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Some unofficial Tipsy for Z2 Plus. Have a nice Sunday

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Guess what?---A mega substratum giveaway again

Alright, so we have some stunning substratum themes and a very useful substratum utility to give you this time. Offcourse they make the screen look so dope that you are definitely gonna waste your most of the time just looking at your screen. Theming to a next Level! We have Nineteen, Valerie, Gravija and Fontio to give you.

🔽About these themes :
🔹Recently released Nineteen and Valerie are kind of translucent themes which will give a fantastic look to you device. Very few themes are available in this category and no doubt they one of the best among those.
🔹On the other hand Gravija is one of the few themes which works both as a light and a dark theme. So if you are kinda confused guy to decide b/w white and black UI then gravija is the best option for you. I really like the themed icons and the accent colors available in this theme
🔹Don't you like to play with the font, Fontio is best tool available. It contains lots of fonts, featuring a unique app design which let's you create flashable zips. It also let's you share your unique font among the fontio users. Btw Fontio is available for Free with an IAP which locks many more premium features. Try the free version
Trust me or not folks but every theme available is a great theme.
Rules to win this giveaway:

➡️Join ANDROID APP PROMOTION & +1 the orignal post
➡️Mention any 2 apps that you would like to win down in the comments. You may win any one of those. Go through the play store links, take your time and decide which 2 which you want.
➡️Once you have done this reshare the orignal post with the hash tag of the themes that you have chosen. For eg:if gravija and Fontio is your choice then your hash tags should be #gravija #fontio #Giveaway
➡️Lastly you can follow the respective dev accounts given below. This is optional
Playstore links:
Nineteen by +De Jan​​
Valerie by +DeadMan xXD​​
Gravija by +Piere R​​
Fontio by +Ashish Shekar​​
There is plenty of time & codes available. So make sure you participate. Don't miss any of the first 3 rules.
Results will announced on 28th June.
If you feel following dev's have really done a great job then you can definitely support their work by purchasing it. This will encourage devs to make more such cool stuff

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My friend's mother needs urgent help. Please donate what you can and also share the post so that it reaches maximum people

Please Help me fund to save my Mothers Life.

My Mum has been diagnosed with Severe Heart Failure, she was awaiting a heart transplant and her Pulmonary artery pressures increased as a result of which Heart transplant is unlikely. She can only survive with a L-VAD (left ventricular assist device).

The cost of this Device is very high and affordability is poor as we are still students.

This is a life saving measure, Please Help Us generate funds to save Mum's life.

Fund us at:



Shuayb abdAllah


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U-touch settings for Z2 Plus users is finally here

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Some unofficial Tipsy for Moto G4 Play(harpia).

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Android Architecture Components - Learn how to use Room, LiveData and ViewModel while creating a handy app

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New unofficial Tesla for Moto G4 Play (harpia)
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