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Community Overlays (Full Themes)  - 
My first full fledged theme - Contours Purple.
This is a full black background theme with purple & white elements. Most drawables have been heavily themed to lay emphasis on the outlines rather that the standard solid drawables in lollipop (hence the name).
Black bg has been consistently maintained across all themed stuff but the purple secondary color has been kept only for core system apps. Google apps have their own colors - just that it has been re-mapped from the default ones.
Stuff that have been themed in this first version are:
1) Calculator
2) Cell Broadcast Receiver - For some sub-setting menus
3) Contacts
4) Cyanogenmod settings - Only for devices that have a cyanogenmod settings sub-setting in their setting like the gestures setting menu in oneplus one.
5) Dialer - The phone dialer app
6) Android Framework
7) Phone - Some sub-settings in the dialer and the system settings. Also themes the emergency dialer - hey your device has gotta look awesome even when in an emergency ;) 
8) Play Music - Black theme with the default orange changed to a more darker shade.
9) Play Store -  Black theme with the default green changed to a more bluish shade.
10) Settings
11) SystemUI

Now credits:
1) +Jimmy Setiawan - I used his theme as the base for most of this. Although quite different from his themes, they were used as base to quicken my themeing process. So thanks jimmy for your awesome themes.
2) +Brian Gill - For his initial help in helping me identify some elements in play store resources and for his play music theme which I referred to for identifying some resources.

Now that the base is setup, I can look at having some color variants other than purple and look at themeing other apps - currently will be looking at gapps like google now, keyboard, inbox, gmail etc. Let me know if you have any suggestions/ notice any missing elements from being themed.


I am going to go get some sleep now, will check back on the comments in the morning :)
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Ok nicee thnks for explaination... 
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srivas venkatesh

Bug Reports  - 
+Brian Gill So here are some minute corrections that I observed in your latest play store version.

1) Image 1 - Main page action bar color left at default. Looks a little odd. The color resource for this is play_multi_*
2) Image 2 - What's new text in the what's new box is blue on blue. I think the What's new text gets the color from play_fg_secondary. So you might want to look into that.
3) Images 3 & 4 - Some drawables that you have forgotten to theme I guess resulting in contrast issues.
4) Images 5,6,7 - The background is still Black for me instead of your desired grey. I think this is because you only added hdpi drawables and my device is xhdpi?
5) Image 6 - The detailed permissions page footer is still white. You can get there by browsing to the bottom of app page and clicking "Permission Details". I believe the color is linked to detailed_permissions_footer_bg
6) Image 7 - When an app is disabled for auto-update and you use the update all button, this window pops up. The Skip button alone is a little weird in color. Not sure how to correct it though.

Hope the details help. Thanks for your effort man.
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+Patrick Loth Yeah I believe play_white is linked to a lot of stuff such as sidebar bg, description bg, button text color, rating text color etc.
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srivas venkatesh

Ask A Question?  - 
Guys, 1 question.
Supposing I want to package a screenshot with the overlay apk so that I can see the screenshot in the extended overlay info- Do i just have add a screenshot.png in drawables or do I also need to add a public.xml?

I tried just adding a screenshot.png in the drawables and it shows up in the extended overlay info but caused crashes in some activities of the app I was trying to theme (play store). On checking the logs I noticed it was because of some resource not found which I am guessing is due to some conflict in the idmap resource id mapping.

Will be helpful if any of you could confirm if adding public.xml will resolve it, or if not how do I go about it.
My understanding was if the public.xml wasn't included it'll dynamically map the resources and during runtime idmap will map the overlay resources to the main app resources and replace the same...Right? Which is why I am confused why this is happening.
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Oooo i dunno man
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srivas venkatesh

Shared publicly  - 
Definitely a snatch at $10.
A Lifetime Of Unlimited Mobile Backup From IDrive - Protect Your Digital Life With Unlimited Data Backup From Up To 5 Mobile Devices
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+Narender Tankasala This was the other one I was talking about yesterday. Looks like they have relisted the offer.
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srivas venkatesh

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VPN Unlimited: Safeguard Your Online Activity & Access Territory-Restricted Websites – Even Works On Your Mobile Devices
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Got it!
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srivas venkatesh

Shared publicly  - 
Amazon is giving away $220 worth of apps including Sonic The Hedgehog 2 and Wolfram Alpha.

Over 40 apps and games in total.

By +Gary Sims 
Amazon is giving away $220 worth of games and apps including Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Terraria, Tetris, Plex, Fleksy Keyboard and Wolfram|Alpha.
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srivas venkatesh

General Discussion  - 
Most of the time when I tried making overlays I ended up having to make small changes and rebooting to see the results. I felt this was a bit cumbersome. Do any of you have any better methods to go about this? If so please let me know.

Meanwhile if you have tasker and autoremote plugin I made a task to send it directly from pc, copy over the stuff, correct permissions and soft-reboot. Let me know if you find this useful and if you have any feedback on this.

My task is as follows:
Profile: Apply Layer (79)
Event: AutoRemote [ Configuration:<command> (case ins) ]
Enter: Layer Copy (80)
A1: Variable Set [ Name:%fpath To:%arfiles() Do Maths:Off Append:Off ] 
A2: Variable Split [ Name:%fpath Splitter:/ Delete Base:On ] 
A3: [X] Notify [ Title:%fpath7 Text: Icon:null Number:0 Permanent:Off Priority:3 ] 
A4: Remount [ Path:/system Writeable:On ] 
A5: Move [ From:%arfiles() To:/system/vendor/overlay/ Use Root:On ] 
A6: Run Shell [ Command:chmod 666 /system/vendor/overlay/%fpath7 Timeout (Seconds):0 Use Root:On Store Output In: Store Errors In: Store Result In: ] 
A7: Run Shell [ Command:chgrp root /system/vendor/overlay/%fpath7 Timeout (Seconds):0 Use Root:On Store Output In: Store Errors In: Store Result In: ] 
A8: Remount [ Path:/system Writeable:Off ] 
A9: Wait [ MS:0 Seconds:5 Minutes:0 Hours:0 Days:0 ] 
A10: Run Shell [ Command:killall system_server Timeout (Seconds):0 Use Root:On Store Output In: Store Errors In: Store Result In: ] 
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For me it worked like a charm with settings, systemui etc etc. Maybe its a bit wonky every now and then.
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srivas venkatesh

Community Overlays (Full Themes)  - 
So here goes Version 2 of my dark playstore theme.
A huge thanks to +Brian Gill for identifying the styles for the permissions box :)
Have themed the drawables for xhdpi devices only currently. Please try it and let me know if any change is required before I alter the drawables for other resolutions.

1) Updated XHDPI drawables.
2) All backgrounds and contrast issues corrected.
3) Apps and games have got the material teal instead of the default green ( I felt the green was crappy on a dark background)

Known issues:
1) Some icons will still be at default color of gray as I was unable to find those resources - stuff like play games icons, wallet icons - essentially icons that are coming from some other app most likely.

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+Di Lu Well Apps & Games are linked together so I don't think I'll be able to change that ( I guess the idealogy is games are apps too ).

Regarding the shades, I switched over from the default green as it looked too flashy so I won't be going to a brighter shade atleast for myself. I prefer dull shades. I can however easily make a patch to change it for others.

Some other colors that I was considering were:

Among those 3 I thought the teal looked good maybe followed by the purple. What do you think?
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srivas venkatesh

Ask A Question?  - 
I suppose this gets asked around a lot but I had a doubt on priorities which has just been intensified after reading both the info mentioned here and on sony developer website about RRO.

So my question is this supposing there are 2 overlays A and B operating on the same target. And let's say A & B have some common resources.
Let's say priority of A is 60 and priority of B is 55.

So from my understanding after reading the docs it seemed that for these common resources the values from B will be override the values from A (as B gets loaded after A) . Is my understanding correct?

I did try it out and I think it looks to be the other way round but wanted to confirm as I didn't look quite rigorously.

+Syko Pompos +Brian Gill +Jimmy Setiawan .
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+Syko Pompos hehe happens man..
Anyways could you or +Brian Gill confirm the case and update the docs for the benefit of others ? :)
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srivas venkatesh

Community Overlays (Full Themes)  - 
My attempt at a dark layer for play store. Let me know if you feel anything can be improved.
Known shortcomings:
1) The permissions box has a bit of a contrast issue - I couldn't find the corresponding color/style to correct this. Please let me know if you have any insights on this.
2) Some icons like share, email developer etc. look a little dull to me - should be good contrast with white icons instead of the default gray. Let me know what you guys think about it.
3) The review box is still white - Looks like its a drawable, I'll look into making that also dark later.


Let me know what you guys think and notice.
PS: I am a noob to these things, so don't be too harsh on me ;)
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Version 2 uploaded. please check
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srivas venkatesh

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Amazon is giving away $110 worth of apps and games for free today

Post by +Jimmy Westenberg 
To celebrate the New Year, Amazon is giving away $110 worth of apps and games for free! The deal only lasts until the end of the day, so head on over to the Appstore see if anything interests you!
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Awesome game for free on amazon appstore.
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