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These are insights from 66 of the first 100 days. Do you have a hunch the tracking will continue beyond Day 100?

Tx +Alex Grossman

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The US Constitution is what originally set us apart from all other nations and is possibly the most imitated aspect of our government.

It is the very backbone of our democracy - or what's left of it - and should be the one thing we seek, above all else, to protect.

The Constitution is the source of our strength as governed people. Those who endeavor to weaken it are, by definition, attempting to weaken us.

Protect the US Constitution at all costs.

#RESIST #fascisminamerica

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Simply had to share this!
<Zachary, finished watching the one about appropriate play in the dog park yet?>

Tx +Cara Evangelista!

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Despite being a society which provides universal health care for its people, the province of British Columbia, Canada, is ranked among the top five places in the world to be treated for cancer. This is thanks in part to the cutting-edge cancer research happening at the BC Cancer Agency, funded by the BC Cancer Foundation. Precision Medicine is one of the areas of focus.

"Precision medicine is making a difference in the lives of British Columbians, with many patients seeing improved results when treated according to their genomic status. Personalized Onco-Genomics, or POG — is changing the way cancer is diagnosed and treated, proving that genomics can change the way we treat cancer. It’s one of the most exciting cancer research initiatives ever undertaken in BC, and is setting a global precedent, in terms of the diversity of cancers investigated and the number of patients participating. POG has taught us that we aren’t limited to traditional anti-cancer drugs and is fundamentally shifting how cancer medicine is practiced."

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Let's see. What was yesterday's ultimatum again?

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Perfect for a Friday!

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Is this a zebra-head kind of day?

Do watch the entire John Oliver commentary on Bolivian Zebras - most worthwhile! XD

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#National Puppy Day + #ThrowbackThursday

Zoe & Zachary, not long after arriving home. +hilary burrell !

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Please review and consider adding your voice...
Norway's War on Whales

There is something you can do to stop this right from your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Add your voice to those opposing this and force change to happen.

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Couldn't help sharing this post... It brought back childhood memories of pet geese. :D

h/t +kristienmarie thijssen
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