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Looking for a meal
Common Kingfisher, India.
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Oh man this is awesome! and you know why it is awesome don't you :-) Looks superb in large :-)
The colour and the composition of this is gorgeous Sumit!!
Fantastic photo of a totally cool creation!
Such a beautiful bird, and a beautiful capture.
Beautiful, lovely color palette too Sumit
Beautiful bird! Great shot! The blue is so vivid!
One of my favorite birds ... he/she has a very quizzical expression ...
+Nathan Wirth I think the all black beak suggests a he :) Trying to figure out if the ripple is worth a dive I'd think!
Common is not the first word that comes to mind when I see this bird, +Sumit Sen. :o) Love his bright orange feet.
Beautiful bird Kingfishar
The light green background contarst with the blue of kingfisher is wonderful
Beautiful bird and I love that color of blue, Great shot Sumit :)
Nice one! That beak is a bit out of proportion, it seems.
Very common he is too; appears on millions of beer bottles:-}
Very good the aperture in this photo. Nice colors on the bird.
I love his pose!! :) Beautiful capture; colours, composition and dof are perfect!
This is super, Sumet! Just a beautiful bird, great focus, composition, it's all there. Fantastic.
Great shot. Love the colours.
the kingfisher..........
the nature beauty
who will think this tiny colourful bird is a bird of prey? beautiful DOF and catch Sumit
would like to know what is he(she?) thinking :-)
excellent image!
lovely blend of colors +Sumit Sen and the smooth bokeh and oof area paints a nice bg texture to that beautiful bird
Very................................. beautiful bird.
I think another one of your "make believe" creatures...too good to be true! Fabulous little guy & I LOVE the background! Awesome, Sumit! Oh and those little orange feet are to die for!
+Sharon Jeannette I have to find a way to prevent these dodgy posts from reaching your inbox :) Thanks Sharon.
I come looking for them....they don't come looking for me:) Besides, now it looks as though I'd better hurry before the cut off!
Beautiful capture my friend. Simplicity rendered perfectly.
What a great shot, +Sumit Sen. You seem to arrange beautiful backdrop with your bird images. ;)
absolutley fantastic beauty Sumit! Gorgeous shot!
Super! Love the colors. Beautiful bird.
i like birds, they interest me.
Boy your Kingfishers are pretty compared to the Belted Kings we have here.
Nice shot Sumit.
excellent-----beauty of nature
Хубаво пиле,дано не го види котката!
Is it possible to download the full resolution jpg?
Beautiful, I'd like to set it as a desktop background.
I'd like that 4 a pet or a frequent visitor to my house.
The background compliments with this beautiful bird!
superb sir!
My word! What a beautiful bird. If I could +1 a hundred times I would!
+Tom Tran Thanks buddy. Just that these guys behave like stars when they want to be photographed. Everything has to be to their liking! :))
+MLT B Frequent visitor may be better :) Thanks a lot!
Aren't these very shy? Do you need hides to get good shots of these little birds?
+Ram Prakash He is actually eyeing the water below him :) Don't use hides. Birds will often accept human presence, especially in populated places.
What a gorgeous Beauty!
Kingfisher's are my Favorite birds for whichever reason.
I just love them =)
it"s colour is lighter than r bird.. bt really nice..
My favourite bird ! Beautifully shot Sumit.
I love it. The Kingfisher is one of the birds I'm working on hard to get this year.
+Sumit Sen Spectacular capture, Sumit! It's been years since I've seen one of these, and I seem to get more of the Pied and the White-throated here! :-)
He's beautiful and this is a wonderful photograph! I love the light in his eye! I hope he finds a meal too!
Excellent work! Great composition!
Stunning image +Sumit Sen --our Belted Kingfishers are beautiful, but yours is extraordinary!
bạn chụp tấm hình đẹp quá
tôi dùng nó làm dao diện facebook nhé?
excellent. Specially awesome bokeh!
always want to capture this bird. but with my 18-55 lens the bird spots me before i spot it. :) a nice shot
This is such a beautiful bird and always made prettier with your fantastic shots! Love it!
Awesome composition and the little guy is so cute!
Another wonderful picture, dear Sumit! +Sumit Sen Unfortunatelly I cannot share it on my PAGE +BIRD LOVERS Worldwide , because a PAGE can only share any photo, if it is before added to the circles of this person.
I saw this one earlier and had to come back to admire it again. 
+Robert SKREINER I did not know that that page was yours. It is a pleasure to add it! Many thanks my friend.
You're welcome! I've been so busy at my new job. I've been spending my free time studying our API(Application Programming Interface) so I can support our existing web application. I'm working on geocoding, longlats, POIs and many more. I'm very new to it and I would like to show my boss that I can do it. :)

I have one picture that I took last week but there isn't much composition to it. But I think it looks great. HAHAHA! I'll post it later.
+Neil Camara That is a lot of work and I really like your 'taking up the challenge' attitude! May the force be with you. Drop me a notification (if you remember) when you post that image :)
Thanks a lot!!! :) Hopefully, I'll be able to spend some quality time with my camera this coming weekend! I miss it a lot!
Incredible shot, incredible blue ...
We have some just like this in the UK, how long did you wait for yours to sit there, I waited about 3hours for mine! Patient aren't we, just as well, for photos like this, its necessary to be very patient. ;-)
+anita harris I tend to scout where they like to sit and take position. Sometimes you can get a shot in less than 15 minutes, as in this case :) Thanks Anita.
Awesome just awesome! I m really short of words sir.
worried about its survival
+George Koruth :) Same way that you find beauty everywhere with your lens, only in a more amateurish way...:)) Thanks George.
Ada M
the colors are amazing! I so missed these bird pictures!
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