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Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II
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Regarding our release of "The Holiest Thing" there was a power outage and it presented us with some issues. We are evaluating the edit and making some tough decisions so that we release an episode that is of the highest quality and when we have a realistic consensus on a release date we will share it. I do not want to put the episode out until it is the best it can be! We are also in the process of moving in to a new studio so our resources are a bit strained right now, We ask that you be patient and know that we do care about all of our fans very much! We are growing and evolving! Phase II has always set a high bar, now we re pushing ourselves to set that bar even higher! We will have even more info to share in a few days. My Sincere thanks for all your support.

James Cawley
Exec. Producer
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Go there and vote for Star Trek New Voyages/Phase II
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Voted for phase 2. But was torn between phase two and renegade. It was hard but phase two is the best. Can't wait to see the next episode
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Attention all aspiring filmmakers and Star Trek fans! 

Do you want to be a part of this fan experience and help us make new episodes of our favorite starship crew? Apply today for our June shoot (June 20th-June 30th) in Ticonderoga, NY! 

Contact us at to obtain a volunteer application. The Senior Line Producer will get back to you!
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where are at where do the enterprise live at
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Come aboard the starship Enterprise for the next adventure, This Friday "The Holiest Thing" debuts written by Rick Chambers and Directed by Daren Dochterman
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Set course with Captain Kirk and Dr. Marcus for "The Holiest Thing" - Feb 14
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Guys, I know I've been fanboying all over your FB and G+ pages since Sunday morning, but I really can't stress this enough:

You and +Official Star Trek Continues  are causing something to happen that has not happened to me in forty years:

I'm looking forward to my favorite show next week.

Seriously, it's been forty years.  That was TAS, when I was eight years old.  Oh, TNG is excellent and so are about half of the movies.  TNG was not my favorite show:  that was TOS.  And the movies weren't the same as flipping the channel every week and watching your heroes do something new.

I never expected to look forward to my favorite show again.  This week, I'm eight again, thanks to you.

Thank you so much.
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Have them in circles
2,199 people
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I wish Phase II (Cawley) would do this one live action.
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Guys we regret to inform you that the release of "The Holiest Thing" is being delayed due to issues beyond our control... More details to follow - Star Trek: Phase II Production Staff
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Uhhh, why do I get an error when trying to visit the main website? Is it down?
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Tomorrow evening join STAR TREK PHASE II as we debut our latest adventure at 7p.m. EST ! Viewing links will be posted here exclusively!!!
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Sweet !
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"Captain, your orders are to release the "The Holiest Thing" on Friday February 14!" - STAR TREK:PHASE II!
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STAR TREK:PHASE II - "The Holiest Thing" debuts Feb.14, 2014!
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Watching in Cardiff!
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Kirk's Original Five Year Mission Continues
Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II is an award-winning independent webseries that produces new episodes of Classic Star Trek. Continuing the fourth and fifth seasons of the original series, we film the untold stories of the U.S.S. Enterprise, Captain Kirk, and his crew with the intention of filling in the missing years of the original five year mission, and bridging the gap to Star Trek: The Motion Picture. We are a group of fans who have come together with a common love for the classic era Star Trek for the purpose of having fun while making new episodes. It is the goal of Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II to support and promote the CBS/Paramount Star Trek franchise by giving fans an active way to continue their interest in Classic Star Trek. 
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