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True words
If anything, Android P will encourage developers to be more creative when designing apps.

The reason many - including myself - followed the guidelines so strictly is because they made sense, they were very thorough, and they looked good, always being promoted alongside mockups that used a lot of color and contrast. Android Lollipop made me fall in love with Android.

Now that Google management is designing Android for the Pixels and the Pixels are being designed for iPhone users, I feel much more inclined to just do my own thing instead of relying on references. Time to move on.

There is no more vision for Android. In the end, money talks. And money is all about making your phone and your operating system so close to iOS that a random grandma will buy "that white phone" for her grandkids and get the Pixel by accident. Good grief.
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Need a tester to confirm some stuff since this is not my daily driver

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New Nougat build is up for Lenovo Z2 PLus

January Security Patches
Fixed incoming files via bluetooth
Switched to SnapdragonCamera
Enabled Camera2 API
Switched to z2-dev kernel for a smoother experience
Lockscreen charging current issue should be fixed now.
Offline charging finally fixed
Minor changes in button customization

USB Tethering. I tried my best to fix it but was unable to.

Kernel source:

Finally, Oreo is up for Moto G4 Play

Camera and VoLTE work too

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New build crDroid build up!

Font issues on WhatsApp, Instagram etc fixed
FCs after screenshot fixed

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Unofficial Validus 8.1 for the Lenovo Z2 Plus.


-Clean flash recommended
-GCam works
Haven't been able to test OTG since I don't have one right now

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Some unofficial GZOSP 8.1 for Lenovo Z2 Plus.
Almost everything works other than OTG and AGPS
And yes, VoLTE works too :P

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GZR GaPPs for Android Oreo 8.1.x

. . . Short changelog 12/13/2017 . . .
- First 8.1.x release . . .
- December security patch.
- Google play store [8.5.37_nodpi].
- Google play services [11.9.51_nodpi].
- Updated Framework.
- Updated Permissions.
- Added new Permission.
- Removed some apks,sync apks and lib files for better battery life.
- Cleaned script.
- Biger size coz Google play services update they are 11mb bigger.
- Minimal FTW.

. . . GaPPs link . . .

. . . GaPPs info . . .
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