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Sudha Jamthe
Technology Futurist focused on IoT, AI and Autonomous Vehicles
Technology Futurist focused on IoT, AI and Autonomous Vehicles

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Join us for interviews of 25 IoT Women from around the globe. Watch the livestream at
Tweet @sujamthe @roxystimpson or track #IoTWomen or come back to the archive at
9am PT(19 CET): Kickoff by Sudha Jamthe & Roxy Stimpson
9.15am PT (19.15 CET): AI
10am PT (17 CET): Autonomous Vehicles (Driverless Cars)
11am PT (18 CET): Industrial IoT (IIoT)
12pm PT (19 CET): Smart Cities
1pm PT (20 CET): IoT Building Blocks
2pm PT (21 CET): IoT Applications - Telehealth, Blockchain and more
3pm PT (22 CET): Wrapup by hosts

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Hello friends, I have redesigned my IoT Show channel.Watch me talk to a Neural Network. Yup, that's real. Click follow on YouTube to get each video as soon as I upload it bi-weekly.  Also, don't miss the IoT Day IoT Show collection from April 9th - a fitnessbot, smart cities, Smart IoT in Africa, Mobility for Robots from Hong Kong, and more covering 15 countries.  Enjoy. Tweet me @sujamthe

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Happy IoT Day 2017

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My last IoT Show for the year is about Open Hubs for the Home.
+Jaromil Rojo joined me from Amsterdam open source NGO talking about Dowse their crowdfunded Open hub.

Watch here

You can join the crowdfunding and get a Dowse hub at

Enjoy! And Happy Holidays! See you in the new year.

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Tweet me @sujamthe w questions as we talk "Combinatorial' at #TheIoTShow 9am pst tuesday Oct 10 w @mtrends

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