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stuart murdoch
stuck between a rock and a hard place, gathering moss-that's just how I roll
stuck between a rock and a hard place, gathering moss-that's just how I roll

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Our Diploma of Photoimaging students are 1/2 was through their annual Mid year exhibition. This year's group is small and cohesive. The exhibition is on display at APTE Cafe 538 Heidelberg Road, Alphington. The cafe is open 7 days a week and has a great atmosphere, a great menu and for the remainder of this month great art on the walls.
Here are some photos from the hanging, and one from the 'opening'.
Contact us to apply to study and participate in future exhibitions as a student.
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With the NGV's Art Book Fair looming on us, and my membership in the Melbourne Photobook Collective who are having a stand, I have made some tweaks to my website. Part of my publishing of photobooks includes some low level interactivity. Each book has a QR code attached to it and the QR code leads to the respective pages of my website.
Two new pages have com to life,
As well as a page for extra mages in my new book 'What's the ugliest part of your body?'

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An old screencast on Adobe's Camera Raw

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This old tutorial is still relevant even after being made in 2010

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Annual Student Photography Exhibition.
The annual student photography exhibition is about to open, this year the student's are exhibiting the photographs at Fox Gallery & Studios.
More information on the college news page at,

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Why is wordpress and google+ not talking to each other? Anyway here's a recent blog post about experimental photography techniques.

Using Digital tools to share analogue processes.

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Apply now to study photography 
Thinking of study photography in 2017? Want to start a photography course where the emphasis is practical, and the staff energetic and passionate. Apply now to study photography with no tuition fees. []

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A recent article in the Age newspaper this weekend extols the virtues of analogue photography and how two of Melbourne's biggest Universities have retained dedicated spaces to it, one even building a new dedicated darkroom space.[]
Well we at PIC have never stopped teaching analogue photography. So if you are interested enrol for the 2017 photography course, contact the college and arrange an interview. 
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