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First article written for is live!

Android Camera2 API promises to revolution digital imaging on smartphones or altogether with advanced capture and processing capabilities that have never been accessible to third party applications before.

Some of what becomes possible is manual controls, computational photography, RAW #DNG  capture, full control over video recording, custom image processing. Limits are few.

Here's an analysis on how much of this new API is supported by the #Lollipop  devices released during #MWC15 , including the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 flagships.
Since Google announced Android 5 Lollipop at Google I/O 2014, mobile photography and video enthusiasts are hoping for a sizable upgrade of their smartphone's camera capabilities. History The histor...
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+Marton Varga awesome, you're a very attentive reader :)
I reformulated and changed the first link as its author deleted the post (which makes sense now!) and 21 indeed!
Thank you very much.
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It's not everyday that you get a packet proudly announcing itself as containing open hardware, firmware and software :)

This is one of the early +ColorHug 2 colorimeter from +Richard Hughes and I have big hopes for it.
That could become the sensor of choice to use with my Android display calibration solution currently in development.
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Very nice!
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How many of you would buy an application like that to calibrate your smartphone or tablet display using a sensor?
I am trying to evaluate if it's worth transforming a successful R&D project into a product.
A maximum of comments and re-share will help me decide!

- Own/rent a colorimeter or spectrophotometer sensor, like X-Rite Eye-One Display 2, i1 Display Pro, i1 Pro, i1 Pro 2
- Root on the device
- A Linux/Mac/Windows computer on the same local network

Only two devices would be supported at launch:
- Nexus 5
- Nexus 7 2013

- Full precision 256 points calibration 
- sRGB, gamma 2.2, custom gamma, BT.1886 target EOTF
- White point: D65, native, custom
- Customizable black point and near-black curves optimization
- All profile settings re-calculated and applied in real-time (no lengthy re-calibration on each change)

If the response is positive, I could make this available after 1 to 2 months of additional work.
I've been using this for my own devices since more than a year now. Calibration algorithms improvements I implemented recently raised the quality to higher than satisfactory.
Worth sharing?
336 votes  -  votes visible to Public
Shut up and take my money
Would buy with more devices supported
Yes but no access to sensor anytime soon
Not interested
I don't understand what it is about
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I'll be happy to change my vote (and give you money) once you add support of OnePlus panel. I own ColorMunki Display and have calibrated all displays I can touch :) except my lovely OPO. Thanks to Kondik effort and newly added LiveDisplay feature of CyanogenMod, I can get more or less good picture now, but it far from what it shoud be with hardware calibration anyway...
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Really interesting take from +John Green at comparing current capitalist governments, from democracy to.. not really.

This video is part, and the last of +CrashCourse World History series which is as a whole a highly recommended watch.

I found it reflects a bit of an american perspective which is expected given the authors, but it's fairly neutral and pragmatic, sometimes critic.

To me it was even more interesting as the focus is not on the same things as history taught in French schools or highlighted in our medias.
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Socialism, Communism, imperialism, capitalism, right side, left side, centre side, fascism, NAZISM and all kind of NOMENCLATURE are created for study, comprehension of specifics  behaviours from a time period from the society inside specifics conditions. They are good to understand our society, but when we or someone start to use this like a dogma or some kind of RULES to try RULE the same society or classify some people or groups acts, everything become strange. Then someone living under a capitalist economy but with the government that all the time is interfering in economy and  that don’t give free school but want to give free health care  for their citizens at same time that have a law system that is near the anarchism become a kind of Frankenstein we cant classify ( and YES, I’m speaking about USA by example). And then, instead this peoples use Sartre ideology to rule a country want to use Marx. and instead use the MARX utopia in real use Maquiavel.
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Android 5.1 factory images are finally available for Nexus 7 2013 and Nexus 9!

Wow, I started to become impatient.
Especially for the Nexus 9 that tends to crap all over its memory, kill and reload everything you can imagine as soon as you switch from one task to another.

It should be all good now ☺
Nexus factory images for Android developers.
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Its not ready yet though, if you look at that commit referenced earlier you'll see the bash script to generate the factory image is still the old one, so it seems to just be a placeholder for now sadly but nice to see that its even getting some activity.
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When +Cyanogen announced Rupert Murdoch was a new investor for their last financing round, you could see in various article's comments that it surprised a few.

Without going in conspiracy theory territory like this article suggests, I get how McMaster anti-Google rhetoric could appeal to those already in a game of power and influence against Mountain View's giant.

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Amon RA
+François Simond The Cyngn apps are not open-source, nor are the 3th party apps they'll bundle in the near future... 
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4K 60p camcorder!

Recommended to all those who don't want to choose between the smooth motion of 60p and the detail of 4K.
+YouTube already demoed 4K 60p support, so it's in the pipe (currently, if uploading 4K 60p you'll get 1080p60 and 30p when the resolution is set to 4k)

Seen on, via +wolfcrow 
Features Experience Amazing 4K Ultra HD in 24p Cinema or 60p Video Quality High Bit Rate Quality (4K-150Mbps / 2K-200Mbps) Built-in XLR Professional Audio Terminal 20X Leica Lens with Lens Mounted Control Rings Record Night Scenes Confidently with 0 Lux
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That looks like a pretty complex to use piece of equipment 
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And I just met another person who asked me where I come from, because of my accent.

Thing is.. It happened once again in France in the area were I lived all my life, speaking French to this French person.

Then I guess I not only have a French accent when speaking English but now also.. an American accent when speaking French ?
Yeah, well.. that's unexpected, and I'm not sure what to make of it. 
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Heh, that reminds me of my Parisian cousin who got a nice scholarship from McGill University because she's a native francophone and I guess the Québecois are hungry for those types 😄 
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Is any of you in or from #Stockholm ?
If you're from elsewhere and have experience with #Sweden  please let me know if you liked/like your time there!

Just finish for ideas for now - I might have an opportunity there, nothing done or decided yet. It appears to be an interesting city and I could definitely use some change.
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If possible, go in summer ;) 
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+Last Week Tonight with John Oliver​ spares no effort to explain the deal with government surveillance.
You don't want to miss this episode!

One of the rare times when he doesn't suggest an action to make a difference however. 
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One of my favorite new shows. Thanks for sharing!
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I made some refinements to my display calibration algorithm.

Here's the result on my Nexus 5: not bad.
(the target is D65 white point, gamma 2.2 optical transfer function)
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+Friedrich Sinofzik I measured 2 S5 so far. Those demonstrated during #MWC15 were pretty consistent in display rendering but now that they're out we can observe a lot more variation in units shipped to stores and customers. 
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Passwords, personal data, companies and governments secrets.
After #Wikileaks  and #EdwardSnowden , Google's next Actual Cloud platform might lead to a new era of leaks.

When it rains.
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This is a huge improvement. If you have a data leak or a memory leak (Lollipop 5.0 anyone?), instead of waiting months for Google to recognize it and then fix it - all you have to do is hit up the local department store for a low-tech (inexpensive) solution.  In fact, I think this is how Umbrella Corp. will get its start.
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