heads up! the slider setting for Whats Hot in the explore section was set back to default so if you dont want those posts flooding your stream  go and reset the slider  thanks for bringing that to my attention +Lori Friedrich 
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I was wondering what the hell was going on with my stream this morning....

Thanks for the heads up +steph wanamaker 
Thanks for the heads up. You saved me from some inevitable frustration.
Oh, I also want to approve of your new cover photo.
Hey guys - I'm on the Google+ team - this was a temporary bug that should be fixed shortly. Your slider settings didn't actually change behind the scenes, but the slider made it look like they went back to the default. We're fixing the slider to make it reflect reality again. :)

Sorry for the trouble, and thanks for the report!
Wait, so it wasn't you but our perception of you ?
William - all us, but the glasses we gave you weren't at the correct prescription. :)
This should be fixed for everyone now.
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