Mir Bangle Seller
Mirs are a nomadic tribe living mainly in Gujarat, India. Mirs were geneology keepers for Kharapat Rabari tribes and historically traveled with these pastoralists. Today, some 10,000 Mirs live across western India .
Mir women wear a short backless blouse, a front closing sleeveless jacket, a 20 meter gathered skirt and a 5 meter veil. Most striking are their ornaments: copious necklaces and tassels fashioned from beads, coins and trinkets and in particular their white bangles from wrist to armpit. Though Muslim, each Mir has both a Hindu and a Muslim name. Today Mirs do manual agricultural and construction labour. The women are expert in beadwork. [Source: Rann Riders]
Dasada, Kutch, Gujarat.
#PortraitTuesday curated by +Laura Balc
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