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You asked Coach Pop, and he answered! Find out how he thinks the team compares to the top teams in the league and more!
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N Marss
We can win another championship right?
Go Spurs! Go TP!!
Top of the West, yeah another ring is possible.
aller parker
Let's go Spurs! Spurs lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference Final 4-2.
I love how the spurs are under the radar all the time in the league. I also love how everyone always seems to forget about us. I believe that this is ok. I think that makes the spurs more focused on the big goal at the end of thr year. Do you think that this is the year we get our 5th ring, even if we do have to face against the Oklahoma City Thunder, or another strong Western Conference contender? What if we play the Miami Heat, how do we match up?
Hell yeah we WILL win another championship!!!!!!!
San Antonio Spurs will win the series if they can play defense on D-Wade and LeBron. I think it's going to be 4-3 San Antonio
What a great relationship between Pop and Parker! They really respect each other. What makes a great team and family! 
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