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Mobile display and camera calibration
Mobile display and camera calibration

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I'm looking into position and motion sensors at the moment for a new project at the moment.

Like everyone who has ever done something with accelerometer, compass and gyroscopes I experience issues with sensor calibration on some devices.
That's what will make your car turn left when the phone is laying flat in a racing game, or your horizon skewed with your phone in a VR headset.

This video is old but still great, and I'm looking forward to find more resources and solutions that'll help making this app I think about for many years into reality.

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The improvements in Android Run Time described presented here are encouraging for system-wide performance.

Automatic loop unrolling, methods inlining, auto vectorization with SIMD instructions are capabilities which are present for a while or at least some time in GCC, LLVM-backed compilers and the original JVM.
In this regard, it means that Android will only catch up with these platforms.

With Android O, all your apps will then become faster and more power efficient, now relying on technologies iOS had access already.
It will help reducing the performance and battery life gap, and that's great!

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Very happy Android O is gaining Color Management skills!
Watching +Romain Guy​'s presentation now.

'Understanding Color' at #io17

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Watching the IO presentation about instant apps, I had to try one of the examples!

It didn't work so well tho, the only result when tapping the Zillow links is this error Toast.

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Currently watching the Room presentation with +Kirill Grouchnikov​ and +yiğit boyar​ 'Architecture Components - Persistence and Offline' at #io17

I'll definitely use this new ORM and the related components in my next app! It looks great so far.

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It's very common to see Foodora and Uber Eats bikers in the streets and restaurants of Stockholm.

I also had a discussion with an Uber Eats delivery guy when it was launching a few months ago. At that time the guy was very proud and optimistic. Based on this article he's likely not working for them anymore.

Stockholm weather is tolerable if properly dressed when biking, but it sucks if you're static like Uber Eats carriers end up being most of the time as described.

It's clear that American company designed a system which regulates itself entirely at the expense of their employees, while its European counterpart Foodora cared to optimize their system for everyone.

I guess Uber Eats gets away with it for now because Sweden has a pool of foreigners struggling to find jobs.
Most companies here tend to avoid hiring non-Swedish as a result of a society which despite being built on tolerance is more uniform than diverse and prefers hiring people who think the same and blend easily.
Fortunately the tech sector is a lot better on that, but I see how companies like Uber can rely slave wages.

Discussion on Hacker news:

Follow-up after Uber & Government reactions:

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When going over to update manually the kernel of my Pi 1 with Wolfson Audio card, I was very happy to learn the driver is now in the Raspberry Pi official kernel!
Thanks to the effort of Matthias "Hias" Reichl who ported it to the 4.9 kernel.

This makes the Cirrus Audio card for Pi 3 a lot more attractive now.

The Cirrus Logic Audio Card has not only rather good ADC/DAC but also digital I/O able to work with very small buffer and low latency, all that for a very reasonable price if you compare to equally capable USB sound cards.

Now an excellent platform for the software realtime audio DSP I'm working on :)

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The issue I reported to Rust Language 2 days ago was fixed super quick: color me highly impressed.

So here's another one :)

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Some time ago I found some performance inconsistencies with Rust programming language compiler affecting Vector performance, but I didn't know exactly what was going on.

Now I investigated further until being able to get closer to a root cause, and just filed a new issue on Rust github.

On the bright side tho, the performance is awesome, surpassing by about 30% in the audio DSP algorithm the same algorithm in C or C++ on my initial target platform which is Raspberry Pi 3.

This one is a weird bug within a new intermediary layer of the compiler, and there's another one I will file for an iterator that doesn't allow as much optimization as it should.
But I'm very optimistic and super impressed by this language.
It makes me hopeful for system programming with equal or higher performance than C/C++ yet helping to build much more solid software than any older solution.

I foresee already that Rust should become the preferred language for a large portion of IoT, helping to make systems a lot more secure but still with the highest performance/W you can get.

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Donald Trump using his presidential Twitter account to attack and direct an angry mob.
This is against an American company who objected to the immigration and refugee ban by presidential order.

+Nordstrom​, based in Seattle said regarding the business with the US president's daughter's:
"Based on the brand’s performance we’ve decided not to buy it for this season."

(Edit: tweet has been deleted, replaced by Google cache)

I guess he had to show who's "calling the shots"... about what will be in fashion stores.
Since women are expected to dress like women, that makes perfect sense isn't it.
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