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Turn any collared shirt into a detachable hoodie.
Turn any collared shirt into a detachable hoodie.

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How to Buy the Best Hoodie Online

Whether for fashion or for sport needs, the sweatshirt is one of the best-selling men's clothing. A guide on how to buy one online.


Sports sweatshirts

There are a ton of shops for men online to buy hoodies. The hoodies are favorites to many men who practice jogging or other outdoor sports, to shelter from rain or other weather conditions, especially in winter.On the web you can find is the leader brand that does not, l ' it is important to buy what is most suitable to their needs.The websites dedicated to the sale of sweatshirts for the sport are many, such as where you can buy clothes is "Anonymous" less than 20 euro that brand leaders at higher prices. Another shop on line of sportswear is , whose choice of hoodies is really wide, including with regard to the marks available.

Sweatshirts Casual

But sweaters are not just animals for sport use, indeed every man has one, if not more, in your wardrobe as garment daily.Practices and comfortable to wear, especially models with zip sweatshirts are present in all the catalogs of the leading fashion brand of casual wear.The shops online where you can buy a hoodie are numerous. Among the many are , site specializing in the sale of clothing for both men and women, with a section devoted to t-shirts. Many famous brands and stylish models with much discount.Another online store is , whose catalog of clothing for men is well stocked: Trai leaders, of course, no shortage of sweatshirts and particularly those with hood, at a very insurmountable.But people who want more than the usual one-color sweatshirt and can not spend maybe 100 euro for a branded there is always the solution of customized sweatshirt. There are many sites dedicated to printing on fabric designs or phrases customizable and cost is really low. Obviously there are the hoodies of the heads to print, just choose the base color of the garment, the design or the summons to be printed, and that's it.

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Are you Looking to Buy A Portable Rain Hood?

The Lonehood is the best portable rain hood on the market. It is the only detachable hood that quickly attaches to any collared shirt so you don't have to worry about what you're wearing and you can be comfortable leaving it in your purse or backpack and carrying it around with you wherever you go. 

It comes in hundreds of different fabric types so to get a waterproof rain hood isn't a problem at all. Our waterproof rain hoods have been great accessories in the spring time when you have to be prepared for a rain shower at any point in the day. I know you must be fooled by how stylish the photos look already that you may think there is no way that you could possibly purchase this as a rain hood but I assure that we have everything that you need, and if we don't already have it, we will get it. 

If you're looking to stay out of the rain in style then obviously styleuno is where you would come to purchase your rain hood. This portable hood has sometimes been called a pocket hood or a pocket hoodie because it is so convenient that it can be folded up and placed in your pocket. I know you've seen those lightweight jackets that can be rolled up and placed in a small bag so that they can be carried conveniently. Now picture that type of fabric on a portable rain hood and imagine how small and conveniently that can be placed in your pocket. 

The Lonehood can be used as a rain hood, a sleep hood - if people say that? - a comfortable hood to sleep in, an amazing detachable hood, a hood that serves a great purpose in drying your hair once you get out of the shower, a detachable hood that allows you to hide yourself and shelter yourself from the rest of the world - if you choose to do that, a great company promotional product item and a great wholesale novelty item if you are looking to stock your shelves with something like this. 

The Lonehood is not just a rain hood though, it is one of the hottest dropshipping products of 2015 and it's a product that has huge potential to overtake the whole market that it is inventing and provide the world with millions of detachable hoods. 

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Time to Burn Your YMCMB Hoodie

Lil' Wayne, aka 17 other names, claims to "be music" and although I'm not exactly sure if that's true, I'm pretty sure that he "is YMCMB" as much as a person can be. Ya Drake and Nicki are huge names now but it all started with Weezy and it's all going to end with Weezy so as much as I hate to say the words "burn your hoodie" I feel as though it's only necessary to show Weezy that we ride with him until the death.

I can't think of a musician who has given away more free music than him. Who has put his heart and soul into thousands and thousands of tracks and still remains so humble. Now, all he wants to do is give us MORE music and Baby aka Birdman, head of YMCMB, won't allow him to drop a tape? "C'mon son... c;mon son" (Ed Lover voice) what kinda shit is that, seriously? One of the most world-renown musicians in the world and you're trying to sabotage his career by not allowing him to release music OR leave the label...reallllll weak!

We all know that we were only reppin' our YMCMB hoodies because we thought YMCMB was all cool, but now that we know it ain't so, might as well buy some Trukfit apparel or some OVOXO clothing The only reason we even put up with Birdman is because of the artists and now that we know they're beefin', I'm sure the majority of us wouldn't mind, or even notice, if Birdman was no longer involved. 

Or should there just be YM sweatshirts? Either way, I'm just glad that I never bought one I guess cause then I'd really be out in the streets "with a can full of gas and a hand full of matches" - (Eminem) ready to burn it down...or maybe I'd donate it to charity instead since that seems like the more noble thing to do. 


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This was actually my first ever #photoshop "23 Jordans" @Jumpman23 tried to steal a #Warhol & #Banksy style.

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New 100% Cashmere Styleuno Lonehoods...might name the white ones @KatyPerry

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Finally updating my profile pic with our new #logo....#ooops

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Drug dealers be Like...(Deflategate superbowl 2015 meme)

Deflategate superbowl 2015 meme

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Make $10 Million In 365 Days With Me

“You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” - Zig Zigler

Story: My goal is to do $10 million in sales inside of 12 months and I'm looking for a partner, in Massachusetts, right now.

If after reading that sentence you're only thought isn't "Let's fu**ing go! How do I begin?" then please stop reading right now. This blog post wasn't written for your amusement, but if you want one that was then here you go. 

Who Am I?

Derek Riccardo Coleman, I'm a 23 year old aspiring-entrepreneur. Email me if you'd like more information. 

Do you want to make $10 million dollars this year? Do you have what it takes to hustle non-stop, day-in and day-out for at least 12 months with the goal of becoming financially free? Do you have a burning desire to achieve greatness?

The Styleuno Lonehood: Detachable Hoodie is a detachable hood that attaches to any men's or women's collared shirt within seconds.

I currently have a non-provisional utility patent-pending on this, a design patent-pending on this, and a federally registered trademark on the word "Lonehood".

I have other designs, styles, materials, and colors currently being manufactured and I have a backlog of new product ideas and other patents that I hope will someday be brought to fruition. 

I'm selling B2C & B2B with a primary focus on B2B. Selling to wholesale distributors, retailers & e-tailers, etc...I need help with sales, marketing campaigns, everything. We will both be doing anything and everything that has to do with sales. This is an amazing opportunity to flood the market with a unique & patented clothing item that gives us an exclusive right to sell to anyone. 

You will have free reign and leeway to adjust prices, set deadlines, restrictions, etc... You are in charge of your own hours and you will earn what you earn. 

What I'm Looking for

I'm looking for someone around the Boston area, preferably under 30 years old, who has an entrepreneurial-spirit and is willing to do whatever is necessary, within means, to achieve our goal of $10 million this year. 

If truly interested, please email me you resume to My public resume can be viewed at my personal website Derek Riccardo Coleman.  

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Kanye West New Single "Only One" ft. Paul McCartney

The song can be heard at . Great to see Kanye making great music again. I wasn't a big fan of Yeezus but this is some 808s shit. What do you think?

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The #1 Hottest Drop-shipping Product of 2015

There are many different ways of successfully dropshipping, of course, but let's discuss three common strategies.

1. Find the largest industries and find the best selling products in those industries.

(This most likely is not going to work and hopefully it doesn't even sound like a good idea to you. All of the largest retailers are going to be selling the best selling products and they're going to be offering better prices than you.)

2. Find the best selling products during cyclical times. 

(This is good method if you have a website that is constantly changing and updating products. You'll also need at least one or two employees or partners who can constantly find the newest products and the best-selling products of the season. It is a lot of hard work but it is a proven method. Just make sure that you have the leverage and you'll able to market the product once you find it. )

3. Find a true novel or niche product and become the largest re-seller. 

(This is a method for the bold. You cannot be weak if you're attempting to sell your own product and would like to be known as the number one re-seller. This will require working out a contract with you supplier, possibly with some exclusivity to it, and building a repertoire with your supplier. This is one of the toughest ways to start but it also has one of the highest rewards, including stability, and can set you up for life.) 

Why is a Lonehood going to be the number one niche product for drop-shippers? Well there are some things that immediately come to my mind; for instance:  

It is the first clothing accessory in decades that is novel, useful, and simple to use.

It offers a great demographic population as it's great for men and women of all ages.

It has a great profit per margin and it has a very low number of variants for you to worry about. 

But before we talk about the benefits of our detachable hoodie let's first learn about drop-shipping a niche product. 

All drop-shippers know that it is best to start with a niche product but the hard part is finding the niche product when everybody else is also looking for one and they're using the same blog sites and articles as you to find them. What is a niche product anyway? It's tough to find niche products today because everybody is concerned with copying others and producing bland, ordinary products. 

In order to find a true niche product you need to find a product that is not yet mainstream. You need a product that has potential to reach the masses. A product that can be given as a gift and can be purchased casually at any time of the year. 

If you're using a database like Doba or something similar, chances are that you won't find a niche product. You're going to find a product that everyone else is already selling and you're going to get it at a price that everyone else gets it at, or higher if you can't afford to buy as much inventory as them. 

In order to find a great, unique, niche product you will have to do the research yourself and contact the supplier directly. You need to find a product that everyone has not already gotten their hands on and you have to be the one to pioneer the industry for that product. That is how you make money drop-shipping. Do research for novel products, preferably ones with patents pending and contact the inventor/seller directly and negotiate a price to drop-ship their product. Chances are that they'll be happy to work with you since you're both small and just starting off. 

It should be easy to define the target market of the product and it should be a target market that you're familiar with or can relate to. Don't choose a niche product if the target market is one that you cannot easily reach. 

Look for a supplier who is willing to work with you and supply terms that are agreeable to both of. If you're just starting out you're most likely going to want someone who also offers Light Bulk and can drop-ship individual products. 

So why is a Lonehood the best niche product to sell on your e-commerce website? Besides the fact that it fits all of the requirements above, there are tons of different kinds of sweatshirts and collared shirts and there are millions of people selling them but there is only one original detachable hoodie and there is only one supplier selling them. This is a patented product and it has enormous potential for reaching the masses. 
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