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When do we seek Personal Transformation?
The required elements of your dreams already exist in the outer world.It is a matter of finding those elements and integrating them, and that’s what an entrepreneur does.
The key is in the awareness. Just being aware of what is happening in this moment?
The present moment is the sum of all the past moments and the upcoming future moment in it.
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PCY Yoga post-personal use
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Be Prosperous Early For More Yoga!
Be prosperous early to practice more Yoga!

Prosperity and Yoga are complementary to each other. It is a good idea to be prosperous and be on the spiritual path to keep a balance in life.

Everyone wants to be prosperous, but while some people can achieve his or her goals, others keep struggling and find prosperity in life quite elusive and end up his or her pursuit with some of the following excuses.

- Only if I would have been blessed with natural talent like that person as if every successful person has born with the natural talent!

- At least I am honest- as if all rich people are dishonest

- I am a happy and contented person. There is nothing wrong with this concept. However, the fact remains that most of them secretly wish to have more wealth.

- I do not have contacts

- I do not have enough money to start the business

- I have lots of responsibilities

- …

The list goes on and on.

Some people just focus on becoming prosperous, and once they achieve prosperity, they start wondering what next? While others focus only on spirituality and after sometimes they find it very dry unless they are also involved in helping others.

Let’s explore a middle path.

Prosperity and spirituality are not two mutually exclusive sets of paradigms.

Prosperity is not something that you can achieve once and then you can sustain it without following certain guidelines. There were many examples when a person got suddenly rich by winning a lottery or a windfall gain, but within a short span of time, one becomes in the more worse situation because of habits that are not congruent with prosperity.

What is required to become prosperous can be achieved by practising Yoga on a regular basis.

To achieve prosperity in life, one must

- Have a purpose- what service or product one can offer to wider community

- Complete faith in one’s purpose

- Develop a set of skills relevant to chosen field, and

- Grace

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Each one of us needs the space to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually.Space is the pre-requisite of all the elements to exists. Sometimes our mental growth gets stifled because of our belief system, and wrong knowledge. Spiritually we all are made up of the same consciousness, the universal consciousness. However, it is tough to comprehend and to practice in real life. We get caught up in likes and dislikes. Continue reading on my blog
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How to be more efficient and productive in using all the sources of energy?
How many times we wish for the more energy to accomplish our goals in life or simply to enjoy the life? Read more on my blog
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It is a very interesting fact that we sleep every day but we don’t know much about the sleep. When one go for the sleep, one has to drop everything including one’s thoughts. No one is rich or poor during the sleep; there is no male sleep or female sleep. However, as soon as we wake up, we find ourselves bonded by so many things. Read full blog on my blog site...
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How do we acquire the knowledge that makes us free to achieve great success in life?
What is the source of all knowledge? The shackles we experience in life are a by-product of limited knowledge.
How the thought arises in mind?
You may like to read my blog to know more about this and can leave your feedback /comments.
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How to drastically improve your yoga experience?
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In this post, I have explained, how we can drastically improve the yoga experience by following few simple techniques.
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How to deal with the four types of people in life and be happy?
In life, we come across four types of people. Happy people, grumbling people, people who are engaged in doing a good thing, and the people who are engaged in doing wrong things. Be friendly with happy people, compassionate with grumbling people, support the people who are engaged in good activities, and ignore the people engaged in bad things.
Read full post in my blog..
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