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Pork rib meat and ribeye... so good!

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steve cooksey

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So... what's it going to be? 

Are you going to make PROGRESS... or make excuses??? 

I choose... PROGRESS!!! 
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I did escape outside for a brief period... felt the sun on my face. 

This is the first sunny day we've had in several days... felt GOOD! 

#SunDay is a good day. :) 
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+Shells Bells thank you my friend :)

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Thanks +Scott Fisher!
"In Western Tanzania tribes of wandering foragers called Hadza eat a diet of roots, berries, and game. According to a new study, their guts are home to a microbial community unlike anything that’s been seen before in a modern human population — providing, perhaps, a snapshot of what the human gut microbiome looked like before our ancestors figured out how to farm about 12,000 years ago."
It turns out that the gut microbes of hunter gatherers in Western Tanzania may provide a snapshot of what the human gut microbiome looked like before our ancestors figured out how to farm about 12,000 years ago:
Latest post ... I seek avenues to convince people that there is … a better way.

Read this post ... poorly controlled diabetics, if they can even get life insurance will pay much more than I would have to pay. 

Insurance companies spend MUCH time, effort and money to make sure they do not lose money...
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First heavy workout of the week. .. chest day.

Are you suppose to add those metal disks? ??
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Nah. Rubber bumpers will do. 
A summary and a few posts on how I successfully self treat my diabetes.

1) Food Consumption - Coconut Oil, Butter, fatty meats, leafy green veggies... and the occasional fermented dairy, nuts and berries. Fruits are rare and low carb such as avocado, berries, tomato... and olives. 
I suggest sub 30g ... and lower. I typically consume 10-15g of carbs per day.

2) Intense Exercise at least every other day including weight resistance, running (sprints if possible) and walking.

#Diabetes #LowCarb 
... I'd listen to Batman ... if I were you.

Diabetes 'Dis-Educators' .... just like with nutritionists and dietitians... there are a few 'good ones'.

#Diabetes   #diabeteseducators   #AADE  
Hotel Food!  ...  I'm sure it's not Paleo... my BG meter will tell me if there is hidden shugah.  

I'm in a hotel ... working on 'homework' for the lawsuit against the state of North Carolina  and the lackeys of Big Food, otherwise known as the NC Board of Dietetics and Nutrition. 

The case is heating up!    Don't know what I'm talking about? Here is an excellent overview by +Lou Schuler  of Men's Health.

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And HFCS or just CS. Hillshire Farm commercials make me laugh. I wouldn't eat their products if you paid me to. Then again, they probably get paid by Big Pharma to put all that crap in the meat.

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Somewhere along the way.... physicians lost their bearings. 

In my opinion, much is laid at the feet of the AMA, Big Food and Big Pharma.
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+Gail Janicola you are most welcome. 

We must educate ourselves... the medical industry is being educated by drug salesmen ... who are being educated by Big Food and Big Pharma tainted studies. :( 
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