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Version 2.0 released.

Today we've released version 2.0. The major addition is support for mobi ebook format. More detailed release notes are at

Go forth and update!
SumatraPDF is a multi-format PDF, XPS, ebook (MOBI), DjVu etc. reader for Windows and we are pleased to announce version 2.0. The biggest change in this version is that we can now read ebooks in mobi ...
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2.0 (2011-04-02)
The date on your version history page has an incorrect year displayed
Thanks for letting me know, will fix it.
I made a comment from else where here on G+ but its not showing here so I'll repost it:
a feature request:

Nice its a simple reader no Bloat Like the Evil Corporation Adobe's Infamous Boat-Ware --> Acrobat Reader
there is only one major feature i was looking for in it and that's the ability to add/modify/remove and read comments ie
i like a particular piece in a pdf book I wanna nark it with some comments for further or getting back to it at some point ^_^
We would like to have comments as well, but unfortunately it's not easy to implement.
thanks very much for this excellent software! I m particularly in love with the "b" shortcut functionality, it helps immensely when you are editing latex documents!
The portable version doesn't open .mobi files by double clicking them (after associating them in Windows 7), it does work nicely when opened through file/open though!

Thanks for your hard work, and for giving it away for free <3
Thanks for the info Peter, this is a bug. We'll fix it in the next version.
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