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My primal gym last night... white tails were prancing. (In the 2nd pic, there is a deer on both sides of the tire.)

I arrived at the park just as it was getting dark.

I was about to get started with the sprints when... Arya pointed out the deer.

I sat there with Arya for 10 minutes or more as the deer slowly approached us. They obviously saw us... but slowly approached. This caused me concern for their long term survival... but after coming within maybe 30 yards they finally were spooked and darted off back into the wood. Their white tails were prancing into the darkness.

Arya and I began sprinting... the ground was soaked from the rain and we both delighted in running through the puddles.

After several I stopped and realized that I've never felt so in tune with my body. I ran, walked and moved... like a human. Stripped of as much of the neolithic baggage as I could muster on this night. My thoughts were only on "feeling" the moment.
My Primal REFUEL!!! 

Whiting, bacon fried together... mmmm seasoned with Peppercorn Medley and Sea Salt.   

All on a bed of raw, wild... local dandelion leaves. 

#Diabetes  Friendly :)   #Raw   #Wild   #Whiting  
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After the day I had yesterday, I sought out the salad bar and just went face-down in it, sans all the toxic dressing. This puts me in the mood to go fishing, though, and collecting fresh water mussels.
Diabetics with liver disease say, "my doctor said I can't go low carb  because it will harm my liver". 

Here is more evidence showing that is wrong and harmful advice. 

Elevated blood sugars are toxic to all cells in the body, which includes all the organs. 

"carbohydrate intake to less than 20 grams a day."  ... sounds like me. :) 
#NAFLD   #LiverDisease   #Diabetes
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+Sharon Hainer cool. I go there daily.  
My Primal Dinner!  ... chuck steak and WILD greens. 
Greens were fried in 'steak juice' and both were smothered in coconut oil.

#Diabetes   #Heart  and TasteBud Friendly :) 
Good MORNING... it's a great day to be ALIVE! 

and even better day ... TO THRIVE!!! 

Won't you come JOIN ME ... in the 70's?!? :) 

MY blood sugar targets.. and why.

My ebook: How to reduce Blood Sugars

#Diabetes #BGnow

steve cooksey

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If this is a shock to you... you need to read more. :) 

"...products contain additives that the FDA has found to pose dangers."

I eat primarily 'real', low carb foods... 

"... companies regularly introduce new additives without ever informing the FDA."

Sorry to say but FDA approval means nothing to me. 

"And even ingredients the agency has agreed are GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) are now drawing scrutiny "

Yep.  Just eat real foods... pasta, breads, cakes, cookies... and packaged, chemically laden 'products' are NOT real foods.
In recent decades, the number of food additives has skyrocketed from about 800 to more than 10,000. A legal loophole in food safety law means companies can add them to foods with no government review.
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"The villagers appear to have the highest levels of bacterial diversity ever reported in a human group, the researchers found."

via +Reagen Desilets  :) 

#Gut   #GutHealth   #Bacteria  Does the body good. :) 
A medical checkup of people living in remote villages deep in the Amazon rainforest in Venezuela has uncovered striking details about these villagers' microbiomes, the bacteria living on and in their bodies, a new study finds.
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Yeah... I had to brag about this!!!   BOOM!  :) 

I think I'll go do 100 push ups, squats and sit ups to celebrate. 

NO this is NOT hypoglycemic or low blood sugar levels. :) 

My Blood Sugar Targets and why...
Time flies when you are having PHUN!!! 

Did I really write this post 5 years ago? ... yep. :) 
Get the ones with 'just' salt and pork... I do. 

They are truly #diabetes friendly. :)
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Great post and quite prescient for half decade ago! 

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FASCINATING! ... tool making is pushed by 700k + years in this discovery, about 3.3 million years ago!
Researchers unearth simple cutting stones dated to 3.3 million years ago—before the genus Homo arose
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My latest addition to my 'wild edible plant' menu.  :) 

These are everywhere... and since they are ribbed and look kind of like a broad leaf plantain (plantago major) ... I decided to research. 

Sure enough... SCORE!! :) 

#Wild  #edible #Local #Wild
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Type 2 Diabetic ... THRIVING, not JUST surviving.
My Daily Goal: Motivate, Educate and Entertain. 

I am a Diabetes Warrior, who is "THRIVING... not just surviving", utilizing a primal lifestyle.

I am into body weight exercising and I am a barefoot runner. 

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Thriving with Diabetes... not 'just' surviving.

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