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DIY Home Organization: Garage Hacks

There's probably a lot of stuff in your garage, which means you might not have room for sporting gear and seasonal decoration storage, let alone your vehicles. Rather than let the crowding get out of control, you can use DIY hacks to quickly organize your garage.

Whether you're a DIY wizard or simply a novice looking to maximize your space, these projects will help you conquer your cluttered garage once and for all:

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How to Cash In on Wine Storage

Your storage facility might be sitting in the middle of an untapped goldmine. If your facility is in a high-dollar real estate area or surrounded by people with higher incomes, offering wine storage and marketing it appropriately could return favorable results.

Wine collectors and connoisseurs often don’t have the space or the proper temperature controls to store their vintages, which is why they're turning to self storage facilities.

Learn how to appeal to wine aficionados market and truly differentiate yourself in the market:

#selfstorage #storagetips #winestorage #winecollection
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Things to Know About Life in Baltimore

Baltimore is becoming a hot spot for new residents, particularly young professionals. With great seafood, historic sites, and plenty of modern attractions, Charm City is a great place to live.

Learn more about Baltimore and all it has to offer:

#Baltimore #Maryland #Bmore #selfstorage #moving
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3 Ways Your Self Storage Facility Can Go Green

For storage facilities looking to save on total operating costs while also improving public image, going green is a viable option.

Today, more and more consumers are taking to the idea of working with a business that has the environment in mind. As a storage operator, there are a number of options available to you that can make the process of going green much easier on your self storage operation.

Learn how your storage facility can begin making the transition toward helping both your business and the environment in the years ahead.

#selfstorage #storagetips #goinggreen
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How to Manage a Deceased Estate

When a loved one passes, the responsibility of managing their estate could fall on you. It will demand a high degree of time and attention, adding to the stress of your already busy life. Being an executor of an estate, while an honor, requires you to stay on top of many things. Not doing so can result in prolonged difficulty and even potential loss.

Your duties as an estate executor require a great deal of skill, organization, and perhaps even additional help. Every aspect of your loved one’s life is involved, from managing financial accounts and property management to procuring documentation and contacting beneficiaries. These tips provide an overview of what you’ll be faced with and how to handle each issue.

See the full list of how to manage the estate of a deceased loved one:

#estateexecutor #estatemanagement #estateplanning #inheritance #probate #probatecourt #probatelaw #trusts #wills
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The Ultimate Guide for Moving to Houston

When you live in Houston, you can view more than 400 space artifacts at the Space Center, hike and bike trails across the bayou, and get a taste of that good ol' Texas barbecue.

If you're planning to move to Houston soon, be sure to check out our ultimate guide for moving to Houston. It's got everything you need to know about your new city, from the essentials to the fun stuff!

#Houston #selfstorage #moving #Texas
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13 Things to Know About Living in Jacksonville

Thinking about a move to Jacksonville? With more than 850,000 residents in the city, Jacksonville is the largest city in the state of Florida. It's home to a healthy mix of colleges, military, job opportunities, and attractions fit for the whole family.

If you're looking to live "Where Florida Begins," then here are some things to know about living in Jacksonville:
#JAX #Jacksonville #selfstorage #moving #Florida
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Why Mondays Are Hands-Down the Best Day of the Week

Mondays may not be your favorite day of the week, but they may be the best day to land new customers at your self storage facility. Research and statistics show that receives the most hits and inquiries on Mondays.

If the same is true for your self storage operation, take advantage of this window and strategically time your posts and ads for this time frame.

Learn more about using Mondays to your advantage:
#selfstorage #storagetips
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5 Things You Need to Know When Building a New Home

Choosing to build a home rather than buy a pre-existing home is a great way to get the home of your dreams, whether it's a two-story house with a three-car garage or a cozy little ranch with a great deck. Unfortunately, building isn't an easy process.

Finding the right builder and design, staying within budget, and ensuring you get a new home that you love can be challenging. But as long as you focus on your long-term goals and keep cost at the front of your mind throughout the process, you'll be able to avoid any hiccups while building.

See more tips and things you need to know about building a house:
#homebuilding #homedesign #NAHB
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How to Make a Splash with Traditional Media is dedicated to helping self storage facilities and operators succeed. Though we mostly focus on growing your digital marketing efforts, we recognize that there are still many traditional advertising methods to help you bring attention to your self storage operation.

TV, radio, pamphlets, newspapers, and other types of printed publications can connect you with new markets your digital efforts haven't reached. Assess what methods work best for your facility and ensure the most success in all areas by creating digital and traditional strategies that are of high quality.

Read more on how traditional marketing methods can make a splash.

#selfstorage #storagetips #digitalmarketing #marketingtip
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