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My +Sony Smartwatch 3 was so impressed by the Microsoft Band 2 announcement, which features both continuous heartrate monitoring and GPS recording that it decided to commit battery-suicide.

The dreaded battery emptying bug still present on latest Android build and Android Wear / Play Services versions. How many months in now?

Bugreport captured and sent to +Wayne Piekarski again, but yeah; such a joke of a device and operating system.
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I put my Smartwatch3 up earlier after commenting and it's still going pretty strong with standard usage. No settings adjusted-
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4K, $99, now shipping

Half the price of the Android TV +NVIDIA Shield. (only 4K30 instead of 4K60 though)

Google and partners, your move!
A handful of days after going up for initial pre-orders, Amazon's new and improved Fire TV set-top box is now available for purchase and immediate shipping. The new box, which carries the same design as the original but adds a faster processor, 4K video support and Echo-inspired "Alexa" voice actions, will set you back a smooth $99. For those who are interested in some casual gaming...
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Nvidia did move. It moved ahead of amazon a while ago. Price point for nvidia is still justified compared to Fire TV. 
Then Again, I'm the full aosp android for my TV type of guy.
And google nexus moved as well, by adjusting their price to $59 from best buy.
So basically the spectrum of value vs. price is adequately covered. 
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First boot after flashing my Nexus 9 to Android Marshmallow 6.0 MRA58K with flash-all script, which wipes the data partition.

The anti-theft feature is now implemented, asking you to login to one of the Google account that was active before the factory reset.

As mentioned by +Wilhelm Fitzpatrick, this dialog doesn't show up after resetting a device from Settings/Security/Factory Reset.
I never saw it before on Lollipop after erasing the data partition.

There must be a way to reset and forget a device you want to sell, but they don't say in this initial screen, maybe following the "Need help finding your account?" link I was too impatient to explore ;)
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Remove the -w from the flash-all to preserve data, apps. But probably better to do a clean flash with this new beast 
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In cons:
* Audio quality may not be up to par for discerning listeners

For anyone out there who's spent a decent amount of money on audio speakers, there's a chance that the hardware inside the Chromecast Audio won't be of high-enough quality for such a purchase to make sense.

So how +Engadget evaluated the audio quality: Maybe guessing from the price point or something?
As usual, it would be nice for the press to abstain rating the quality of things they have no idea how to evaluate.

I look forward receiving mine, and will try to find a way to actually measure its analog audio quality, also the digital one (mostly: to see if there's re-sampling involved)
Google's audio-only Chromecast won't make sense for everyone, but for a certain kind of customer, it'll be a no-brainer.
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+François Simond
This quote:

" Many common speaker systems such as desktop computer speakers, docking speakers, portable and Bluetooth speakers are not built to support such a high dynamic range, causing the volume level to be very loud and sound to be somewhat distorted. Please avoid turning this setting on in those cases."

Can they be referring to audio in:out versus headphones in:out? Different volumes for both..
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So yeah, why lasers?! You may ask.
A cinema projector is supposed to display intergalactic ships, not shoot them down.

The reason motivating using lasers is driven by the UHD standard and its Rec. 2020 color gamut.
Rec. 2020 colorspace gamut red green and blue primaries are single wavelength colors.
That's how you can render the most intense saturated colors. More intense and saturated than any AMOLED or LCD with Quantum Dots.

Lasers, by nature are this single wavelength light source and thus are just what's needed to render the whole Rec. 2020 gamut when you mix three of them.

Because we're still talking only about making colors by adding variable amounts of 3 primaries, Rec. 2020 gamut doesn't include all colors visible by your eye. For that you would need more than 3 primaries.

It's possible to speculate than Rec. 2020 will be large enough that we might never go further than that by adding more single wavelength primaries and cover even more of the visible light.
But who knows, that might become the next marketing argument at some point 😁

TV manufacturers are also preparing laser backlight LCDs units.
We're not sure yet if they'll reach the public due to power efficiency concerns.
The wide gamut TVs you'll be able to buy, covering not the whole Rec. 2020 gamut but a good portion of them might stay AMOLED or LCDs + Quantum dots.

Between HDR high brightness and full Rec. 2020 support, be sure the future will have everything needed to massage your retinas just right.
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+Dhaiwat Patel Dolby Vision is using a dual head Christie laser projector with HDR support. Again: The quality with this setup is better than IMAX but inferior to the Sony R515/R320 except (maybe) for HDR mastered DCP.
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Have him in circles
4,942 people
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I'll be curious to read comparative evaluations of various pen solutions latency, between the Surface Pro 4, incoming iPad Pro, Samsung Notes.
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+François Simond I've been writing on a tableet since we'll before iPads existed, probably a 30hz monitor and it felt perfectly fluid. It's amazing how little it takes keep inking smooth
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Currently state of knowledge on the SoC powering the Chromecast 2 and Chromecast audio by +AnandTech​.

It's indeed more powerful, which should help reducing some loading delays.
It's also a very large amount of computational power to stream just audio, apparently a lot more (and more expensive) than what's usually built in wireless audio equipment like receivers, speakers or headphones.
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+François Simond great. Look forward to your expert opinion on the DAC and how it compares to an industry standard high quality one. Although i intend to use the optical output direct to my little Denon M35. Wish they would hurry up and ship out in UK though.
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Nexus 9 Marshmallow 6.0 MRA58K can also run on a non-encrypted data partition thanks to FED-Patcher.
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+François Simond nevermind, I just thought they made some changes to how older devices handled it, but quickly realized that such wasn't the case.
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+Ron Amadeo's articles are always worth a read.
I'll do that after flashing all things ;)
15,000 words about Android 6.0, Marshmallow
YEAY! The final build of Android 6.0, Marshmallow is out today, so I can post my giant review.

I've had the final build, MRA58K for a few days and it's just bugfixes over Dev Preview #3. So here's everything I've seen and found and heard about for the last few months. Enjoy!
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Thanks for sharing
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Oh now that makes sense!

Trevor Noah is killing it 😂
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Very impressive new lossless image compression codec: FLIF.

It appears to beat, in compression every other existing lossless image codec in every scenario: wow!
It supports alpha channel, up to 16 bit per channel, is interlaced by default for progressive loading and decoding.


Kind of compression performance to expect:
26% smaller than brute-force crushed PNG files.
35% smaller than typical PNG files.

For lossless, that's huge gains.
FLIF - Free Lossless Image Format. FLIF is a novel lossless image format which outperforms PNG, lossless WebP, lossless BPG and lossless JPEG2000 in terms of compression ratio. According to the compression experiments we have performed, FLIF files are, on average: ...
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+François Simond
Ah, thanks for answering!
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If there ever was the need of a reminder that it's not wise letting build a de-facto monopoly on retail and distribution.

According to their logic, any video streaming device should be banned.
In case case the reason they provide wasn't a complete lie, it would mean that every smart TV that do not include Amazon Prime video features should be forbidden to sell on their platform as well.

I mean, everyone knows what they're doing here is anti-competitive BS already. There's not even need for examples.
Amazon has issued memos to merchants warning them that they will soon be unable to sell Chromecast and Apple TV on the mega-shop, and the excuse they gave for making the move is one of the dumbest things we've ever heard.
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