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Woo-hoo! Here's the #Bloodmoon, thanks to NASA's live tv!
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Fascinating. Have a great day.
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One  of the best things about being on G+ is that there are others who generously share what  we can't experience ourselves!  Thank you +Tammie Duncan !

It's overcast where I am!  :(
These are the pictures of the moon the Blood Moon that is about to go into a lunar eclipse! it looks like a star where I'm at!
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No problem, no worries...  It took these magical images, didn't it?   I still think it's so amazing how experiences are shared instantly throughout the world.   You're in Arizona, I'm in Vancouver, Canada... take a look at locations of where they people who have enjoyed your experience are from!  Way to go, Girl!
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Happy Sunday and the Songkran!  Imagine a water festival where simply EVERYONE gets involved and enjoys!

Hey, we're on G+ - we can join in virtually! Here's my bucketful of water with flower petals coming your way!  <splash> Gotcha!

Now, where's my water pistol... :D

H/T +Jaana Nyström  +Travel Pro Tips  two bucketfuls of water to you!
Songkran or Thai New year starts today!

Thailand, being regarded as the “Land of Smiles”, is also remarkable for a special event called Songkran Festival. This event usually takes place in the mid of April and lasts for a week. To mark the occasion, there is a huge array of events that one shouldn’t miss such as family reunions, street parties, beauty pageants and other forms of entertainment. However, the highlight of the show is the friendly water fight where thousands of people, including travelers bathe each other in water as sign of good luck.

Every year, during Songkran festival, thousands of people are flooding the streets to join the celebration. Whether for “good luck” or for any good reason you have for joining, remember that safety is a must. To ensure you are well-prepared, here’s the list of survival tips:

Songkran Tips

1 Protect yourself – Remember that there is no exemption to get wet during the celebration. In fact, even kids are having fun refreshing themselves on water. The best way to arm yourself is to buy a water gun or bring water containers so that you will not just take the water from participants but drench against them as well. Yet, make sure the water gun is cable of shooting long distance and has a huge reservoir.

2 Buy protection for your camera – If you wish to bring your camera to capture fun moments with natives, then you should invest for protection. Or, it would be practical if you choose a disposable waterproof camera instead. In this way, you can bring captured pictures back home without having your camera in trouble.

3 Avoid big roads – In case the event starts and still you’re not yet in the place you used to stay, better avoid big roads for participants are in huge streets and will sure enjoy seeing every passerby to throw water to.

4 Dress accordingly – There is no dress code for such event. So, leave your pants and shoes at home and wear something contemporary to the participants. T-shirts and a pair of short are definitely perfect for such water splashing celebration. But before you forget, take note of the color of your shirt as it tends to become see through when wet.

5 Leave your valuables at home – If you wish to accessorize yourself with jewelries better don’t. Better leave them at home as they may get lost during the water fight event. As for gadgets, better not bring them as they might get damaged as soon as the participants start the water ritual.

With this list of tips, you can assure join Songkran festival 2014. But as part of every tradition, respect is a must-have. Even if you’re not a Buddhist, you can give alms to the monks and join streets parties as you wish. However, if you can’t, then you better just witness their rituals. Lastly, like what you did to your neighbors wishing them good luck for the year, you can do the same. Just try wishing the locals a Happy New Year in Thai by saying “Sawasdee Pee Mai”!

Read more:


#Songkran #Thailand #Festival #Travel
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Happy New Year +su ann lim  :)
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su ann lim

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First child in the US to have auditory brain stem implant sugery hears his Dad's voice for the first time!   An unbelievable moment...

H/T +Kim Smith :D
[Playlist] A collection of awe-inspiring firsts made possible by technology →
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su ann lim

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Eeeeek.... are you like me - late in hearing about the Heartbleed security bug? Apparently, it's a massive security flaw that is affecting most of us using the internet!  

G+ Super Geeks, do you have any advice on what we non-geeks can do besides changing our passwords and having multiple  passwords?
The most popular open source code used to encrypt traffic on the Internet is broken and needs to be fixed
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+su ann lim  and all others above : you may already have seen this but +Dustin W. Stout  put out a post today re this and it links to a +Mashable post that covers it pretty comprehensively ... Key action change your passwords now .... below is Dustin's post:
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su ann lim

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What a wonderful community G+ is!  Here's +Anneke Dubash with NASA's HD live coverage of the #Bloodmoon eclipse for those of us who can't see it directly!

Tx for the share Anneke.  :D
It is raining, here, but NASA is live-streaming the eclipse. This is the HiDef channel.
NASA Television provides live coverage of launches, spacewalks and other mission events, as well as the latest news briefings, video files, and the This Week @NASA report.
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I think the latter...
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Ditto +Lisa Miller !  How blessed Pharrel Williams is to have created a way for others throughout the world to express their happiness!
I think I like Pharrell Williams more than ever.
If anyone knows how to spark waterworks on TV, it’s Oprah Winfrey. Winfrey, during an April 13 interview on OWN’s “Oprah Prime,” brought a very flattered Pharrell Williams to tears when she showed ...
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su ann lim

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Meanwhile in Canada...
Knew home felt different from anywhere else!

Thanks for the post +Darin McClure !
In parts of Canada, you'll weigh about a tenth of an ounce less than you would anywhere else in the world. The reason will blow your mind a little.
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+su ann lim We have yet to find a less than outstanding place to eat of our all-time favorites is ... Bakers ..just outside of Quebec in MT. saint Anne  
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su ann lim

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In the eyes of strangers... what a beautiful discovery!

Thank you +Renata Sherwin for these insights! :D
Non-meritorious self-appraisal!

What struck me was that the very things participants disliked most about themselves, were what strangers liked – even intangibles.

I am stuck in my body till I die, so what good is it going to do, if I’m mean to myself?

You’re better than who you think you are. You’re enough just the way you are, so be kinder to yourself.

Watch, implement. : )
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su ann lim

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Hey Plussers concerned about the radioactivity from the Fukushima disasters... have you come across this opportunity to do something towards gauging what's actually happening?  It's a crowdsourcing initiative to gather Pacific seawater samples for testing.  You can help fund efforts for a specific site, get involved in getting the samples or propose new sites. 

See for details.

+Darin McClure +Tom MacDonald 
Citizen scientists along the coast are preparing to take samples of sea water this spring to determine how much lowlevel radioactivity from the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan has crossed the Pacific Ocean.
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someone should consider testing garbage patch samples for radiation, and the shrimp and algae that live there.
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Joy. Love. Happiness. Business.

Hello, and welcome to my Google + Profile.

My name is Su Ann Lim.  Until recently I was the President of the TekPersona Corporation, where we specialized in helping organizations and individuals maximize their ability to do business through effective and positive Corporate Branding, the judicious use of Information Technology, sound Social Media Marketing Strategies & Media Training & Best Practices. 

Unfortunately, TekPersona is in transition due to the death of its sole proprietor.  I will provide an update to my circumstances soon.

About me:

I’ve been an successful entrepreneur, but I’ve also been successful in the corporate world, and the Public Sector in British Columbia government.  I am a marketer by trade, and that, combined with wide breadth of other disciplines, has resulted in success in a number of diverse fields. 

Since I began my career I’ve always been fascinated by how people can work together, resulting in perpetual success, from creating strategy, tactics and programs which result in interest, demand, engagement, fulfillment, after sales service and achievement of profitable goals.  I have had hands-on experience, and I love making things happen!

My focus:

In today’s world, effective Branding through use of a well-planned Social Media Engagement can result in a valuable Competitive Business Advantage.  Organizations, which know how to include Social Media within their marketing mix, will always come out on top.  Indeed, organizations always win if they also know how to use Social Media to develop and maintain a strong positive and memorable Corporate Brand and how to connect with their audiences to convert them to clients.

Bragging rights
I am, along with fellow dog lover the late J.C. Kendall, created “The G+ Dog Park”, the largest Dog Park in the world. My friends know me as someone who can be counted on in good times and bad, as my friends and family mean the world to me. I have many interests, but my main goal is to create and spread happiness among those I love.
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