comments on Hacker News:
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You know why innocent people died?
Because they were not expressly allowed to carry handguns.

NRA logic.
This is exactly the wrong way to react to this tragedy. 
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This is where you are wrong . This is not the wrong way of thinking . It's just not your way of thinking . Opinions are like assholes , everyone has one ! And just because you have an opinion about something and constantly say what you think about the matter does not make you right on the matter it's just an opinion . And guess what your still wrong ! 
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Cool photography product for raw shooters especially (iPhone accessory).
It seems compact enough to be in your pocket when you'll get out: more than Sony QX smart lenses although at the expense of a zoom lens.

+DxO is being dishonest by using the DSLR comparison we read too often: "The power of a DSLR"
They argue that the DXOMark sensor score is "Up to 85" which is slightly higher than as a last-gen Sony 1.5x crop APS-C sensor, despite the DxO One use a Sony 1" sensor.

Actually this is is a theoretical score calculated by using computational photography blending multiple exposures, comparing apple and oranges.
So.. yeah, there's that.

It's good to see new cameras implementing computational photography methods however, including for RAW!

The website announce 650€ to pre-order it, then tell me it will be available only in the US for now (I'm in France)
Get the world's smallest 1-inch sensor camera and capture beautiful, high-resolution photos anywhere.
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Pretty interesting. I'd like to see how it compares to something like one of the Sony RX100s.
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Retro-compatible solution to Android round-trip audio latency issue?
Use the Android device as simple remote for an external DSP.

Well I guess that works!
I wonder why they chose this solution instead of using their own audio buffers protocol over USB however.
The autonomous DSP route was maybe easier, especially if they could re-use components and code from a standalone guitar processor. 
Solid hardware and latency-free performance is let down by dated software, in-app purchases.
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Have him in circles
4,872 people
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On my first day visiting Stockholm there was a lot going on in the city!

This is a photo experiment during +Nike Women's 10KM.
A couple times before I had fun with the GH4 face-detect AF but never tried it in a very difficult situation.
The lens used (14-140mm f/3.5-5.6) is not so sharp nor fast, and I used the camera electronic shutter as the mechanical one introduces vibrations adding a vertical blur. The electronic shutter limits the ISO to 6400 and increases the noise, so all in all: far from ideal setup. These are the camera's JPEG because due to time constrains.

Nonetheless, this was a lot of fun and I'm sure I can improve with some more practice, especially at anticipating and tracking the subjects' movements. There's a lot of headroom for improvement in framing too.

Single point AF might be able to do the job as well but AF detection, finding the closest eye is something else :)

First pics are before the race, then after next to the finish line.
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Agreed it is no where near the perfect set up ( I have exactly the same) but I did manage to get some pretty beautiful pictures of my sister on her wedding day although I was mainly shooting video.
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Congrats USA! 🎉
And what +Myriam Joire​ said ☺
America, fuck yeah :) Let's celebrate today's ruling, but let's not forget this is just the beginning! There's still no rights for trans people in most states...
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+François Simond actually in some US states you still go to prison for dating a 21 year old. Their age of consent legislation is just ridiculous. When you compare that to 15 in France... 
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Dear American friends, whether you like him or not, know that your president say what your foreigners already know:

"You don't see this kind of murder, on this scale, with this kind of frequency in other advanced countries on earth," Obama said. "What's different is that not every country is awash with easily accessible guns. I refuse to act as if this is the new normal."

I'm afraid however that when looking at the data, this is already the new normal for the US.
Obama says Charleston massacre could have been prevented.
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Alright, closing comments now for three reasons:
- there's no sense of progress in the discussion
- random people pop-up with racially hateful comments and insults
- it's time to go out instead of spending time moderating, it's "la fête de la musique" here today!
Thanks for your contributions. 
+Infected Mushroom music is different :)
I love how analog their synths feel, they know how to play them like they're real instruments or voices.
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+Joaquim Santos​ yup talpa is quite recent but that song reminded me of bust a move in some way :) 
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Season 10 of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia available on Netflix UK?
I'm stuck in bed with a cold so.. yeah :)
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This new season is just as legendary as ever 😂
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Thanks +AnandTech!

The article shows that the v2.1 Snapdragon 810, already present in the +Mi Note Pro before it was announced yesterday being +OnePlus choice for their Two packs indeed some improvements.

While Joshua's article shares memory bandwidth and latency measurements as well as the observation that the highest GPU frequency is bumped from 600 to 630 MHz, what most of us want to know is if the SoC became more power efficient:
Unfortunately, for now there's only this statement, which lacks measurement data or graphs:

The other differences are far more subtle. The first is that there’s noticeably less throttling on the A57 cluster compared to Snapdragon 810 v2, although unlike the Snapdragon 808 and competing SoCs both variants of the Snapdragon 810 still see the unfortunate characteristic of ultimately forcing all threads off of the A57 cluster to stay within TDP limits in high load conditions, such as when running Basemark OS II’s battery test.

To be continued?
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kp kp
+Franklyn Pearson​ 1,8 ghz is at spec for 808
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