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Bird Photography Tips Circle
You are receiving a notification of this post because you have shown interest in the proposed interactive Bird Photography Tips and Tricks presentations.
This is a temporary circle consisting of all those who have shown interest in following tips that I will share on bird photography based on the the post dated 6th June: and the previous one dated 2nd June: 
The 1st presentation will be uploaded on Tuesday 19th June (and on 6 Tuesdays thereafter). It will be sent out to members in this circle only. My apologies if you are included by mistake, in which case this is the time to tell me. And apologies also in case I missed your name due to oversight. Tell me now and I will update the circle.
Many thanks for your interest. I am enjoying working on the presentations and hope to learn from the exchange of ideas and techniques.
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Looking forward to seeing the tips also
I've never saw the original post (and if I did I don't remember!) but you should know by now that I'm interested in learning more about photographing my nemesis.  :D  So remember to share these with me or publicly so I can follow the tips +Sumit Sen.  :) 
Please could you add me. I've received this post but I don't see myself on it, but I am interested in the presentations. Thanks.
after a few weeks just got my internet connection back and see the post...i'm very much interested...if you could add me... thanks
Sumit, I'd appreciate if you could add me too? This is a great initiative, one of those things that make G+ a worthwhile place to hang around.
I would like to be added also
Very much looking forward to your first installment :-)
Sumit, I'd like to join in... I also saw the post, but don't see myself in the circle. Curious.
Excited about the new circle, I'm sure we will all have fun and lots of learning. Thanks Sumit!
Hi +Sumit Sen > I missed your post but would love to be added here, if I'm not too late :)
CJ Cox
+Sumit Sen oh, I missed that post, if its alright, may I please be included in this circle?
Waiting for Tips and Tricks presentations. Glad to be a part of this.
Thank you very much :)) +Sumit Sen 
how did you do that????
would love to be a part Sumit :) 
It would be great if you could add me, Sumit !
Closing this one for comments and adds now. Thanks for your interest. I hope the contents live up to expectations :))
Just dropped in to mention that the 1st post is out and should have reached all those who opted in.
+Sumit Sen I can`t recall if I asked to be added to the circle or not, but please add me to it.. 
Thank You..
+Sumit Sen, is it to late to get added? I would love to be in, and found it just now.
hi dear +Sumit Sen I think I've missed this one.... mmm  I would love to be added 
I'd love to be included next time if you can... :))
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