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I was just thinking about him, thanks for posting this ^^
The man was a freaking genius.
Great, Perfect, Awsome well put dude!
We need this guy more than ever.
I'd be worried if it was new, because he's dead.
haha yeah certainly not new, the date on this is 1992...and he is dead..
This is actually one of my favorite bits from my favorite concert of his
Funny shit! Miss him always got a good laugh!
This man is my version of Jesus. Tellin' it like it is.
Seven minutes and thirty-nine seconds of my life that wasn't wasted.
I love Carlin. Also way to make it to the Hot List :)
Who is this guy,
after watching this video I am his Fan
He was terrific.....could make fun of some of our WORST problems....and be very funny doing it!
His views are a little off to me but his message is right in a way. If the big industries didn't constantly pump out all the toxins to make garbage that we don't need the planet would be better.
Carlin should be World Guru and teach us all to take life less seriously. After all, no one gets out alive.
Michael you got that right, those who speak the truth get taken out before their time. There are more vids of Carlin exposing the truth and now he is dead... Despite of his over use of profanity he did everyone a service.
Laughed uncontrollably. So well scripted and presented. Brilliant timing. And so true. I've always said that it's too late and too difficult to save the planet. That's not what we do, we find a nice place to mess up and then move on somewhere else and mess that up. We've done America, Australia and Asia. Were nearly through with the poles. Now's the time to start building those rockets again. Mars looks nice.......
Plant some trees! And pray to Gaia to save you...
George Carlin is hilarious! I love 'You are all diseased'
Haha! Awesome. Forgot about this bit. Environmentalists always baffled me growing up. They still do. Thanks George, we miss you.
I sure do miss George Carlin's take on so many things!!!
I miss him so much. One of the few times in history that death made a mistake taking him.
This guy is good. Honest and passionate. it's about time someone said it like it is, and who better than Georeg Carlin.
ya earth day!!...............whats the holiday again??
George Carlin the Great.

RIP brilliant man.
If we all eat fruits, vegetables, nuts and beans like we're supposed to, that is taking care of ourselves.
recycling aluminum cans will not help, we need to go after corporations like BP, a lot of dolphins died in the Gulf of Mexico recently because of BP. recycling aluminum cans will not make BP change its ways.
Recycle all you want its a stupid process. The materials we recycle shouldnt be used to start with. Start with smarter products.
jason the reason man made (better than natural ) materials are used are two fold to provide relief for the natural products that cannot supply the entire planets needs, man made materials last longer and are stronger.
George Carlin was a brilliant man, but he unfortunately wasn't all that well informed in regards to environmental sciences. The earth will of course be here after we as a species die out, but global warming and climate change are real threats we've made potentially deadly.
he's an idiot. he calls others self-righteous, but he's the self-righteous one.
Hi, Stephanie, very good posting
love him honest guy makes you think... world went to shit the ppl in it that is
Still miss this guy. Always one of my favorite comedians.
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