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Red Jungle Fowl - the wild ancestor of all chicken
Archeological evidence indicates that the 'mother of all poultry' is the Red Jungle Fowl (Gallus gallus) found in India and Southeast Asia. This is further supported by genetic tests. Domestication of chicken has been observed at the Indus valley as early as 3,200 BC.
Thought this was an appropriate bird to share at this time of the year when eggs are in favour :)
Bandhavgarh National Park, India
Note: I have darkened the busy background manually to focus on the bird
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when I was young I used to hunt and catch this wild roster or hens in the rain forest but now it is very rare almost you cannot see anymore and I think going already to extinction. if no body preserve and care..
Beautiful shot and very interesting background info. Thank you +Sumit Sen !
This is eggsactly the kind of image I love Sumit. :-)
Wow! What a colourful creature Sumit. Here's a case where the darkened background has been used to spectacular effect.
Ada M
great picture and such amazing colors on this bird! excellent
I don't normally like to photos manipulated, but you did an outstanding job here, +Sumit Sen. The colors on this bird are amazing and the background really makes this stand out.
Nice shot of the ancient chicken of all chickens, my friend ! Color looks great against that black background.
awesome to see ........!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+Ron Parish Changing the background is very much a Gplus strategy for me :) My attempt is often to bring focus on the subject when I do this because there is a story to tell :). Many thanks Ron.
No wonder we like to color our eggs on Easter! What an inspiration this "mother of all chicken" is:) Beautiful image, Sumit!
Lovely bird +Sumit Sen - and I see so many characteristics in this bird that are found still in the ancient breeds, some of which we used to breed ourselves.
Wowie, WOW! What a stunning bird! Beautifully captured as always :-)
really beautiful bird, black background has enhanced the effect.
Even your chickens are stunning ;-)
Oooh, pretty rooster, Sumit. I can honestly say that we've had pets similar to that one. Haha.
Marvelous stuff, +Sumit Sen! We saw these in Kaziranga in Assam. They are magnificent birds.
+Celeste Odono Thanks a lot Celeste. We had domestic chicken which looked very similar.
+Amanda Pelz Like a bullet, actually! Once the rooster takes off you can't bring it down with a gun unless you are exceptionally quick! Actually this bird is a good 20 feet off the ground.
Thanks for showing how beautiful a live fowl really is, to all my friends who chose to see chicken only in cooked form B(
Soooo. I guess that means that the chicken came first.
Oh WOW....Love looks like painted. BRILLIANT!
talk about a rainbow of colours ,Mother nature at it's best.
Beautifully shot and processed, Sumit. I did not know that these magnificent birds were the progenitors of all poultry. It's interesting how drab some turned out.
That is an amazingly colorful bird Sumit! Wonderful capture!
I had seen a lot of rather colorful chicks but this one beats them all :)
striking (though I might have preferred a little more background).
i love how the bird stands out even more against the black background because of the vibrant colors. the whole thing looks amazing :)
+Mim Eisenberg I think colours and fine feathers = energy loss, energy that can add a few ounces to the table :) Thanks a lot Mim.
Wowww, very colorful! Awesome image, Sumit!!!
Beautiful, like peacock and nice thought of photography.
I recognize the look +Sumit Sen! :DDD On a serious note this is one of the best I've seen and definitely one of my favourites. :)
This chicken is attractive,there's more about it, did know that each hour they "cry", mostly in the morning
nice and interesting !!!!!! it is lovely to tell somethng abt the bird !!!! :D
+Richard Masango Yes, they do give wake-up calls in the morning, sometimes even when it is not wake-up time :) Thanks Richard!
Maki T
Magnificent! The darkened background gives the pic very good effect.
Superb image Sumit!
Sumit, it's a pleasure looking at your photographs. They're ever so vivid. Keep it up!
the standing is showing the beautiful colors and the out line for sure
Lovely bird and (not surprisingly) a lovely shot. Wonderful plumage!
its a fighting cock a rooster
Spectacular shot. Absolutely perfect lighting and capture of this bird's amazing color. Nicely done!
I wonder if it tastes like....
Gorgeous bird, +Sumit Sen. It very much reminds me of the domesticated roosters we see in Vietnam.
+Tom Tran Yes, the country chicken, as we call them in India are very similar. Those are not poultry bred. Thanks buddy.
Hey cool! Next, to figure out how/when they became so popular. :-D
mmm.... the ancestor of delicious
That's a very pretty chicken! Very appropriate for now.;-) Love it against the dark background. Nice work!
What an awesome shot Sumit ! and what a great place we live in... the ancient civilization here laid the foundation of modern world. I knew about dogs being domesticated in our region now I know poultry also started from Indus Valley. I also believe that studying cattle like Nelore/Ongole (Bos Indicus) would prove that cattle was also domesticated in Indus Valley. Great post Sumit.
The prettiest ruster I have ever seeing.
Derk JJ
I'm going to save this post for when the year of the rooster comes around again. =)
Majestic fowl. Looks similiar the the fighting game cocks that people use illlegally. Hopefully that will soon be irridacated.
What acolorful,beautiful bird. THANK YOU! for posting the photo and information.
That rooster is called the Indian Game Cock here. He look the same as your colorful shoot.
+Wynona Gibson Yes, they are actually taller and have shorter combs. they are bred for fighting!
there is something about this photo that reminds me of my Grampa's bantam rooster... Gorgeous photo, and thanks for the information about their genetic origins as well.
ooooooooooh- its my beuty logo
Is it fake? If not. ..I think you have done a outstanding job
I always wondered about the domestication of chickens... that's one of those randomly forgotten thoughts from the past. Good to know and the photo is incredible as well!!
+Sumit Sen Lovely shot. Making the background black was right on. Too bad most chickens are caged or cage free (meaning crammed together in a giant building). My wife has become vegan and we built a coop and yard for our own chickens for eggs (not eating the 4 hens though). Kauai, HI has lovely wild chickens!
+Edward Bishop Thanks a lot Edward. We can buy country-bred chicken which look similar. They also taste very different from farm produce.
Interesting information, thank you Sumit and such a greate picture! Realy gorgeous!
+Sumit Sen Absolutely spectacular, Sumit! Shot a lot of these in the early 1980's in Assam, I'll confess. :-)
Excellent color handling here Sumit! Well done! That Rooster looks so good!
Dani B
Cool! so I gues that means the egg ame before the chicken!
What a beautifully colored chicken, great shot!
This one is a stunner! Can you kindly post more about this shot (the exif etc), +Sumit Sen ?
I have never seen this bird look so goood - keep it up!
we have many of them in Indonesia but has simpler feather pattern 
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