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Stephen Scott
Marketing geekboy, child of the 70's & 80's. Always growing older, never growing up.
Marketing geekboy, child of the 70's & 80's. Always growing older, never growing up.

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And suddenly I want a fish tank

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I've made some big claims in my life, but I'mma gonna take it to a new level ... THIS IS THE FUNNIEST 1:55 EVER CREATED.

Think about it ...
This caller exists (and he votes) (ergo Donald Trump exists)
This program exists, and allows these freaks to voice their bizarre, insane mutterings
This host listens (or does he?) with a straight face
The team at John Oliver Last Week Tonight came up with this inspired interpretation of what goes on in the hosts head.

I almost passed out laughing. Genius. Utter genius.

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What if Donald Trump WAS President? Would all the "we have to save the President" movies be the same?

Oh, and I made this :) If you like it, please share!

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All those singing and piano lessons paid off.

Sit, Ubu, sit. Good dog. 

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If you can get past the first 17 seconds without dying from hysterical laughter, I will give you a hundred million GAZILLION Dollars.

Thanks to Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show "Do not play" list.

I still hurt. 

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Shakespeare, Tolstoy, Dickens - amateurs. 

Cameron (Alex) is the man who knows how to write a Pulitzer-Turing-Man Booker-Tewaaraton-Neustadt-Abel Bliss-Nobel prize-winning opus of literary gold. 

Sniff it and weep.

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More of this in the media please. 

Apple TV update for +YouTube changes "Watch Later" from a playlist to individual clips. I prefer the former. Anyone prefer the new format?

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This is another experiment for me. Editing an interview to place onto a music bed to create a "song". It's stupid and awful, but gave me a grin seeing it up on SoundCloud. :)

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Thank goodness they didn't use kittens. The internet would've exploded.
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