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The Flower Vendor
This casual shot is with a new purchase, a Canon S90 Point & Shoot, which I picked up at a throwaway price a couple of weeks ago because I was bored of trailing my wife at a supermarket. I had been looking to buy a top of line compact for a while for those days when a DSLR cannot be carried. I also wanted a less 'in-the-face' camera that offered wide-angle. The Fuji X-Pro1 was the way to go, but my eyes are set on the Nikon D800 and that left little room for another pricey purchase. The S90 is an old camera, but takes RAW images and the lens starts at F/2, both of which made sense to me. Yesterday was a local holiday, and my busy surgeon friend wanted to shoot sunsets at the river. I had elsewhere to go before I met him and in any case I am not much into sunset photography. So I decided to test this little camera out on people. The riverside hosts one of the biggest flower markets in the area and I had a good time catching the actors in the play. This old man was possibly through for the day and was having a relaxed moment smoking a beedi. Don't think he was interested in being photographed, but he did not mind the small camera (most people are now used to the mobile phone camera menace). Think he would have objected to a DSLR though. I shot this in RAW and jpeg. The jpeg was a waste, but the RAW has potential. Here is the final result with the background darkened a bit in PS.
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+Ricardo Lagos Thanks Ricardo. I am fairly new into portraits having really started this year. I am learning along the way and hope to develop a style by year end ;)
I'm with you on the sunsets! Don't get me wrong, I don't mind looking at them and I've shot a few but street portraits say so much more so much more of the time.
This should actually have more of his story and less of the information about the camera in order to be a successful street portrait. Remember that everybody has a story and the lens is only the means of delivery. :)
Well, +Sumit Sen I really don't know why you think so hard about what camera to buy, you seem to be able to get a great photo even with a cardboard box with a hole...
+Peter Speight Thanks Peter. I don't have the mentality to carry tripods or have access to filters, and that is curtains for much of quality landscape photography! :)
Thanks for sharing this pic and the information about RAW ... have to try it : )
I don't mind taking the tripod but the missus freaks out if I can manage all my camera gear but not the stroller, shopping, food for kids and of course iWhatever for her to keep online! :)
+WT Gator I agree! Let me rephrase the text because I really wanted to share the information that I have acquired the camera and will post images taken with it! I care a little bit more about the social network participation part than the photography. There are many great photogs around to provide that stimulus :))
+Vicky GP Thanks a lot Vicky. I am actually very finicky about output even though I am a crap photog :)
That just goes to show that a great photographer can pull magic with any camera :)
BTW - did you use a fill-in flash on this, or is that just the effect of darkening the background?
+Jamie Furlong Thanks Jamie. No, the darkening is done manually. The problem, I find with, compacts is that you have little control of DOF even at f/2.
you're an expert on making the parts of a picture you choose, to really stand out.
+Rui Matos Thanks Rui. It is an a little extra work but I think it sometimes adds to the viewing pleasure.
Oh yes, greet mood in this shot and I love the tones of his skin (I bet you were considering a B&W, but colors add this unique shiny aspect worth seeing)
+Vincenzo D C I actually think this works well with B&W. But I wanted to showcase the camera and decided to stick with colour. Also I like very high quality images for B&W conversion. Not sure if this camera can give me that quality. Thanks Vincenzo.
Very informative note there Sumit...Thanks ..I am googling for a P&S small camera for my daughter....any suggestion on best in affordability and one which she can use for next few years will be highly appreciated provided you have time..:-) btw she is six years old now but can frame things well
love the wrinkels on the forehead, never seen so... many small ones
+Geetanjali Dhar I suggest that you buy one which has easy controls and offers the lowest megapixels. Also a retractable lens will lead to less potential lens damage. Will get back if any model comes to mind.
+Michelle Robinson Thanks Mich. Great feedback. I am still trying to figure out portraits and often end up treating humans like birds. I will take note of your suggestion and see what it leads to.
Thanks a lot Sumit ..Do let me know whenever you can..your suggestion will matter a lot...:-)
Well +Sumit Sen there's nothing wrong with the result here, so that little thingy works well in your hands. ;-)
So You are going for the X-Pro1 ? Hmmm...I wish it didn't have such a hefty price tag on it. Way over my budget at the moment. I'm looking at the Canon G1X or the Sony 5N...can't decide, can't decide... ;-))
+Petri Olderhvit Thanks Petri. No, I said that I can't afford the X-Pro because I want to buy the D800 when I can. I looked at the Sony but did not want to buy a Zeiss lens, the Sony kit lens is iffy as I understand. Otherwise I would have got the Sony. The other thing is that the lens does not make it pocektable.
the real photographer doesn't need a super camera! :)) another great portrait!!
Fantastic! Just proves it's not the camera that makes the photo...
Congrats on your new purchase! The texture and rich color are nice. I know what you mean about lugging around a dslr, at times it just doesn't work well and human subjects don't always feel comfortable. Looks like you're enjoying the camera already; looking forward to seeing more photos!
Yes, sorry +Sumit Sen I was abut to correct myself there. That's exactly what I'm worried about, that buying the Sony will only add to my troubles and the amount of gear I carry.
Will let you all know what I end up with ;-)
Great shot, Sumit. It's pretty amazing to see what the "small packages" can produce in the hands of the right people :)
I believe that the information you give us is as valuable as the image, Sumit; so I thank you for taking the time to add your thoughts, share your tips, and educate us. Although I love your images, that is not who you are. When you add commentary, we get a sense of who Sumit is. You are putting yourself out there & I, for one, appreciate that. Thank you, this portrait is amazing! I do believe +Vicky GP is right, you could give us a fabulous image taken with a cardboard box with a hole:)
The point and shoot cameras (in my experience as an amateur) are great at first but mine have always lost resolution after about a year. In my Canon from a few years ago, the only position that give me a sharp image in pointing straight up. While this is great for my series of flowers and plants from "insect perspective" ( it does tend to limit you otherwise. ;)
+Evelyn Lamprey My friend was so surprised when I pulled this one out of the shirt pocket. He was grumbling about my not bring my kit! :) Thanks Evelyn.
superb +Sumit Sen this is a camera that I've considered too , this photo looks amazing
+Anneke Dubash I am not too worried about that thankfully. There are many takers in the family and I am already worried about the fate of this toy once my daughter arrived for her break. I am making hay while the sun shines :)
More seriously, I am curious about your experience because technically that should not happen. I will see how this one fares in the long-run even if I lose ownership.
Just goes to show it's not about the camera, a lot to be said about something small enough to fit in your pocket that you have with you. Popped off a fabulous portrait +Sumit Sen !
+John Dusseault I think the modern version is the S100. I am sure that will be a fine camera. Many thanks.
Kinda nice not feeling like a pack mule for a change I'll bet. I carry my Ricoh GRD everywhere.
Colour,vibrancy and detail,why would you want another camera?
+James Lenane Thanks James. I suppose it has great niche use. Don't want to even try it with fast-moving objects! ;)
Proves it is they eye of the photographer, not the camera creating the best photos.
Sumit,Id hang that on my gallery wall at home anyday,its that good,I wouldnt be in a hurry to change that camera for shots like that,the dark background is spot on as it doesnt distract from the subject matter!
Fantastic portrait, with such character and detail. More proof that it matters not on which machine you press the shutter, only that your vision for the image comes through!
+James Lenane Thanks again James. Your comments are a source of satisfaction and confidence in the camera.
Wonderful portrait! I'm conducting a mini photo workshop and photowalk this morning and coincidentally, I'm going to open by showing prints taken with compact cameras and phones and then talk about equipment vs skill. My goal is to get people to quit saying " must have a great camera!". Wish me luck :-)
+Marianne Skov Jensen Thanks Marianne. I am dead sure you will charm them with any image that you care to show them. Just don't start with the image of you with three camera hanging all over as you walk the trail. That may be a bit intimidating for some :))) Good luck my friend!
+ANISH MATHEW I know, but nobody told the old man that when he was young. Now it seems rather late in the day :)
Thanks very much for the encouragement Sumit! When I do these things, I only take a compact. You are right....I don't want to scare them :-)
un keum
Yep that guy is 23yrs old.....
Great shot Sumit, love the details in the face, I might have to look into an S90 as well, looking for something exactly like you were. But my goal is the 5DmkIII after they fix the light leak issue...

I still have half a carton of Beedi 502 sitting on my desk, the instant I light one up I am taking back to the sights, sounds and smells of your fabulous country, I miss it.
+Mitchell Masilun Beedi 502, you are doing well my friend! You might not find the S90 in developed markets though, it is still worthwhile to look at S95 and the newer S100.
Thanks a lot!
Used to have an S90- nice little camera, and you've used it well! I'll also be saving for a D800! Does the "E" version interest you?
+Dane Clingan The E version does but not at the price. I have decided to settle for the cheaper model :) Thanks Dane. And great to know that you have used the S90.
كله في رقبه المخلوع حسني هو السبب
i think this man is pakistani :P :D bcoz im also pakistani :D
BTW, I had an S95 for a while and really liked it, much for the reasons you mention.
Wow, Sumit, your entire album is simply fantastic!!! I used to take photos like these from National Geographic and copy them in pencil and charcoal. If I ever have time to do that again I'll come and choose from your album. Congratulations, excellent work!
This guy looks like a realist to me. 
Fine image...lots of character.
I use fuji dsl-xx517-jhp289751xxxfuji987cxvxxx
Now, that is fantastic shot. This is the kind of photography that I saw in NG long time ago and it made me want to start shooting myself... Hat's off +Sumit Sen !!!
Amazing texture and detail and a strong character. Love it!
Great intensity of stare straight to camera!
Yeah I was taking a look at it online, can find them used and fairly cheap, I know of the newer models but they are pricier and maybe not much more on features. I really want that 5dMkIII, although the D800 is tempting me to make the switch over :)
+Mitchell Masilun Go for the S90 then! I think the S95 is not a great improvement, can't say much about the S100.
I am sold on the D800. Waiting for it to appear in a store nearby! have to upgrade the computer though if and when I but it :)
Wow, in the hands of a master, any equipment can produce a masterpiece!
+Sumit Sen Sigh, I have a S95, if only I could produce images like this... :)
good analysis. i hate to carry the large cameras. E7 will do form me.
Impressive work and a great example of how the camera doesn't make the image - the person behind it does.
Great shot, +Sumit Sen - Interesting that you went with the S90 but your reasoning makes sense, especially if you are going to get a D800! I will be curious to hear what you think of the D800 once you get your hands on one
+Sumit Sen This is a truly awesome portrait, Sumit, and I like it a lot! A superb demonstration of the fact that the camera doesn't matter, but it's the person behind the viewfinder who makes the magic! :-)))
+Joseph Eckert I decided that I wanted the Fuji but it was too expensive, especially in the context of the big gun purchase. I would not have bought anything, but this was going dirt cheap and was a whim purchase. I am glad I did because it ended my misery! :)
Thanks a lot Joseph.
+Jasbir S. Randhawa I will have this laugh my friend. the bloody thing does not have a viewfinder!!!! :)))) Thanks a ton Jasbir!
I had never shot RAW until March of last year when I bought my first DSLR. It's amazing the photos it can save or improve. Congrats on your new purchase. Very nice portrait. He looks great against the dark background.
such a strong and interesting portrait Sumit!
Crackin' fine portrait, Sumit... Tack sharp and wonderfully captured...
Wes Lum
Looks pretty damn good Sumit!
Amazing is the word! Canon S90, eh... that gets me thinking... :) !
Wow, great portrait my friend. Another proof of the maxim that it's not the camera but the artist behind it. Top shot +Sumit Sen!
Awesome job!, good for you +Sumit Sen your "little camera" works very well and is not exactly the camera is the photographer, for sure :).
My eyes are set on the Nikon D800, too but I have to wait for a while.
Have a great week!
+Yasmin Simpson Thanks a lot and good luck with the D800! You have a great week too Yasmin.
Wow. That's it. I'm selling my DSLR and getting myself a Canon S90! :D:D
Fantastic, +Sumit Sen.
I am so behind! This is remarkable. I love the expression you've captured, +Sumit Sen. Looks like a great purchase!
Hi +Sumit Sen . First that is a great photo with heaps of character and he's nicely isolated from the background.

I had exactly the same idea as you about a compact with some features I could control and would shoot raw. I found a used Canon S90 on ebay about a week ago and am waiting for it to turn up.

These days there are lots of places where they get excited if you pull out a DSLR.
Great portrait Sumit! Proving yet again its not the camera its the photographer, (as long as it lets you shoot in RAW)
Stunning capture my friend! He doesn't really seem to approve you shooting him but doesn't seem too bothered either :-)
Great work with your new toy :-)
+Laurent Coppée Perfectly analyzed. I suspect he did not make a fuss because it was a tiny camera. Many thanks buddy!
Well done Sumit, my wife has the s90 and I occasionally borrow it and put it to use, it's a very capable camera in the right hands! I'm sure you will do very well with it.
+Grant Kaye Thanks a lot for your kind words Grant. I have to get a little familiar with it. I am still taking a while to get a shot completed :)
+Sumit Sen Lovely and sharp. The S90 gives amazingly sharp picture. As a matter of curiosity, how close were you to him?
+Rao Gobburu I was not very close, 8to 9 feet away at least I guess. Thanks a lot Rao.
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