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Two New Personal Records in 45 lb Kettlebell Swings!... AGAIN! :)

First, KB Swings before my first break, 152!! ... I blew past my previous high of 140 swings.

Second, Maximum Kettlebell Swings in 15 mins. 412!!! beating my previous best of 405 swings.

In case you do not know ... I am a formerly obese, drug and insulin dependent diabetic... who is now drug and insulin free... with normal blood sugar.

This post sums up how I have been eating for the past 37 days.

Here is a previous kettlebell post.

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WOOOOOO!!!! I finally got 50 in my first go on Friday. You're still over 100 more than me!!! You're an animal!
+Zack Passman thank you Zack.... re: Animal ... flattery will get you everywhere. :)) You are making awesome'll catch me before you know. :)
*Note: I did have a few glasses of wine Saturday and I have had eggs twice in the last several days. I'll be adding things back off and on to see if they negatively impact my blood sugars and / or my gastro intenstinal system.

I'll periodically add wine back ... cause I like it. :))
You're doing SCIENCE!

And a little wine is good for the soul (and arteries. and brain, and digestion...)
Yes, I'd seen that post in my own researched.

I used to be a beer drinker (and something of a microbrew fan) as well as brewing my own mead and hard cider. All that's had to go, though I'll still brew mead from time to time as gifts for friends. Even a dry mead is more carbs than I need, even if it is made from raw unfiltered honey. I'll probably have a beer on my birthday or July 4... But those are exceptions.

I do like a glass of a nice dry wine with dinner though. I've always thought it helps with digestion. I've cut back to one or at most 2 (small) glasses.

I might try giving up wine for a couple of weeks and see if that has any effect on my fasting blood glucose (cos this morning high thing is getting old -- and it spoils my beautiful graphs!)

Isn't being a Science Experiment fun?
alcohol was one of the first things I let go when I started paleo 5 years ago. Even when I got off the wagon, I never really went back to booze of any kind. I'd have maybe 5 beers and a glass of wine in a year. (I was 25 when I first did that. Can you imagine???!!!)
HA!! Two factors helped. 1) I was bar tending nearly 80 hours a week at the time and I will not drink on the job, so that ate up most of my drinking time. 2) I had worked with a guy at a hardware store in college. He was totally incompetent, looked horrible, had full on dentures (that he would click on the roof of his mouth), smelled bad...etc. Thought he was in his mid to late 60s. Turns out he was like 45 at the time. Diagnosis: alcoholic.
+Zack Passman interesting. I probably would be an alcoholic myself ... but the memories of an alcohol father and grandfather always kept me from going over the edge.

Just as a mother and father who chain smoked ... kept me from ever seriously smoking. My mother died of lung cancer as well.
Ooo... that's rough. Especially when it's bad enough to keep you from doing it, you know it's not healthy and you try to change them but they don't want to. Hard to watch someone you care about do that to themselves.
+Zack Passman we all have challenges, I was 6 when my 'natural father' died, step father raised me... he's a good man. My grandfather passed when I was in my late teens... that was especially tough on my grandmother and mom. It is a shame the pain 'we' endure ... mostly avoidable

The grandmother was the same one that had T2 diabetes. She deserved much better from life.
I hear you. I just lost my first grandparent last year. He was a brilliant guy (both grandfathers are). But he gained weight before I was born and for the last 15 years or so was being watched as a pre-diabetic (at least... not sure if he was full on diabetic). He had suffered a minor stroke about 10 years before he passed which he mostly recovered from. He had high blood pressure and had a few stents. He had a near second stroke, but they caught it in time. Then without warning, he got really sick last year. He went into the hospital and they found he had late stage pancreatic cancer and "hundreds" of blood clots in his lungs. He died in hospice care at home 3 weeks after the diagnosis. And the more I read about this diet/lifestyle, the more I wish he and my grandmother (although she'll live another 20 years probably) would have adhered to it. Unfortunately, their diabetes doctor would never recommend it and being that I'm not a doctor, they tend to listen to him first.
+Zack Passman Indeed... so many need 'this'. My step father will not listen to me... he's on so many drugs and is very obese. sigh.