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Mir Bangle Seller
Mirs are a nomadic tribe living mainly in Gujarat, India. Mirs were geneology keepers for Kharapat Rabari tribes and historically traveled with these pastoralists. Today, some 10,000 Mirs live across western India .
Mir women wear a short backless blouse, a front closing sleeveless jacket, a 20 meter gathered skirt and a 5 meter veil. Most striking are their ornaments: copious necklaces and tassels fashioned from beads, coins and trinkets and in particular their white bangles from wrist to armpit. Though Muslim, each Mir has both a Hindu and a Muslim name. Today Mirs do manual agricultural and construction labour. The women are expert in beadwork. [Source: Rann Riders]
Dasada, Kutch, Gujarat.
#PortraitTuesday curated by +Laura Balc
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Zabardast !! Love the way you retained colours. Beautiful woman and great shot !!
very interesting!.. each day I learn something new.. thanks for sharing.
I wonder sumit da how do they do their daily work wearing all those!!
But those ornaments are very colorfull!!
very interesting account and image, thanks Sumit!
They also extend to Thar Desert in Pakistan - same dress same ornaments and same white bangles. I ll have some pictures in old archives. They are very colourful people.
Wonderfully photographed, Sumit!
Another great portrait, Sumit!
She has beautiful eyes. This reminds of the National Geographic picture of Sharbat Gula, the girl with the beautiful grey eyes. Thanks also for the story of her history.
+dipak samanta I wonder too! :-) She is actually dressed up. Normal work wear is less dressy. Thanks Dipak.
+Suhaib Ayaz I am sure they are there even today. The border is only a 100 odd kilometres away. Look for the images.
+Melissa Beagle You are welcome Melissa. I am sure there is a mixing of bloodlines with Afghan tribes. So the similarity of appearance is understandable. Thanks a lot.
I enjoyed reading your write up, Sumit. I could see the picture in my mind's eye even if there was no photo to accompany the story. Having said that, that portrait is an art work in itself. The colours are wonderful, especially against the dark background. Love that light in here eyes and the expression on her face.
Fascinating +Sumit Sen!! It's a beautiful portrait that leaves me wondering what it is that she is so concerned about. It also left me looking at the small amount of jewelry I wear... :)
+Athena Carey Language! :-) She is trying to have a discussion with a buyer for her ware - unfortunately the lady was British, and English is not the strong suit of the seller. BTW, wearing some amount of jewellery is fairly common in many parts of India. Thanks Athena
interesting read.lovely picture.thanks for sharing :)
Ah - now that you say it +Sumit Sen I can totally understand that expression. I have been the English speaking tourist on the other side of it many times!
Beautiful. I like the context you gave with it (especially the language bit).
Wonderful portrait! Thanks for the description too, I'd never heard of Mirs before
+Chris Miller Many thanks Chris. I had heard of them and I went out looking for some on this trip :-)
Beautiful photo again, Sumit! Thanks for the cultural background too!
I have to agree with +Melissa Beagle

The silver headpiece jewelry and the bangles are outstanding and that differentiates this photo from the photogenic National Geographic Afghan woman

Overall masterpiece photo and thanks for the details behind the Mir tribe.
You're welcome +Sumit Sen !
This photo does tell a story of long travels and I personally liked this one better than the National Geographic one, since this one looks real and straight from the gypsy land of mystery and travel!
And I am only referring to the travels of the Mir tribe here, without confusing it with day to day urban life :-)
+Charles Vaz That image is a very deep portrait of pain, loss and fear all caught in a pair of eyes. Nothing ever compares with it. It is like the Taj Mahal of portraits my friend :-)
Yes +Sumit Sen - exactly - we live in our gadgetry world of SLRs and iPhones and iPADs and these tribes traverse the land - its really part of history - they shouldn't be a long lost tribe like the Aborigines of Australia or the few Red Indians or the Bedouins - it's really the Taj Mahal of portraits indeed!
Fantastic portrait Sumit and very interesting to read! Thank you!
real beautiful colors of nature
Awesome Sumit you make want to make a trip to India
+David Orr You must. It is a photographers dream destination. Not an easy trip but worth the trouble. Thanks a lot!
Wonderful portrait - and colours. Love the background story as well, always nice to learn something new :)
Very interesting post - the background story really makes it one of the few public posts that I have actually read. But personally I find the jewellry in her nose very distracting. That large shiny gold thing on her face draws the eye in a way that distracts from the overall photo because it interrupts the line of her cheek
Sorry, again... I keep accidentally hitting "report abuse" instead of "share"... The photo is stunning.
Ed King
Awesome Portrait
Hi Sumit, beutiful portrait and thank you very much for sharing this very interesting introduction.
I cannot keep from looking at her eyes, Sumit. Wow, fabulous portrait!
hadis f
It was interesting
What an outstanding portrait my friend
Fascinating that they were geneaolgy keepers for the Kharapat Rabari pastoralists! Great image,love the jewellery.
+Edward Ebden Many thanks Edward. I like that kind of job. Get paid to mind other people's business :-)
Sumit, this is such a fabulous picture! Love your portrayal of this Mir bangle seller!
Great expression! I love what she's wearing, lots to look at.
+Diego Cattaneo I realized that when I saw that the number of spam posts suddenly increased disproportionately. What's Hot has a price :-)
Interesting post and great portrait!!
Amazing photo and a fascinating story. I've come to expect this in every post from my talented friend, +Sumit Sen! :-)
Wowww +Sumit Sen you always bringing to google+ the most interesting, well-done portraits and stories. Thank you
Stunning capture my friend! I love her expression and the colorful garments!
Wonderful portrait, Sumit. And many thanks for the background information.
Wow!! This is a beautiful portrait, +Sumit Sen. I'm intrigued by the precise measurements of the skirt and veil.
I like your style with black backgrounds so much. For either animals or humans. Another fantastic one +Sumit Sen
Most excellent character study, +Sumit Sen. It's always a joy to read your post my friend.
+Kerry Murphy Most Indian garments for women like sarees etc. come in fixed lengths though the lengths may vary between regions. Thanks a lot Kerry.
+Matthias Haeussler Many thanks Matthias. I picked it up recently based on work I have seen on g+ and elsewhere.
+Sumit Sen A truly spectacular portrait, Sumit, and she's lovely, and looks innocent and simple! ;-)))
Great portrait +Sumit Sen and thanks for the info of the Mirs, I have photographed many Mir women but never knew this much about them. Really cool....thanks ;-))
+Petri Olderhvit Thanks a lot Petri. Glad you found the information useful. Would love to see your images.
+Sue Butler No, this is not everyday wear I think. They may dress much more plainly when working in conditions where physical activity is required. It is easy to place them in their tribe when they are thus dressed. Harder to be sure when they are plainly dressed because the distinctness is lost and there are other tribes in the area who have similar overall appearance. Thanks a lot Sue.
Really love this! The isolation and vibrant colors are stunning.
Fantastic portrait and fascinating info about Mirs +Sumit Sen. Such intricate beadwork and adornment, very colorful veil and blouse and I can see part of white bangles in each arm. We marvel and we learn with your posts +Sumit Sen, thank you :)
jave to look at this picture again.
So much colors and bijoux - woww
Beautiful shot, like the light, detail and colors, complimented by the history and related facts!  Thank you for sharing.
Mr Sen Beautiful shot!  It is a small world.  I met her day before yesterday.  I had been to Dasada.  I was pleasantly surprised to find her on your page.  Thank you for sharing.
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