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We're hosting our first Google Hangout with Maroon 5!

Join the conversation: share your comments and questions for Adam and James below - you can also follow the hashtag #hanginwithMaroon5 on Twitter.

See you on Monday at 5 PM EST :)
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Anyone else misread that as "Morons" the first time?
ill do it for the coffee, ill do it for the music, ill do it for both <3
How about hangouts about coffee without the bands?
can you google some down to me....starbucks coffee that is and not maroon5(never heard of them)...but hang em out to dry......they may make good tapas.......
Might make it a date with the hubs! Haha we enjoy Maroon 5 :-)
What is your fav. drink or snack in STARBUCKS???
This is why i love G+, maroon5 and starbucks :D!
Questions for Adam and James:

1. When you walk into a +Starbucks Coffee what is your typical drink?

2. When asked for your name when ordering said drink, do you give your real name or an alias? (I use Batman... :D)
Question for Adam...Your tattoo "222" and also name of your label..what does it mean to you/Where did the inspiration come from?
Question for Adam and James...What do you think about the album's release Overexposed in Brazil ... Love you guys (:
Thanks for your questions, everyone!! See you later today at 5 PM EST :) 
im at a payphone trying to call home
how can we see the live stream i just see a picture
Maroon 5 - the best band ever! I love us. I come from Poland. We are waiting for you! :D Tomorrow will i buy your CD. I love "One more noght" and "Sun" and "Sunday morning". What is your favourite band Adam?
adds one more night pepopl
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