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Pop the Top again ...

Only a few years ago, that would have usually meant ... another beer. :)
(I still drink a low carb beer once or twice a year)

Now it most likely means... it's time for a new jar of Coconut Oil!!! Woo HOo! :)

Note: I eat coconut oil ... every damn day. I also eat a lot of saturated fats from 'meat'. Here's a post on why it's healthy.

I eat it with a spoon, I add it to coffee...and I add it to foods after cooking. You can cook with it too of course.

It's also great for your skin as a moisturizer and for scrapes and cuts..

You can go on believing the failed dietary policy of the +Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and +American Diabetes Association (low fat, grain based, high carb)

.... or you can start THRIVING!!! ...and not just surviving.
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I have bought this brand, but Trader Joes has one for $5.99. Granted its smaller, but 2 is about the same size
+Denise Morgan Kalicki I usually pay about $23 (includes tax) at the grocery ... how much do you normally pay delivered from Amazon? ...and thanks for the comment. :)
I've been buying a different brand from my local health food store. Seems to work OK and I do like supporting this particular local business.
+Zack Passman cool! I'd be interested in details, brand and jar size, etc. Cost is why I don't cook with it or usually do not. I don't want to leave any on the skillet. :))
Hmmm. I get Dr. Bronner's brand at my local co-op. 14 oz. glass jar for $7.99 ... just ate a spoonful. ;)
great post. I like Nutiva a lot but I buy 1-5 gallons when Tropical traditions has sales - if you aren't signed up for their notices, do it.
Love the Nutiva Organic Coconut oil. I regularly eat it straight from the container. Yummy stuff.
mix it with unsweetened cocoa and freeze in ice cube trays.
I get the same brand in the supermarket. But am thinking of bringing some across from the US to Canada when we go down there later this summer. Cheaper for better stuff. Must check with customs first to make sure they would not seize it, especially as I would be buying a 5 gal drum of it.
More info! It's actually Trader Joe's own brand. It's organic extra virgin coconut oil and I didn't taste any difference between that and the Nutiva. It's 5.99 for I believe a 1lb jar