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Is it my imagination or is Google Plus all but abandoned?
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It feels somewhat like an empty playground sometimes. Let's keep it rockin' Steve! 
So because YOU don't log on makes it abandoned by everyone?
The people who abandoned it won't get to answer this... "survivorship bias".
Its user friendly that's the reason every one should come on board and it will rock
It is user friendly, and in the event that Facebook screws up somehow regarding users there G+ may be ready to pounce...and it is a possibility FB might do just that.
I just don't have enough folks in my circles. I'm surprised you're feeling so alone, Steve. I'd think your streams would be constantly updating!!
I still haven't grasp the concept of google+, I prefer twitter #justSayin
I just do not know that much about or I just have not taken the time to get to know it in this fast paced age what ever is the quickest.
Hey Steve, can you hook me up? I am a single, black female, 31, works two jobs......
LOL @Marly. He's tough. Get ready for some harsh truths. But it's well worth it.
I can handle the truth at this point in my life. I NEED the truth. I want to be in love. How do I sign up????
Let me know if you make on the show. I will watch. I'm a fan of Tough Love but I don't get to watch tv much. I learned a lot about me from the show. 
I wonder if there are services for people, even if they are not on the show...Does he have a company?
If I make it on the show, I would definitely let EVERYBODY know lol
me? Its complecated on the most part yup I would say yes I am!
I agree +Ginna Garcia I haven't really grasped the concept of Google+ either but I honestly haven't really taken the time. And no one I know is on here...
It seems to be... I just logged on after a bit of time off.. where did everybody go? Twitter? Facebook? The non-cyber world?

How are you, Steve? How's life treating you lately?
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