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Black Kite
For #birdsofpreysunday by +Diego Cattaneo
Kolkata, India.
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Beautiful capture of a powerful bird
Razor sharp image +Sumit Sen . You are on a roll!! This is another species I have seen in the UK :-))
Beautiful capture, Sumit! Lovely composition against the pale blue sky.
Majestic - lord and master of all he surveys. 
A very sharp image of an impressive bird, lovely!
Anticipation is written all over this portrait in profile! You've captured the intensity of the moment +Sumit Sen.
so clearly detailed! Beautiful Sumit.
Hi +Sumit Sen. We have recently had a Red Kite reintroduction program in the UK . Where once it was only possible to see these birds in the most isolated parts of Wales, they are now common place. I guess we could sell you some?
Very nice +Sumit Sen! On a separate note: I had tabs open on my browser and almost wrote "thank you so much...." :D
+Christophe Friedli I think I would have interpreted it correctly! This bird is kind, it can do you no harm even from the heights! :DDD
It's a magnificent bird and capture +Sumit Sen and remarkable details on his feathers! That beak looks really sharp...for catching mice and rodents?
+Marilou Aballe Sorry to tell you that they mostly scavenge and catch earthworms :)) Thanks a lot Marilou.
One of my favourite raptors, great shot Sumit.
Ah yes, the Black Kite that's not really black. :D Beautiful and crisp shot, +Sumit Sen.
Beautiful! Such a gorgeous bird! I love this profile shot!
+Sumit Sen This is a beauty, Sumit! I seem to see these birds in varying sizes in my area. Is that just my imagination?! :-)
+Jasbir S. Randhawa No, you get two types, the much larger Black-eared is a winter visitor and should have left by now. Thanks Jasbir.
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