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steve defeo

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Feeling down in the dumps?!? Just because the reveals of the Sweet 16 Round of the +Chrysta Rae Scavenger Hunt are over? Don't flush your hopes down the drain.
Now we get to see all the wonderful albums from each individual shooter.
We also get to see the awards given by the judges.
Then we get to sign up for the next round, and start the festivities all over again.
This is my album in its entirety. All except one image was "found" as opposed to conceived and created. If you can guess which one, there is a gold star in it for you.
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Wonderful album!
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steve defeo

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Day 9 of the +Chrysta Rae Scavenger Hunt. 
I can't believe the last album is tomorrow. 
But, today, you can head over and check out all the different takes on the word "Violet." 
This is my shot of the Empire State Building... and the violet reflection that resulted from the Red, White and Blue 9-11 memorial lights. 
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steve defeo

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It is day 7 of the reveals for +Chrysta Rae 's scavenger hunt. 
This image is mine, of the Washington Monument, taken during my summer trip to D.C.
Head on over to the album. You'll be amazed. You may just $h1t a brick!
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steve defeo

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30 Rock. From a recent trip to NYC. This was the color I saw just looking up as the sun was setting and the lights coming on. 
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+steve defeo not harsh at all. No apologies necessary. Just had the wrong guy. Hope you had a great stay. Let us locals know when you visit again.
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steve defeo

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So proud to have been given honorable mention on this image by +Alan Shapiro and +Rasa G-V .
This was such an unexpected shot. Wandering about my in-laws' house looking for cobwebs... and then happened to look under some palmettos and saw this twisted web with a little jade jewel in the middle.. 
Broke out the 100mm Macro... and spent about 20 minutes trying to work the perfect angle.
Some of my favorite shots are the ones that are simple, graphically... even a spider hater (my wife) appreciates the lines and color... 

#spider #spiderweb 
Photo by Steve Defeo - Honourable Mention voted by Alan Shapiro AND Rasa G-V
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Super shot, +steve defeo 
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steve defeo

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Because, what else would brothers be doing in a swimming pool?
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Like father like son! :-((
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steve defeo

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A happy/sad day when the final album is revealed in the +Chrysta Rae Scavenger Hunt. 
Day 10. STRIPES.

I found this bird poo and cigarette butt covered rocking chair next to a store in beautiful downtown Beaufort, SC. 
You better get over to the whole album and enjoy the work. All that's left is the announcement of winners.
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steve defeo

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Day 8? Day 8?!? SHOCKING!?!?
Its the +Chrysta Rae scavenger hunt reveals. You need to see this album.
My image is of the lights from Ground Zero in NY. This shot was taken on 9-11, and I hope it shows how powerful, electrically as well as emotionally, this tribute is. 
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steve defeo

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It is another reveal day in the +Chrysta Rae Scavenger Hunt.
Today's theme was "Fish."
My image is of Shrimp boats near St Helena Island, SC. 
This is the dock (I've been told) where the filming for Forest Gump was done. 
Come on over to the album and check out some of the other amazing work.
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steve defeo

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It is DAY ONE in the reveals of the +Chrysta Rae Scavenger Hunt, Sweet 16 edition.
The word is "Plumber."
This is me, and it wasn't easy getting in the bowl...
Check out the whole album!
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steve defeo

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There is still room to join the 16th +Chrysta Rae Scavenger Hunt. Come on. Get involved in this amazing community.
DO NOT POST here... Go to the Original post to sign up... only the first 500 get in... We hit 300 in 3 minutes... but there is still room!
for the +Chrysta Rae Photography Scavenger Hunt!

Don't know what that is?
It's an amazing game that has turned into so much more.
If you love photography, and you have a camera,

Simply type "I'M IN" in the comments below and the first 500 people to sign up will be entered.

After sign ups I will be giving you an item list -
10 simple things to take pictures of.
It's up to you to make your picture stand out!!
It's so much fun!!
I give you a few weeks to get the shots done.

You do NOT *need to be a professional shooter. 
You do NOT need a fancy camera.
You do NOT need to feel any hesitation on your skill level,
as this group of Scavengers is one of the most supportive groups of people around.
This is just FOR FUN.
It's me getting you to use your camera in ways you might not do otherwise,
It's to push yourself to try new things, learn new techniques, join a group of like-minded people who will encourage you and teach you sooo much!
Basically I'm giving you a fun excuse to take pictures you wouldn't have otherwise - for example, last round I got to pour yellow paint over a friend's head!! 

During the course of the month, you will make friends,
You will have support and be encouraged and be a part of the best community on G+. You WILL be welcomed and surrounded by wonderful people who WANT you to watch you succeed and surprise yourself!!

SO, if that sounds like something you'd like to be a part of...
All you have to do is type two simple little words, "*I'M IN "
And you will be registered.

IF YOU ARE SIGNING UP SOMEONE AS A PROXY (if someone has asked you to sign them up) do so on different comments.

I will only enter ONE PERSON per comment, if there are more than one on a single comment, only the first person will be entered. 
(This is the only way I can keep track of the 500 spots.)

PLEASE DO NOT comment on this post unless it is to sign up. Any stray comments will be deleted.

PLEASE DO NOT sign up unless you actually want to participate, not just because you see everyone else doing it.

I can't wait to play with you!!!!

And with that - (like any of you even read this) - let the registration BEGIN!! bounces around room

(This image below was shots from the "LADYBUG" category from the last round. PHOTOS BY: +Ursula Klepper, +Laurie Clouthier, +Søren Schaffstein, +Eleanor Preger, +Andrea Martinez, +Wendy Chase, +Bryan Finster, +Bethany DiTecco, and +Mark Rodriguez)
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steve defeo

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The 15th Round of the +Chrysta Rae Scavenger Hunt is over... well... the album reveals are over. I will patiently await my record 10 1st place awards... #huntsmack
This is my album. I again managed a full 10 images... A couple are personal favorites, and a few are not my best work. But I like this album as a whole.

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Fantastic album 
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