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Morning breaks over a grassland in Assam, India
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so beautiful... I wish i could be there.. peaceful
Great tones and color.
Just beautiful! What great colors in the sky.
Now, these are def. different colours for you =)
I love this scenery with the popping yellow in the front!
Beautiful landscape scene, Sumit. I like those distant trees in the mist.
Breathtaking! Love how you've chosen to compose that beautiful prairie keeping it low in the frame and the layers of color in the sky!
Beautiful morning! Thank you Sumit.
nice understated landscape. love the colours in the sky. especially against that soft but rich yellow grass.
Wow, look at that earth shadow, very nice!
FANTASTIC landscape Sir! Thank you for bringing this beauty to us!
Beautiful. I love the colors in this shot! ;-)
Beautiful shot. Love the layered colors of the sky.
Oh my! This is jaw-dropping beauty! Love the gradient in the color of the sky and the yellow of that grass is such a nice pop! Beautiful work.
The depth of field in this photo through your use of trees is fantastic +Sumit Sen! Also, you continue to show me aspects of India that were not in my possession before I started following you on G+. For example, I reserved wide open plains like this for the continent of Africa only! India is a country who's beauty is multifaceted, I now know.
+Jerry Johnson This is actually at a place called Manas National Park one of the prettiest places you can find anywhere in the world :) Thanks Jerry.
So very beautiful Sumit...
+Sumit Sen – you're very welcome Sumit... I really adore your work – a great inspiration to me...
I love this! I really like how the atmosphere dulls the trees in the background, and the yellow looks really great against that blue sky!
incredible colors and "mood". is this where the famous tea comes from?
That is unbelievably peacefully beautiful, Sumit. Phenomenal. Thanks for sharing another of your outstanding photos.
intriguing gradient of colors here Sumit.
Ah....I would so love to wake up to such a beautiful sight...
Beautiful shades - great capture Sumit
Wonderful image and tones my friend :)
oh and I see an awesome B&W in this one ;)
the changing hues is like an ascent to the sky!
+Laurent Coppée I have this in B&W too and would have posted that if it was not pre-Holi :) Thanks buddy!
Buddy ... Holi ... sounds like music to me :DDD
Love the layers of colours in this one. Very nice.
Are those paddy field that we see in your photo?...Looks great with those different layers of colors.
Love the color gradients in this... Great minimalism achieved with the "sky heavy" framing, too...
+dipak samanta Can't remember but entirely possible. They had some sort of research centre at the place. Thanks a lot!
Absolutely gorgeous colors and fog!
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