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When the snow comes, what do you order?
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Extra Hot Peppermint Mocha!
Quad-venti-hazlenut-latte-with-two-splenda please!
I'm with Alex - peppermint mocha. (Um...any chance I can get that delivered?)
Over 70 degrees in central TX... lol still time for a grande Pike Place :)
Judee B
Had a Venti Apple Chai this afternoon. It's my fav!
Caramel Brulee Latte or White Peppermint Mocha
Soy Vanilla Lattes are the best!!
Anna G
best coffee ever and ever and ever , amen !
Venti americano, room for MILF love it
nao ai
extra hot latte!
Funnily enough, a tall pumpkin creme frappuchino XD
Great pic! My favorite winter snow-time drink is peppermint hot chocolate!
Caramel macchiato with extra foam any time it's cold
Salted Carmel hot chocolate. so soothing.
I get a half hot chocolate half coffee, one Splenda, three icecubes, from the local Sheetz. $3 for the same thing, I make it myself and save $2
Any size that has lots of coffee. Of course the larger the coffee the harder for me to reach the rim!
Soy milk caffè latte + a little bit of syrup :-) Always
Two of us get the nonfat, no whip mocha. One of us gets the chai tea latte. Most folks in our office just get a straight coffee :)
Trenta iced green tea. Sometimes with or without lemonade! Great any season. Could go for one now! When its cold out and I'm in the mood for a hot beverage I order a hot chocolate or peppermint mocha. Yum! I love Starbucks! 
Any thing that has peppermint or white chocolate, or both
yum that sounds good i am not sure
I Like ~^ ^~ where the environment is very good !! ^ . ^~
Salted Hot chocolate or my Zen tea... since I unfortunately can't have caffeine. I do love the Clover Sumatra and sometimes splurge on this one. It was my very favorite for years!
Hot Chocolate ( any type; mint, salted caramel, or a regular) YUM!
extra hot nonfat latte with a little bit of cinnamon sprinkled on top :)
Good old fashion almond flavoured coffee or a cafe mocha.
i order the salted carmel hot chocolate
nothing better than a 6 shot Americano
tall café mocha com duas doses de café, leite de soja, sem chantilly...
My 5 year old gets signature hot chocolate, but I still prefer my venti iced americano w/20 sugars, cream and whipped cream OR my venti mocha-coconut frappuccino(when I CAN get the coconut- otherwise just mocha frap) with whipped cream! :-D
definitely something from starbucks
No matter the weather - I order the same thing. A black tea lemonade unsweetened, light ice. YES even when it snows
ugh im in need of Starbucks grande Chocolatte chip frapp and Ventti Chai tea latte
I always have the same thing when I go into a Starbucks, Venti Triple White Mocha.
ki peimaajineer ke la maratr de 2enfan a di aux enfan de venir coucher avec elle car leur papa est vieu
Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate or Caramel Brulee Latte.
A Strawberries and Creme Frappucino with caramel sauce :)
also 76 here in Naples, Florida, and still great Hot Chocolate weather.
i get iced coffee a year long i dont care if its cold or not
We are over 70 degrees 3 days in a row, so no snow here... :)
Venti dark roast coffee <3 But I don't live near a Starbucks so I only get it occasionally :(
hot tea with cream sounds pretty good
i order a caramel hotchoclate
My favorite drink is a tall, bold cup of coffee with a maple scone (Great Gold Card program too!) MB Kucala, MBA
a nice warm apple chi and fusion yayayayayaya!
coffee ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. u know who else likes coffee! my mom ohhhhhh
I Order a coffee and i go Sleep! You wont to sleep on my side? You can Call me at my Handy number +04915208240678 I`m a single! And i`m so Hungry!!!
I Order A Frappachino (Very Horrible At Spelling It)
Anything warm and sweet for the mid-winter rush! :3
a large hot chocolate with cream and sprinkles on the top!!!!!!!
<<< get in side where all the FUN is....
I always love a cup of coffee anytime!!
Chai latte with extra whip. Too bad I'm in Ohio and we haven't gotten any good snow lol.
tall car. apple spice
grande very hot peppermint mocha latte with extra soy and and an oatmeal
Caffe' Mocha 1 tall plzzz.
Kai Que
of corse a bottle of...............
absolutely a hot starbucks coffee, hahaha
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