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You are new to G+, are a good photographer, and have not been noticed
Read on if you think you meet the above criterion and want to have others here seeing and appreciating your work.

Let us face it, G+ started a few months ago and the early joiners had the advantage of interacting with a small set of people. G+ suggested (and still suggests) people you could add to your circles. The people you added had time to notice who added them, checked their work and added them back. Friendships developed on the way and some hot photographers became stars of G+. Those were the days when the only way you could get noticed was if someone shared your work, and this often went with a recommendation to others to circle you. It helped if this recommendation came from a well-established photographer or someone with a large following. My first big break came when +Robert Scoble enjoyed his coffee while watching an image of the Himalaya that I had posted. There were no shared circles, no themes and a manageable list of good photographers. You were hot if you had 2,000 followers.

Things changed very fast when G+ went public and circle sharing was introduced. Overnight the trickle was replaced by a deluge. No established photographer had time to check those who circled them with any degree of effectiveness. If an established member knew some outstanding new entrant then the process was simpler as the share mechanism quickly ensured early recognition and integration into the popular set of photographers. Regional photographers who had a leader in G+, and specialized theme photographers quickly got added to popular circles and flourished. But there were many very talented photographers who failed to make the breakthrough because they did not fit in to any of these categories.

Here are 10 points to keep in mind if you want to make yourself more visible on G+

1. Have a good profile pic. The days when Micky Mouse would do are over. If you photograph birds, you may want a bird as the profile pic till you get going. It will encourage bird photographers to click the notification image. If you use your own image, use a good professional shot. Almost nothing works worse than a pixelated and unsharp profile pic.
2. Write something about yourself that shows up when the thumbnail is highlighted. 'Professional photographer' is a good invitation to check further as is 'fashion' , 'landscape photographer' etc. etc. Saying that you work at an office and enjoy your photography may not improve your chances of drawing attention.
3. Post some of your representative work in your stream. At least 7 gives an impression of variety and interest in posting. Posting one good image only suggests that you may be happier somewhere else. The larger size of the thumbnail works better here than Scrapbook images.
4. Scrapbook pics are a good start. Post representative work to give people an idea of what you like photographing.
5. Write an introduction to images that you post. This is social media. People like to communicate here - and that goes beyond just sharing images.
6. Follow some people whose work you like. Google + Counter runs Popular Google + Lists at That should give you a headstart in selecting people to follow.
7. Follow some G+ big guns. People with mass reach like +Trey Ratcliff or +Patrick Di Fruscia or others in your line of work with significant following. Someone like +Robert Scoble who is not just a photographer is like gold dust - his reach is widespread. You can be well known overnight if anyone with large following likes your work. Many people with more than 10,000 followers have mentors who shared their circle with over 100,000 people,
8. Interact with people you follow by commenting on their posts and adding +1's. Most posters check who commented, especially if the comments are interesting. It is possible that you may not reach +Thomas Hawk though your comments because he gets hundreds of them. But he may read the comment of someone he knows well or see the share of someone in his circle. Good work gets noticed in the long run.
9. Circle 'Daily Photography Theme' page at : or check +Eric Leslie 's list at to know which theme is running which day. Participating in themes is an easy way to reach a wider audience. Some curators like +Michael Russell shares his Mountain Monday choices every week. Others like +Ray Bilcliff will share a circle containing the people who participated in a theme that they curate. Talking about circling, don't forget to circle back people if the work quality of the person is good. Many will uncircle if not circled back.
10. Be mindful that most photographers here do not like:
i) Animated gifs
ii) No information in the 'About' tab
iii) Too much resharing without original content.
iv) A few posts a few months old
v) Endless images on the same subject. Like 20 images of your dog in the garden one Sunday.
vi) More than 4 or 5 image posts a day, Most 'cream of the crop' photographers follow at least a 1,000 people and get irritated by overload.
vii) Addressing posts to a photographer directly. That is an invitation to get blocked.
viii) Making familiar comments when you hardly know the person is also a big 'no-no'.
ix) And don't critic if not asked for.

Good luck!
Please share if you think this is useful to some
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Great info! I have people consistently adding me, but the amount of interaction doesn't really increase. I guess it just takes time. Thanks!
great advise, Sumit! This is just another reason you are so well loved here! :D
+Paint It Saturday While Paint It Saturday is a page, there is friend behind it. What is there to mind? :-)
So useful to newbies here on G+. Usually when new people circle me I glance to see how many people we have in common and I'm more apt to go to profile if we have several people in common. I have found that sometimes G+ doesn't mention the 'in common' and I miss adding a great newbie to G+ photographer!

Commenting on my posts gets my attention to go look. So many people just add hundreds and never comment or +1????

Thanks so much +Sumit Sen for this post!
+Myrna Weinreich So true. I don't understand those people who just add, add, add but don't interact. I think it's about time to do some housekeeping on my circles.
This is a such a thoughtful and useful post Sumit, congrats for the time spent to write this!
+Myrna Weinreich Yes, the 'in common' is the greatest trigger for me too. But you may miss a really big gun because the counter may not be there at all. I think a lot of people are just happy to see images in their stream, not everyone is an aspiring or good photographer. They don't see the need to interact - and that is logical. Thanks Myrna for adding to the note.
+Laurent Coppée Thanks buddy. I was in the writing mood. Hangover from the article I suppose :-)
Excellent work +Sumit Sen! Well spoken. I have several newbies on G+ following me that will benefit from this information! =)
+Rob Mcilroy Glad you found it useful Rob. We all need to do some work with our circles.
+Jason Kowing Thanks Jason. The idea is to help all our followers and I appreciate the share.
Newbies or not could add me but what's the point if they never interact??? I have to admit that its difficult to interact with all I've circled but I make my rounds in good time. Btw, I'm circling you right now. Giving you notice +Laurent Coppée be nice now!!!!! :-)
Really good info. Thanks for posting this :)
+Myrna Weinreich Biggest mistake on G+ till date. Your life will change to the extent that you will not know if you are coming or going :-) Good luck. I avoid him like the plague :DDDDDD
Well done Myrna. None better on G+
Well said, Sumit. Animated gifs and numerous shares with no original content are both big red flags for me. I also hate to be "that guy", but when I see someone holding a camera in their profile pic, I'm about 10x more likely to circle them back...otherwise they're going to have to wait until I check my "incoming" tab and maybe see something of theirs, which is only about once a week, tops :)
Those are all very solid tips and your analysis of how this community getting started is spot on. It's interesting to watch it change as new features are introduced.
Thanks Sumit, I feel less like a stalker knowing there are others out there looking for photographers they can connect with too. I will use these suggestions and share with the rather small circle that I have. This will be my first "share".
I totally agree with both +Ryan LeBreton & +Sumit Sen I find a camera in the profile picture a great influence on whether I circle someone and also if a person only has "male or female" in their profile, no pictures or posts, and when they do post it is all shares and nothing original, they don't make the cut.
+Mike Runyon Thanks Mike. On the flip side, I found some jewels because of the quality of their profile pic even as a thumbnail.
Just so I don't misrepresent myself - I have a lot of other criteria for who I circle, primarily quality and originality of content, but when you occasionally find yourself circled by 20-100 people at a time, the profile pictures (and the "people in common" statistic) are both valuable in helping a person to stand out from the pack :)
Personally, IMHO my most important criteria is one that you've mentioned +Sumit Sen - originality of the posts. As much as I do appreciate hard work that some people put into finding some really good stuff and re-sharing it (appearing in +PhotoExtract Photography Magazine has very high desirability score for example), nothing beats original content creation...
I have been going through those who have me circled, as best I can, and still find if they have nothing in their profile other than male or female, no profile picture and little or nothing in their picture albums as well as no or few posts, they aren't going to make the cut.
It may seem a bit harsh to some, but I'm in G+ for the photography interaction and if someone just wants to circle me for the sole purpose of adding to their circle count and lay back in voyeuristic mode, it's probably not going to happen.
It took a while to find this +Sumit Sen it is a great post. Of course, now I have to go comment on one or two of the shares where there's more conversion. :-)) [additional]
+Mike Runyon I think he said that tounge-in-cheek. there was some friendly banter going on in one share where I was one of the players.
+Mike Runyon sorry if it looked that way. Sumit has the right of it. Some friends were having a friendly chat on another copy of this, including Sumit.
+William Rainey Who did you tell that to? I can't believe you did too? I am done for! :DDD
Man that hat does its bit, I tell you :DDD
Thanks my friend.
Hahaha, it's the colorful bird on the hat that has all the girls swooning. :D
Thank you for putting together these tips! I didn't even know about the daily photography theme page. I was wondering how to locate all the themes here on g+.
i am early bird, learning to FLY with u Sir & g+........
Very good advice. I try to +1 every photo I like and I'm assuming that this has some influence on the recommendations that Google+ offers. I add many of those recommendations and they are often reciprocated.

Without knowing any better, I am already following most of your points. Sometimes, my captions get a big long, but there have been no complaints yet. I have more than 800 followers, which is about 700 more than I expected.
+Ken Smith Thanks Ken. It is nice to know that your experience is in line with what has been written. That is as it should be - there is no rocket science, just common sense and curiosity.
Still very new at this thanks for the write up! I defiantly have to get my profile in order and start adding some more work on here.
Perfect post! I did exactly what you suggest and it works very well!
Powerful work, +Sumit Sen. Thanks for giving of your time and insight to educate and inspire us here on G+. Love your photos, too. Very inspiring! :o)
Very useful and informative post +Sumit Sen Now I'm doubly glad I'm following you!
+Sumit Sen - I'm really glad you liked it. Since I'm stuck on the ship for now, I'll keep digging through my library in search for some more gems... ;-)
And obviously thanks for sharing!
That was very helpful especially to a novice like myself. Thank you kindly :0)
Thank you for the great advice +Sumit Sen. Very thorough and informative and would benefit everyone here in G+.
Good advice! I know that once things went public I was unable to look at most of the profiles of people that circled me. However, if you comment on one of my posts, I am almost certain to check out your profile! Thanks for mentioning me btw - seems a lot of people have circled me today because of it. :)
Thanks for putting this useful and well-thought-out post together, +Sumit Sen! It's made a great share.
Thanks everyone for the +1's and the shares. Really appreciated.
Thanks for taking the time to spell it out for us newbies. I would like to comment about the " page clutter " that you mentioned - too many posts of the same thing: v) Endless images on the same subject. Like 20 images of your dog in the garden one Sunday.

I experience this issue, and the major contributor to my clutter is G+ Photo. It seems like every time someone 1+s or comments on a photo from within the album, a duplicate post of that image is generated by G+ automatically. All of a sudden I see 3 posts of the same image, of which only one was posted by me, and the 1+s and comments spread out between the 3 duplicate posts. Alright, so it's not 20 images of my dog, but it's been up to four - and when that happens within a time span of 8 hours, it creates clutter and the wrong impression about my focus (obsession).

How to get someone's attention at G+ to resolve this issue is beyond me, because I have sent feedback several times already, with nary a peep back from anyone. Suggestions, anyone?
Thank you +Sumit Sen for an informative and friendly letter for all of us newbies. Just plain common sense, with a little etiquette thrown in. :)
Thank you +Sumit Sen ... Your suggestions are thoughtful, respectful and give me something to go for ... !!!
Thanks a lot Mimi. I am aware that commenting on an Album post generates new stream entries for those who have commented and not muted the post.
Great information. G+ is a confusing place for new folks. I am still trying to figure things out and this helps tremendously! Thanks for the tips!
Wise words, Sumit (I've immediately edited my 'About' page after reading your post)! I'd like to add that curating a theme not only rewards one with plenty of great photos, but increases one's popularity as well.
+Sumit Sen I want to thank you again for such an informative article. I came in on the tail end of the "private" G+ and only guessed how it was working before I started.

As a result of this post, a friendly comment from a mutual friend, and my own thinking it seemed to me that I needed more photos in my stream and fewer circle shares. :-)) People will find the circles interesting but I hope they also want to see my work - I shouldn't make it hard to find. :(

Nice post Sumit ! And probably nice tips.
There sure is a huge difference between those people who were invited or are here since G+ started, and that became famous in 3 days being circled more than 50.000 times, and the others. One month ago when I was totally new to G+, I couldn't realize that.
But I don't really think it's a big deal. I guess not everyone wants to be the next Ratcliff.
In my opinion G+ is still too recent to know what will happen with those "I've become a social network star in 5 days", because uncircling is as quick as circling - so wait and see :)
+Vincent Lefebvre Loved your "uncircling is as quick as circling". As you rightly say, these are early days yet! Thanks Vincent.
Couldn't be anything else with all the good wishes coming my way... Thank you so much for your concern +Sumit Sen :D
thank your for this helpfull information! Let's get famous ;-)
I, as I'm sure others might, sometimes have a tendency to lose patience and forget that I didn't always know my way around G+ either. Having been here since the early days of the beta version has allowed me time to assimilate a lot of these changes as they are added to G+. It must be almost overwhelming to someone just joining G+ to grasp everything. I still feel that what I don't know about the ins and outs here far exceeds what I do.
There was a bit of a heated discussion yesterday over someone posting a picture they had found on the internet to a daily theme and not giving credit to the originator ot the photo. They had no clue as to what was proper etiquette or procedures here and meant no harm, but several jumped all over them for it. I'm sure it wasn't a pleasant first interaction with G+!
I have a tendency to block someone who posts a ton of GIFs, but maybe they think it's great they can post them here and don't realize that once in awhile is OK, but posting a ton of them can be annoying to some, especially to me! Ha!
My drift here is that all of us can screw up, I'm sure I have a number of times, but those of us who've been around awhile should try to give the rest the benefit of a doubt and perhaps attempt to guide rather than berate them. This is a truly fabulous social site and working together we can continue to keep it as a great site to interact, both socially and photographically.
I guess I've pretty much thrown in my 2 cents worth for today and hope I haven't offended anyone. I will endeavor to give any help to those requesting same and try to be as patient as I possibly can with my fellow G+ friends and especially those new to the site!
Finally have some time to catch up on G+ and was very pleased to read this guide, Sumit. Thanks for taking the time out to put it together. Sharing now...
I kiss your virtual feet for this exceptional piece.
+Lee Daniels I apologise upfront for what I can't resist writing. In eastern culture, you touch the feet to pay respect. But the receiver returns the gesture by blessing you with his touch much higher up in the body. My virtual acceptance of your truly touching comment is certainly directed at a far more appropriate place - your forehead :-)
I know the custom and thus the touch of respect. Thank you for your kindness in return.
Great stuff +Sumit Sen - thanks +Lee Daniels for pointing out your post!

The biggest one I have to watch is the "More than 4 or 5 image posts a day" one. Especially on my theme days, I tend to post a lot. Plus participating in themes, birdpoker (dang you +Phil Armishaw ), etc...

I think G+ should send this as a welcome message to all new users!
+Gene Bowker Thanks a lot Gene. And I just played a hand at Bird Poker as we spoke (virtually) :-)
This is helpful, +Sumit Sen. I especially appreciate the recognition that those of us who got to the party later have a higher, more challenging, mountain to climb.
thanks for this. I was following some of this without realising. Thanks also to +Lee Daniels for the heads-up!
Very good Sumit, I missed this.
Nicely written +Sumit Sen! I think this can easily apply for genres outside of photography as well. Thanks! (goes to change his profile pic :) )
Well Sumit, I have edited my profile according to this... check out :D

Still not sure what to say in Introduction... feel awkward filling it up.
Addition to 5: Write captions, a few words of description, or several sentences. It irritates me if I see interesting images and the photographer doesn't tell me more about it.
11. Don't upload the photos of other photographers. If you want to share the work of other photographers use the 'share' function or link to web-pages.
Well said, +Sumit Sen I think it also helps if after circling people you go through and comment on some of the images or even +1 them. After circle sharing there can be a deluge of new people that it's almost impossible to keep up with.
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