If you're using Facebook to promote and sell your products and services, there are some good Facebook storefront options in this article. Enjoy!
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I know I SHOULD use Facebook for my business but.. I just dislike them so much.. it feels like taking out an ad in some magazine whose politics you hate..
I'm not a Facebook fan either, but will say that for small businesses it's becoming more and more of an imperative. So many people use FB in their personal lives and allow brands into that stream. I don't do that, but the average FB user does and it's an excellent tool for businesses.
I wonder, Tony, if LinkedIn might have a better audience for you. Their brand/business pages are quietly growing in popularity with the business community. Might be worth looking into...
Oh, gawd, I dislike Facebook but I absolutely DETEST LinkedIn!

And yes, I know how foolish that is. But I can't stand that place!
LOL!!! Wow, never heard such a strong reaction to LinkedIn before now.
Well, first of all I had two accounts there because I didn't pay close attention to the emails people were using when they added me. Can I merge those accounts? Noooo. that's impossible for the brillant jackasses at LinkedIn.

But also, the whole networking thing is just not me, especially with people I barely know. I could cheerfully recommend you and a very few other people there to someone but 99% of my contacts there are really mostly unknown to me - so I don't want any interaction with them!
Interesting perspective, Tony.

I rely on LinkedIn for my professional network (and only professional). It's useful to me for that purpose because I won't allow my professional network into my Facebook space. My rule with LinkedIn is that if I don't know you and haven't worked with you in a professional setting, we're not going to be connecting there. My Facebook (ugh! can't get away from it) is strictly for friends and family (work friends don't count, they're on my LinkedIn account).

This is why I love G+; with the circles I can easily separate work, personal and other into tidy little spaces, all in one place. Wish everyone was here.

Just as an FYI to duplicate account problem: I did see this on LinkedIn (you piqued my curiosity about the problem): http://help.linkedin.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1275.
"If you want to merge your accounts into one, we may be able to help you"

About time. But that "may" is idiotic. What's the procedure? Am I supposed to guess?

It's only marginally better than their former response of "Can't be done".

"May" be able to help you. And I "may" be able to tell people to stay clear of idiots who can't even be sure they can merge two accounts :)
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