5 Ways Google Plus has Changed my Life
I am a huge advocate of Google Plus and I see red when people call it a ghost town.  The reason is that I don’t want newcomers to be discouraged from checking us out and therefore missing out on making new friends from all corners of the world. Once I was in a hangout where the only time zone not represented was Australia!  
I have been here every day since June 29, 2011 and have learned something every day.  This is literally my one stop social network. I have never even registered for Pinterest, because that  is how loyal I am. I still have Facebook for family and friends that won’t come over but when they do I will delete my account there. I still have a Twitter account as well but have not signed in for three months. I have nothing against marketing and that is an important part of any social network but posts should also generate conversation, It is almost impossible to generate real conversation there especially with the 140 character limit. I find that really frustrating. And they don’t have Hangouts which are the best feature I have ever seen on a social network and will be a huge draw in the future. You can even play poker in them now with the help of apps.
Wanamaker’s Top 5 List
5. I have enjoyed meeting so many people with common interests like movie and music. I honestly prefer my friends here to my friends in real life who really aren’t into technology as much as they are into hockey.
4. Hashtags are an easy way to make your posts searchable and have fun trending topics. I would never met so many cool redheads without #gingerthursday
3. I no longer have to watch CNN or read the papers- all breaking news is delivered here instantaneously
2 I have gotten 2 paying freelance jobs just through Google Plus connections.
1.I have always wanted to visit California but couldn’t afford to stay in a hotel  for more than a weekend  but within a week of hanging out with my core group of friends I was invited to stay with one as they had a spare bedroom and that way I could see the sights of Los Angeles Trip of a lifetime!  You can’t get that level of closeness on any other social network  and I am looking forward to more  Hirl’s  (Hangout in Real Life) in the future.  There is one happening almost every month.!
Congratulations Google Plus on a successful Beta launch and I predict that you will be the #1 social network within  two years!
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Great list / experience... but you forgot:

6. Tim Wechy :-) 
boo Jay
I still tire of hearing people saying there's no activity on here as well. If you don't use it, of course there's not going to be any content. FB and Twitter seem dead to me too, but that's because I barely use them.

And because they suck.
I for one am very happy you're on Google+ +steph wanamaker, you're one of the good ones. Great post.  
You eloquently shared some of the best things about our great social network. Thanks for another insightful post +steph wanamaker 
+steph wanamaker

Best post about Google plus I've seen in awhile !

I'm totally with you on this one. I love Google plus.

I didn't know you could find paying freelance jobs. That's cool.

If you ever have too many send one my way. :) 
You were one of my first circles and continue to be one of my favorites. I wouldn't have found a lot of people here if it weren't for you :)
Clearly, you are mixing in the wrong circles, Steph. :)

Hangouts without Australians are like coffee without crema. 
+steph wanamaker

You gave me my love for hangouts ! Keep up the great work ! I wish I had half your dedication ! 
I'm glad to see things like this posted +steph wanamaker , having long tried to get fb folks to try g+. I saw several responses today to that ghost town image and have thought about it today--my experience on Twitter fb and here. Within a month on Twitter I was taken up by the entire cast of West Wing and by extension many journalists humanists and activists whose streams are (as you say above) better than a magazine. On election night i had breaking news before news shows had it. I have real conversation with those folks --rare on g+ .
With a few exceptions that is my impression of g+. And I'm a fan.
I believe there is a polarity g+ cannot resolve. High tech brilliant cool geek country will not be comfortable for the general populace. I'm smart and have given it sustained effort and feel more at home on Twitter and fb and would readily find and provide a room for the night on either of those sites.
I was thinking that cool and comfortable /welcoming are hard to mix but twitter does it.
My experience is that one misstep here is fatal, almost like what I hear about academia from my patients...perform elegantly and consistently and that allows you to tread water and receive occasional acknowledgment of your existence.
There are warm people and it generally is more of an intellectual tech cool hipster world.
I get tired of the passionate touchy feely mystical hippy tones of my fb community and the difference between that and here is the difference between walking into a chess club meeting and the warmth of a living room with puppies and music and foolish things and no need to do anything but relax and chime in or not and be welcomed harassed and related to.
That's true. I love it here. I just love the way you interact with everyone. I still need to improve my interaction and posting. 
+Euro Maestro main mistake people make is staying on their own posts its important for  the network for everyone to mingle think of a party where  everyone stays in  their own little groups  and dont mix  no  fun is had  
+Lynn Keller

Interesting. I agree with you that I find twitter much better for breaking news and event coverage. I do getter better conversations on Google plus though. Maybe I'm not using twitter correctly. 
+Dede Craig King thanks but can still get better.

Great analogy +steph wanamaker

I get so excited and hopeful by Google plus yet at other times I have to admit I get a little down. You do a much better job of always being positive. 
I love GooglePlus & I both look forward and fear the day when it is the #1 social network   There's a lot wrong with twitter and facebook, instagram & pinterest, mySpace & LinkedIn that I enjoy getting away from when I come here - I don't know if I want to mix real life with this dream world ;)
It is certainly no ghost town for me +steph wanamaker It is just very common to be going back and forth with people on topics every day.  All it takes is time and engagement.  I am totally with you on G+.  Good People and Good Place.
I have no FB account. This is my first venture into social networking and I must say I've been pleasantly surprised. I'm impressed with the quality of commentary posted and also with the quality of news feeds available. I find myself getting more news and other info from G+ and watching less news. I guess it's a question of quality over quantity. If you want more quantity...but less useful info stick with FB.  
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