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Creating Synergies to accelerate Social Change
Creating Synergies to accelerate Social Change

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Today is our Meetup Event at 7pm @therefinerybar near Southwark Station!

This will be our first event of 2016 and would be a fantastic opportunity to get to know each other and talk about what is Social Innovation and mostly Social Change. It is a very interesting time for all of us here in the UK and globally. We will also talk about Ethical Marketing and why is becoming so important to really understand what does it mean and which are the best practises to put in place. If you have any question that you would like to discuss during the event please write it down in the comments and we will put in the agenda of the night. 
Looking forward to seeing you all!

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Great event being run by StexFX for anyone based in London and interested in social innovation:
The workshop will be about "Accelerating Social Innovation and Change"
Our new video about our workshop on 8th December at Ravensbourne College is online! Please take a look and share. 

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"StexFSynergy: Where Everybody Connects" by Maurizio Gioli on LinkedIn
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