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Ollie's Missing ... since Monday night.

He 'darted' out the back door, circled the house and raced off into the woods .. and I have not seen him since.

I'm going to put up signs at the suggestion of +Karen Gale today. :)

I live about 10 miles west of Huntersville, NC and about 10 miles south of Denver, NC.
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hope you'll find him safe soon.
Good luck! I'm sure he'll be back right soon.
I hope you find him. Ooh check around your neighbourhood, and see if there are any female dogs on heat. He just might have become amorous. My dog did that to me a lot!
+Haleh Brooks thank you... and I am sure that's why he ran off. It is the season. I'm going to walk 'the hood' again today. :)
Good luck, if he's not fixed get him fixed and it probably won't happen again.
I hope you find him soon. I used to have a dog who went missing but she came back within a few days.
Best of luck. If I lived closer I'd come help you look.
Awwweee Steve........... sorry to hear this. I am just south of Huntersville (North Charlotte) and I will keep a look out and alert. If you make a sign on the computer, send me a copy so I can tack some up around here.
I'm so sorry! I hope you find him soon!
:( I hope you find him soon!
Oh dear, all thoughts to you and Ollie! I hope his hunger will help him find his way home soon! Take Care!
I saw this post on +The G+ DogPark and was really just going to ignore it because I figured it was way off in some remote corner of the earth... but something compelled me to read on and I realize you're just about in my n'hood!!! I will definitely keep an eye out for him!!! I'll share, too... Ollie come home!!!
Hope you find him....I'll share with other folks who live near that area
Thank you all for the kind comments. They are each appreciated. :)
Big hugs, stay strong! My mom's cat used to take off like that for a little vacation from the family every spring, but he always came back.
Hope this is not a long wait for you.
Hi Steve, leave some food outside on the porch, he might have gotten a whiff of a female and went looking, not unusual to seem them run off for a few days. Odds are he knows the way home. Good luck
Oh no! Best of luck to you! When this has happened to me in the past, I made sure word got out to everyone, everywhere. Signs in residential areas, even knocking on doors and personally handing them fliers works a bit signs in nearby stores. In nearby churches. That's what I did at least, and it worked. Made my fliers rather neon orange too...eye-catching.
here boy (prayer for ollie)
I'm so sorry about that, he is a pretty good looking dog! Hopefully you can find!
i'm not physic but he seems like a pretty faithful dog and i bet he loves you just as much as you love him, he'll come home soon he just wanted some adventure. :)
Sincerely, thank you all for your support and encouragement. :)