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Sudha Jamthe
Technology Futurist focused on the business of IoT and AI
Technology Futurist focused on the business of IoT and AI

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My last IoT Show for the year is about Open Hubs for the Home.
+Jaromil Rojo joined me from Amsterdam open source NGO talking about Dowse their crowdfunded Open hub.

Watch here

You can join the crowdfunding and get a Dowse hub at

Enjoy! And Happy Holidays! See you in the new year.

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My summary of Top AI disruptions in Healthcare - +Unified Inbox  , +DeepLearning +IBM Watson +Gary Smith  +Ken Herron  +Toby Ruckert  +Da Vinci +Medtronic Diabetes

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Tweet me @sujamthe w questions as we talk "Combinatorial' at #TheIoTShow 9am pst tuesday Oct 10 w @mtrends

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Friends, Welcome back to The IoT Show Fall season. This one is unique with a philosopher's view about AI , Robots and what it means to our world .
Join me and +John Budnik

Note: I am figuring out to change the show based on your feedback and  Google's change of hangout on air to YouTube Live. So please subscribe to my youtube channel or on my site for regular updates


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Eve teasing affects girls and impacts a whole society on how women are perceived and limited even by well meaning non-sexists men.
I am glad there is a movement to change it in India.

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Join Sudha Jamthe and Philippe Michal from from France for a unique discussion about data privacy and his platform to make a business model to respect people's privacy.

Subscribe to my YouTube to watch each week's IoT Show as soon as its live.

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Fresh perspective and always there's something new to learn.
Will visual hashtags be the next big thing?

If you have young children in your life, you already know the popularity of stickers. They put them on their books, their walls, their lockers, their shoes, and even each other. But now adults have the option to put stickers on the images they post on #Twitter . Don’t be too quick to write it off as just being for 12 year-old girls. The power to connect with, and be seen by your target audience has just exploded.

Listen to Ken Herron (@KenHerron) and Carol McManus (@CarolatCKC and @LinkedInLady) live on today’s Social Solutions show to learn why your business or brand now cares about Twitter #Stickers -

We’ll introduce #TwitterDashboard – do we care, or are we now suffering from Twitter #app fatigue? #Pinterest is the shopping mall of the future – correction – it is the shopping mall of today. #Instagram will now be translating your captions, comments, and bio into the preferred language of the person viewing your posts. And here’s a shocker: DON’T use your #iPhone when for #FacebookLive . We’ll enter into the debate, including all of the arguments for and against for your business to consider.

Join us live on the Social Solutions show every Wednesday for the very latest  #socialmedia , #news#trends#tools , and  #bestpractices . #JoinUS today at 4.00 a.m. SGT / 21.00 GMT / 4:00 p.m. ET / 1:00 p.m. ET on And catch all of today’s show’s tweets with the hashtag #SoSoShow !

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