United we stand, United they fail.
As I sit delayed in Houston, Texas courtesy of United airlines I wonder, why do they, and truly every airline have such a total trainwreck of customer experience? I have travelled an almost silly amount, particularly over the last five years, but I'm pretty​ much over it.

Overly complicated processes, systems between airlines that don't work or communicate, endless queues even at 5am, pissed off staff, making customers repeat and write out the same info again and again, no support when needed. Air travel is god.damn.awful. That makes it an opportunity to improve, yet none do.

Admittedly I know this is first world problems but what's at fault? Let's start with overpaid executives clearly not doing their jobs, driving totally out of touch marketing. You won't see their CEO's in economy, or ever making any accurate reflective marketing. It's cookie cutter stock photography crap with very little effort.

Bloomberg does a great analysis of just what's gone wrong, especially with United. Just wish all airlines would add some black box thinking to their 'experience'.
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