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Himalayan Griffon
One of those times when a bird decides to ignore the photographer :)
This is mighty big bird too!
Siliguri, India
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+Gordon Runkle Thanks Gordon, this one works in colour too as the background is supportive.
Oh WOW...magnificent shot, Sumit. Perfect processing, as well.
Fantastic DOF. Super sharp. Awesome photo! :)
Beautifully done. I like the B&W
Stunning capture! He looks like he means business…
Great portrait Sumit! That is one impressive looking bird.
That's one beady eye ! Excellent.
Very nice details! Looks like a baby bird to me :)
Quite a stern face he has. Excellent portrait Sumit!
Lovely shot!! I love the processing you've done on this +Sumit Sen! Thanks for sharing this!!
Ada M
I do not think he has friendly thought about you :) very interesting!
Great shot. Makes you wish they were ignoring us more often!
wonderful shot! and wonderful B&W processing as well! :) how close you could get?
+Ada M I think this one felt very lazy :) Thanks a lot Ada.
unbelievable ... sharpness, bokeh, black&white ... I love it!
What a great expression - and you're lucky to live near such impressive birds... We've got seagulls, ducks, crows and little sparrows and such....not too exciting or colourful.
why he ignores YOU?????????????
Nice shot Sumit! Great dignity in this one. 
Fabulous capture, Sumit! I have a feeling that this youngster is looking to break into the Bollywood scene. Were you taking photos for his portfolio? What a STAR he is! This image is Perfection!
+Sharon Jeannette Yes, and being a vulture I had to give him a dead animal as fees :) Many thanks my friend.
Fantastic close-up Sumit ~ Great work!
Very nice Sumit! I like this in B&W
Fantastic shot. Great details. Garbage dump?
I think, by the look of things, he just won't 'waste' time with trivialities. Looks like a no nonsense bird to me.
Wonderful - crisp and close.
And yeah, he looks like he is purposefully ignoring you.
Great B & W shot of one bad birdie, Sumit !
really good picture
Wish I could see one
Superb detailing Sumit. The bird almost looks like the now extinct Dodo at the head :)
What a great capture! Is this a baby with the fluffy down on his head or are adults like this?
+Sumit Sen I could stare at this photo all day and study it. I am not joking. It is a classic. If this amazing bird was ignoring you, it is only because it decided there was some other large animal that needed to die instead! I can see the look of lunch or dinner in it's eye!! :-)
+Linda Villers This is a full grown adult. They have downy feathers on the neck and head. Many thanks Linda.
+Jerry Johnson How about this one for a pet then? You can feed it rotten meat too. This and the monitor together will make the care an easy job. Ask the Missus :)) And 20 care tips free:))))
Many many thanks Jerry. Glad you liked the shot.
Not much else to say except WOW!
This is fantastic! Love the fuzzy head. :)
Great, great shot and awesome work, Sumit!!!
Tuan Le
Great capture Sumit. The bird has a very intense look.
I love this shot. The bird has "Attitude" written all over it. I also represents how I look and feel some winter mornings. ;-)
Super shot of a magnificent creature.
+Tom Tran It is possible that he is an old campaigner and has many thoughts in his mind! :) Thanks Tom.
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