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Poll: How many posts a day are optimal?
What's hot today features a post from the g+ resource which suggests Six Reasons Why You're Not Being Circled. The 1st two are :
1. You don't post enough.
2. You post too much.
The link here:
What is enough and what is too much? We are confining ourselves here to image posts only, not including shares of other peoples posts.
I thought a quick poll would be nice as a feedback tool for all of us. The poll requires you to Plus 1 your choice in the comments below.
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More than 5 image posts in the day
As long as they are good images Sumit... it shouldn't really matter :D
+Lucille Galleli to some it doesn't - to me it does - if i open my page and scroll down forever and only see one person pics posted - then they go bye bye....
I post less than one a day. I'm too busy to do more than that these days. :) But I still visit other people's pages on the days I don't post.
I just personally don't like it when there are five or six posts in a row(On my feed). If they are spread out a little and are good content, then it doesn't matter.
I also personally don't like it when someone shares someone else's work in 5 straight posts (on my feed). If I liked the first one I will check out the persons work.
I do not think there is a fixed number. In my view, appropriateness depends on the signal-to-noise ratio of the posts.
In my opinion, one to three at the most. People should focus more on interacting rather than posting too much (or not at all). +Sumit Sen - my two cents. :)
3 a day seems a reasonable average. If you are participating in several of the themes, then you might post one or two per theme. Some days you might not post at all.
I also agree with +Lucille Galleli , as long as they are good and originally post away. I would hate to see a limit to how many post a person should or could make.
+Nathan Larsen The bad thing right now about google (in my book) is, that if someone posts a comment on one of your photos or your post, it pops up at everyone's stream - no matter how much you post that day.
And it might end up one after another (happened to me yesterday).
I am not sure how people are doing it, but lately some people have been forcing shares into my notification box. My +name is not there just that they shared a circle or image with me. Kind of like BCC on an email, mass sharing. I delete the person right away, but I wonder how they are doing it?
I guess it does to some... for me, if I see good images and variety in them, the source doesn't matter ... I'd say stagger your posts through the day so that people from different timezones also get to see it.
+Michael Earley they have plus added the circle they have you in. So everyone in that circle gets a notification for it. It IS annoying, especially when it is someone I have never heard of before and the post has nothing to do with me.
I think the quality matters more over the quantity. If I'm in the field all day, I may come back and post my best image from that day. I think that speaks volumes to me.
I'll only post one image per day on any of the themes, apart from birdpoker when there is an opportunity to respond with an image as well as a comment.
I don't care how many are posted, but I do prefer that they be spread out over the course of the day. Also, I prefer not to be notified.
as for your question +Sumit Sen i dont think there´s any optimal amount of posts per day.

If we´re talking about photos only, i prefer less photos tho over many per day. Quality over quantity (goes for any kind of post realy), on the other hand, that´s just me, some loves to follow people that posts and posts and posts and posts, so i doubt that there´s a set number that´s realy optimal.

But let´s say 2-3 photos a day tops. Unless you are very varied in your choice of subjects

In my opinion :)
People can change some of those notifications by just going into Google Setttings and change "Who can send you notifications?" to just your cycle or whatever.
I unfollow people who post too much, one after the other, for hours on end.
I don't always understand how the posts work. Today I made an album of some flowers I captured last Summer and when I was done I shared the album, trying to make it only one post. I would hate to spam other peoples streams.
Then I could see in my own stream that every flower came up as a separate post + a post for the album at the end.
I don't mind how many you post. If you think you have to post something, post it. I have to organize my circles in a way it's not too much for me.
The quality of posts is important and I love your post quality.
I post whatever I think is interesting to me and there are people who don't like the amount of my reshares or that I share things about geek topics or that I share bird images. I've been removed from circles because of the amount of my photo reshares but that's ok to me.
Others will love what I do and keep me in their circles.
I don't really care as much if it's their work. This morning though there was a large amount of shares by someone and I found that rather tedious. I think it is better if they are spread out over the day, especially if it's 5 or more.
I do two, max. three spread over 6 hour gaps. I do believe two is optimum if I think of the people who I want to share the image with. There is a lot of stuff in their streams and it isn't like I am posting anything earth-shattering anyway :-)
thanks +Athena Carey and +Mikael sh it always seems to be someone sharing someone elses work and they share a ton of them. But I want to be clear that I am not doing that. If I share to public, and to my extended circles, are they all getting a copy forced into their notification?
Anywhere from 1 to 3 is ideal in my books. Anymore than that and I feel my time is bogged down and monopolized, and I'll probably move the person to a different circle, or uncircle them.
if you share to public no one get´s notified, unless you + name them.

If you share to a circle, everyone in that circle will get notified, so i´ve almost completely stopped sharing to limited circles, as for extended circles, no idea if that will notify everyone +Michael Earley . I have you in a circle so go ahead and try it and see if i get notified :)
Well, +Sumit Sen, I must say that quality matters over quantity.
Google+ randomly selects articles from my circles to display in my stream, so I miss out on many good articles.

As for photographs, I can take in as many good photographs, because photographs take only a few seconds to watch, and move to the next if the photograph does not captivate me.

However, if the person in question just reshares all the work of some select people, or posts animated gifs of cats, or internet memes, then I would un-circle him/her immediately.

A post every two or three hours is good enough. Sometimes, more posts are acceptable. Finally, it comes down to your own assessment of your work.
About 2 per day--and not consecutively posted. 
+Michael Earley, +Mikael sh +Athena Carey:

The notifications are because those people have chosen to notify you. When you post to a circle, hover your mouse over the circle name. It will present an option to notify people in the circle about the post.

If someone bugs you with too many notifications, I would advise that you send them a message that you do not wish to be notified. If they respond, well and good; if not, block them. They may probably be spam bots.
Max one per day for me, but I'm posting more like 3-4 times per week. My job limits me to that much. My ideal would be one per day though.
I think one of the problems is that we think differently about how many we should post and how many we should see from others in our streams. Not unnatural for artists. That is perhaps reflecting on the voting thus far, which is very mixed.
I post at least the pics for the #creative366project and the #2012projectct52 and I choose up to three daily photo themes. For no special reason I limit myself to a maximum of seven posts per day (pics, videos, text, shares) - that seemed enough for me. - The only thing I don't like is lots of similar posts in a row or only reshares without telling why (and that is a reason for me to uncircle people). But I love to see beautiful photos in my stream so please keep posting and don't care about numbers!
I would say 3 posts a day max and not consecutively, plus you need to acknowledge those who post comments and interact with others is my preference.
I work on the good Yorkshire principle - "If tha's nowt to say, then say nowt"
I sometimes wish others did.
I have not even been able to get 1 a day lately... Kinda screwing up my 366 project. I think 1-3 a day is ok, more is too much. And to be honest I am not a fan of shares. it seems like if there is something good out there a zillion people share it and I see it in my stream a zillion times. Is that supposed to happen?
Seems to be trending between 2 and 3 a day at this stage!
I was curious and checked my statistic at All my + by +Gerwin Sturm ( ) : 899 post total in 216 days = 4,16 posts per day and 424 original photos = 1,96 per day. So it's in the limit ;-).
Number of posts - well, I'd say that depends... Sometimes I post none (like today) and sometimes I post several if I happen to be on my processing spree. One thing I try to avoid though is to post several images in a straight row. This has been mentioned before and is also on my no-no list. I don't like when people do this to me so I try no to do this to others too. But usually my posting will go along with my processing, meaning that I'll find and process something worthy posting once in an hour or so...
I saw that it is important hours in which they publish a post :) To me it is optimal in the morning, noon and night. It is important that people around the world and have different time zones. (my time 6:30PM / Sumit time 11:00 PM / Los angeles 9:30 AM... etc.. I noticed that the activity of different people is dependent on time of day :) My friend +Sumit Sen seems to me that does not sleep ;)
I would love to be filter my stream by the type of post: photographs vs. animated gifs vs. links. Personally, I uncircle anyone who posts several ani gifs.
I like your images. Post as many as you want. :-)

My perception of whether someone is "noisy" depends as much on what they're posting as how much. If someone posts several beautiful images in a row, I wouldn't notice the number, but if they're animated gifs or YouTube videos, I would notice the noise. I agree with +Linda Reitz that we could use a better way to filter by subject matter.
+Robby Bowles It is actually interesting. Though I am off for 8 hours or more everyday, it is strangely a time of low activity on G+. The Americas are at work, Asia is sleeping and Europe is getting ready for dinner. I catch the biggest market when they wake up and after they come home from work. Hence I am always around :-)
+Sumit Sen I had just about decided that you had an identical twin you hadn't told us about and each of you takes a 12hr shift each day to comment on G+.
+MILOS JANATA One of my circles is called "Favs" because they are MY favorites and not "very important" ;-)...
+Cora Triton That may be solution too. btw: cat gif a is refreshing nice experience if I see it only once a day ;)
Thanks for another interesting & valuable thread +Sumit Sen , I've learnt some useful things about the way G+ works.

For me, I'm happy with people posting up to 2 or 3 quality images per day but I don't have sufficient spare time to post more than an average of 1 per day myself. Reading other peoples' opinions and enjoying / being inspired by their work is just as important, so I like to keep some time for that too.
A very interesting question +Sumit Sen My first choice would be 2 or 3 per week, which wasn't in your question, and seems to be unacceptable to +the g+ resource, so I marked 1/day as the next closest. My biggest problem with what the majority answer seems to be is how much time it consumes to both prepare a quality photo, properly answer all comments, have fun with it, and learn something from it, plus truly look at what others are doing. If you are retired, or earn your money through photography and already know everything worth studying, or are addicted to G+, or you truly care about the number of people circling you once you have a basic start, then perhaps more posting makes sense. If its just a hobby that you are trying to fit the rest of your life around, then overly frequent posting and too many followers could be a distraction to the real world. I can't think of any of my Canadian friends that would truly want to see 5 images/day from me, so I don't know why my internet friends would want to either. I do like the rhythm of the weekly themes, each of which implies that once per week on a topic is completely acceptable, and gives me the enjoyment of other types of photography.

Although the G+ setup makes it easy to quickly sift through hundreds (thousands) of photos per sitting, I would much rather anticipate a few quality posts with unique information, like yours, than have to sort through quantity when I have time to catch up, which I guess ends up being how I attempt to manage my circles anyway. <end of ramble>
Well, it could depend on the hand of #BirdPoker that's being played, ;) , but in general I go with 2-4 on the days I'm around, mostly in my favorite daily themes.
For me the quantity doesn't matter. I'm fortunate to have lots of time to follow my passion and I learn a lot from seeing posts of so many of the contributors to G+. Maybe because I am relatively new to the hobby I started off posting almost all of what I shot. I am getting more selective now though and reducing the number.
for me 4 is the limit, that also spaced out over a day. too much posting for me means when you see 20 updates from the same guy in your stream within a minute!
I don't think it should make a difference. If the content is good then they will be circled. I do feel the more you post the more people will miss.
Thanks everyone for your participation. I will do a small analysis but it seems that each look at this aspect in their own way and there is no marked commonality or preference. There are many factors that come into play which includes nature/quality of posts and who is posting. If one has to choose, about 3 image posts a day would seem to be the choice of the majority. But even that is not very clear cut.
Thanks again.
Thanks for doing this survey +Sumit Sen I learned a few things reading all the responses, and there sure is a lot of variability, but a frequent position is just manage it your own way with the tools available, and everyone will adjust their viewing accordingly.
So, all this 'how many' aside.
How do you guys solve the 'problem when you get to your computer in the morning and have 5 posts to reply to and you know they will pop up in everyone's stream?
I post public and I do not want to change that.
But this issue really starts to tick me of (not from others, but my personal posts).
+Nicole B I personally mute posts after commenting on them and visit the post the next time I see a post from the same person to acknowledge or respond if necessary. That is unless I have left a question or have some other interest in the thread. So nothing that you do with your comments will affect me. My notifications are also set in a way that I do not get emails unless I am name tagged.
Btw. that Eagle photo is an example how things pop up in one's stream unwanted ;-)
I don't know the answer to this question +Sumit Sen. There are times I think I post too much.