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today at ces, tom hanks and yahoo are set to announce that the animated series 'electric city' will premiere online in the spring.
would you watch the show? with each episode reported to be 3-4 minutes long, i'll have to at least give it a shot.

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what was the weirdest science story of 2011? among the nominees listed, 'aflockalypse' and zombie ants might get my vote.

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a feel-good nightcap: the new marcel the shell video, which i'm sure everyone has already seen.
treats n snoozin // snoozin n treats

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Welcome everyone! Beginning now, we'll be sharing the biggest stories as they happen, 24 hours a day, from hundreds of news and eyewitness sources across the globe. We're the same editors who bring you @breakingnews on Twitter and Facebook, as well as and three mobile apps.

If you see an eyewitness report posted from a breaking news story here on Google+, please tip us by adding a comment with +Breaking News. We'll also be keeping an eye on the #breakingnews hashtag. We'll share the best reports as we discover them.

And if you're a news organization getting started with a branded page, please let us know so we can add you to our circles!

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i've been collecting reactions to steve jobs' death for breaking news tonight. political opinions aside, this quote rang true to me. //

'There may be no greater tribute to Steve's success than the fact that much of the world learned of his passing on a device he invented.' - President Obama

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Reports of looting, fires and disorder continue in London and other UK cities for a fourth night. We're curating photos, videos and real-time updates at

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Headlines That Write Themselves Dep't.

(Real issue: "This is a case where the landlord alleges that it's not the tenant's primary residence," said Robert Goldstein, an attorney representing the firm that owns the building.)

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+Breaking News is now +Cory Bergman
I'll continue to share some breaking updates here, but for more, you can follow this account as we wait for Google+ to launch business profiles.
Thanks all for following as we sort this out!
Renaming +Breaking News: Hi everyone, +Breaking News joined Google+ hours after the trial opened up, becoming the first news brand on the social service to join (after Mashable.) Similar to our @breakingnews Twitter account and, we curated breaking news stories and eyewitness accounts around the world. We were encouraged when so many people added +Breaking News to their circles.

When Google began removing branded accounts, we asked them how we could continue providing a news curation service here until the business accounts are ready to launch. For now I've renamed +Breaking News to my own name, +Cory Bergman similar to what Mashable has done with +Pete Cashmore. I'll continue curating breaking news stories, photos and videos, and I'll invite your help finding and sharing the best G+ sources on developing stories. You'll also see some personal observations about social media and journalism along the way.

As for my "old" personal account, I'm planning to wind it down for now. You can also follow co-workers +stephanie clary and +Lauren McCullough from the Breaking News team. Thanks everyone for your support, and please don't hesitate to let me know your questions, ideas and feedback!

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Police begin releasing names of Norway massacre victims.@TorontoStar is also reporting names of victims identified by Norwegian media as well as those listed as missing.
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